Thanks for the Two Merchandises and the Reccomendation to Join to TVRI local in South Borneo


Thanks for the two merchandises, TVRI @TVRINasional
Thank also to Mr. Musyafi’ the leader of TVRI Crews on South Borneo had been reccomended me to join in TVRI local on South Borneo. “I will, Sir. I do love it and i’ll very happy if you can truly accept me and give me a chance to show my performa up to dedicate myself on South Borneo TVRI. Okay, if today gone well, i’ll visit to your office for put my apllicant job proposal. If i can meet you, it will be a honor, but if i can’t so i’ll left that my CV on your HRD, right? Thanks for the love and attention. I’m Miss. Shiella, Mr. Musyafi’. Not Syaila in order. Hehehhe. Only admit. Thank a lot. Should i bow? :)☺😁:mrgreen:😆” #AyoNontonTVRI


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"Wish my creation can inspire a lot of people, at least they all whom are around me."
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