Try survive for L.O.V.E.

Try survive for L.O.V.E. - choiminho choisulli minsul seokchul choiminseok choiheechul - chapter image

“Oh, I’m starving so much. Why isn’t there any food and beverages in refrigerator,” Sulli walked alone in midnight just to find any snack to fulfil her stomach. “I hate this! Why didn’t he come yet? How could he let me starving like this? Is he really didn’t realise no food left in home? Argh! Jinjja!” Sulli was really angry this time till without her knowing she made her hair looks so messy.

Not many things that could Sulli did during her waiting for her husband. She just kept quiet and decided to wait Minho come home, greeted him with ‘Yeobo-nim, how did your work been well?’ Then massaged him to reduce his fatigue as he worked. To become a good wife, Sulli never showed up her weakness and sadness in doing housework herself. How difficult she did, she kept tried to hide it and just gave a big smile and warm hug in front of Minho, not to Disappointed Minho. However, the things didn’t work easily. Sometimes she had a hard time down her mood. Changed it from good gone bad. At least, Minho always be to make her keep survive!

All this time, Sulli supposed to be live in rich family. Meanwhile Minho grew from a minor one. In the name of love, she tried hard to become a nice wife. Every single day, she served everything she could to Minho. Those all reminded her about struggles had she passed. Her siblings brother who formerly forbid her to contact with a kind boy like Minho, but after time by time, she was able to change her oppa’s mindset about getting married. At last, Heechul could see her little sister live happier right next to Minho.

“Honey, I’m so sorry for coming late.” said Minho stepped in from outside door.
“Oh, yeobo, you’ve came. What should I do? I haven’t cooked at all for our dinner caused I see no food left in the refrigerator. Should we go out for having dinner?” suggested Sulli rather whispering.
“I think not. I’ve brought an amount of meals for us. You haven’t eat, did you? Let’s have dinner!” replied Mindo hold Sulli’s hand. Then smiled.
“Really? Oh, I felt so sorry for this. I’ll take you the plate and spoon first!”


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