They’re My Life Too NLUC part 3

None Like You C #2

They're My Life Too - choiminho choisulli minsul seokchul choiminseok choiheechul - chapter image

Did Sulli not know how’s Minho feelings for her ? if she’ve known she must be change her mind not to leave home.

“I just want to refresh my mind.. I wouldn’t go anywhere.. why are you keep blocking me ?” Sulli scream.

“I need to assure that you’ll never left me alone. How about our SON ? our daughter ? Don’t you think about them ? Exspecially me need you beside me pass the day together as a happy young couple. Did you remember ?” Minho kneel down. ya. Minho. What are you doing. It’s too much. You make me feel guilty. I even just want to relax but too many things that i must manage. How should I do ? Sulli reached Minho’s right hand and told that those worry will never happened.

“Trust me.” Minho who was not understanding still such a stone face Sulli ?

“So you still have a feeling for me ? Being a good mother for my daughter and my son ?” Ask Minho blingly.

“Ya… phabo annikka ! Did you forget they all is my life to survive too ?” Sulli drop a tear in her cheek. Wiping tear, say sorry… Nevertheless, Sulli doesn’t feel it’s because of him.

“Yeobo, saranghanda…” in weak tone said. Minho faced Sulli’s face. Began to kiss with peck his upper lips on her bottom without permission. Sadly, their new life watched what they both doing.

“Kids. what are you looking as ? Back off from here. come in your room.” Minho release his fondle interrupt and then continued his activity.. as Sulli didn’t complaint he will did best for her.

TBC #2

NB :

December vs. March

Choi Minho : 9 December 1991 LAHIR DESEMBER : Setia dan murah hati. Sabar, ambisius. Suka bersosialisasi. Suka perhatian, Mudah marah dan suka bercanda

Choi Jinri / Seolri / Sulli : 29 March 1994 LAHIR MARET : menarik, kasih sayang, pemalu, pendiam, jujur, murah hati simpatik, cinta damai, tidak mudah marah Kesamaan : murah hati Perbedaan : ambisius-pemalu, pendiam-suka bercanda, Mudah marah-tidak mudah marah Did you got it ? Facebook :

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