Jebal Don’t Leave me Alone… Na Appeseo NLUC part 2

Jebal Don't Leave me Alone... Na Appeseo - choiminho choisulli minsul seokchul choiminseok choiheechul - chapter image

Chaggiya, you’re beside me always but i didn’t feel the love was coming to, I regrets. Hit me buy some stress around me and i feel like I’m. Starting to deeply love you Oh, Minho-ya how much I. Admire you don’t known. My lips were locked while looked at u secretly.

“Yeobo,” surely i heard some intterupt but dont know who he iszzzz, Ne. I meant and suddenly some Aaron man pecking his lip into me. Still starred I chose to keep open my eyes thought it was just busti!

“When you’re coming?”

“U.much miss me, won’t you?”

“Let’s divorce!”

“Shiřeo!’ ILL WON’T YOU LEFT ME, Sulli-ah!” But I keep thinking of you. It’s I can’t lie.

“Actually, for me you were my hero. Nae oppa ya. Somehow I felt like an insanely _____” he hugged me tightly.

“Ghamshahe…. gomawo.” Still Hispanics he hold onto me and down his head kiss me slowly deeply using. his damn secretion feelings to me. But why’d I couldn’t return the time and received him beside me like before Maybe caused by my hurts for him And sufficiency. I replied him without any doubt. Is perhaps he’s my pieces of Soul?



Tbc 1 Gamshahanidda for read this


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