Wing to Fly ε(‘Ѻ’)ҙ

kalau pun susah melupakan pasti akan ada orang baru yang mengisi hidup kita ^^ pekerjaan yang memakan waktu adalah berdiam diri,,  everything will come and go .. NEVER NOR EVER .. so what ? what do if we sing and dance can reduce out stres in our burdened mind ? 이 미친입니까? 나는 어제 내가 한 실수에 대해 생각을 멈출 수있다 stuck in the same position berkurang satu T_T there’s a will.. there’s a way.. something’s worst you can explaint happy lunch ^^  affection between us.. *friendship is sweet* shadows around me ^^ let it passed by.. ★ ε(‘Ѻ’)ҙ waw.. salah 3. itu karena io kurang optimal Pip, kurang picture, T_T insert video nggak pakai audio juga. terus split video huaaaa ! sometimes something we can reach is our hardest demand.. waw.. i miss this event haduh udah kurang 0.1 terganggu.. walah.. pinter banget ya ini jaringan ^,^ cause i wanted to fly… ★ ε(‘Ѻ’)ҙ so you give me yor wing//



About shiellafiollyamandasilaen

"Wish my creation can inspire a lot of people, at least they all whom are around me."
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