You’re Someone..

if you can not be the best, at least be part of the best .. ~ jika kau tak bisa menjadi yang terbaik, setidaknya jadilah bagian dari yang terbaik..

Why must i know you ? Why must we meet when it was over ? I thought you’re the one made for me. But everything i learn is something’s unclearly.. sincerity. I love you, but you don’t like me. i need you but you throw me away. Why you so delightful while me just a person who can just yell your name ?
You’re someone i know after love. You’re someone gone after i hurt by love. And you’re the second mistake i done. whose know and remember you. together passed by. The time passa by and your come and go. but my memorize ’bout you can never loose and burn from my mind.
I hate it, and i still curse this condition. i’m waiting inside. but my heart ask me to stop and leave. which one must i choose ? May not you in this coast. I hate this and i’ll run away.. 

About shiellafiollyamandasilaen

"Wish my creation can inspire a lot of people, at least they all whom are around me."
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