Make a Short Movie “Family Affection”

Realize & Idealize like everything’s useful, meaningful, helpful, playful, and the other things can inspire for each other people entire the world..^^ practice make perfect Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us, but the truth is, it’s not our loss, but theirs, for they left the only person who couldn’t give up on them.

Shiella :           Hi, Friend ! Thank for coming this evening !
Karina  :           Hi, Shiella !
Lisa     :           Yeah, good evening, Shiella !
Ria       :           Hi, good evening, Shiella !
Dian    :           Hmm. Good evening, Shiella !
Karina :           By the way, all of us have wait you.
Shiella :           Oh, i’m sorry for being late.
Lisa     :           Okay, friend. What will we do right now ?
Ria       :           Oh, of course. Was it complete for out team ?
Dian    :           I think yes. Our team have five members. There are Shiella, Karina, Lisa, Ria
                        and i.
Shiella :           Now, our project is make a short movie.
Lisa     :           Waw ! That was great.
Ria       :           Yeah, i think it’s good.
Karina :           Yup ! not too bad.
Dian    :           Okay, what short movie will we product ?
Shiella :           We haven’t decide yet. Anyone want to give an idea ?
Lisa     :           How about make a short movie about fighting for continuing school ?
Ria       :           Hmm. If i have an idea to make a short movie about teenagers problem.
Dian    :           I have an idea about family affection.
Karina   :           But, i have an idea about superstar duel on stage.
Shiella :           And i have an idea to make a short movie about student task.
Lisa     :           Then, what story theme would we choose ?
Ria       :           Let’s vote for this !
Dian    :           Start from you, Lisa !
Lisa     :           Hmm. I choose the Dian’s idea, family affection. I think that was a creative
                        idea. If you, Karina ?
Karina :           I choose the Ria’s idea, about teenagers problem. Because we are still
                        teenagers, i think that would be easier to be visualized. How about you, Ria ?
Ria       :           I choose the Dian’s idea. I like the story theme. I think it would give us much
                        inspiration and motivation in interact in family envirovment.
Shiella :           I also choose the Dian’s idea. We can teach and learn from this story.
Dian    :           Okay, cause my idea have 3 likers, so all of us will take this concept, about
                        family affection.
Shiella :           How many scenes about would we take ?
Karina             :           I think 5 scenes is enough for we can product this short movie.
Lisa     :           Then, we must make a task list first to finish this project.
Ria       :           Yeah, i think Lisa have a good skill in act. So you will be the director.
Dian    :           And Ria is good about leadership. So, why not she would be the producer ?
Karina             :           I think Dian is good in take a picture. So, she will be the cameraman here.
Shiella :           And you, Karina, I think you were best in write some script. So, you will be
                        the script writter.
Lisa     :           And Shiella, the last, you have a skill in editing. You can be an editor.
Dian    :           Okay, friend. We had have out own position for each other. Anyway, when it
                        all will be start we product ?
Ria       :           Next week. If you don’t mind ?
Karina :           Okay, i think faster is better. I’ll make the script before the Monday’s coming.
Shiella :           Thank, Karina. So we can product this project as soon as possible.
Ria       :           And we will take the scene first in this campus at 07:00 A.M. Don’t forget to
                        bring your equipment for each other, okay ?
Lisa     :           Okay, i hope i can be able to direct. How many about the talent we need ?
Karina :           I think no more than 4 persons as maincast. We will take 2 boys and 2 girls. A couple for the
                        parent and the other 2 as their children.
Dian    :           Okay, i think that was not too bad. How about you, Shiella ?
Shiella :           Yeah, i think that’s brilliant enough. Okay, thank you, my dear friends. We’ll meet again in
                        next Monday. See you !

About shiellafiollyamandasilaen

"Wish my creation can inspire a lot of people, at least they all whom are around me."
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