# What Will Love Can Do% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons) chapter6 [part2] by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 01 April 2011 at 11:45

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“Why are looking-see as, ha! in phonecell you also have a few missed calls,, soon to check,, anyone who contact today, and immediately call back, not polite not immediately heed the interests of people! It was not you! “But some time has warned Jean Jean was also still have not found Jimmy moved to simply shift the body,, let it,, scooped phonecell who are on the table beside him near the table lamp that was not,, himself like a fool this time, without gaping, but his eyes still a bit in a single focus,,, until Jean was wagging his hands the woman who began to realize Jimmy was the woman,, “AAAA! Ben ,,,!! My goodness!! I almost ignored him! now how this,,! AAARGH! you again, why should you always tease me with your body’s beauty, “” What! ME you say!? What do I do? I do not even do anything? I should be angry to you! You always indiscriminate — “” AKH! Come on, let’s quickly take a bath, we had to go to hospital now! This is an emergency she said! “Is actually Jimmy who still want to be spoiled, spoiled with this Jean,, yes, might as well because he thought Jean is also still not aware of her breast the woman who opened it wide without cover,, showing her the most beautiful woman ,, which began to interfere and disrupt the way he thought to deal with some forward planning it,,, yes, of course Jimmy immediately respond to the latest message from Ben Chadwick’s, who hope they soon arrived at his laboratory work space was, and again Jean-again the middle of busy bandage to the body strands of cloth quilt lady this time, should accept his defeat to bathe flash again with Jimmy who was so ‘opportunistic’ indeed!
# Osaka Central Hospital (Osaka Chuo Byoin) 8-2 2-chomme Sonezaki,,,, 09: 00 am ~
Somehow they also have to as long as this, it’s strange, but this is what really happened, which obviously was lucky he was a woman who did not become the rage for Jimmy who is now also of course very great panic, because Ben that was his work on it,, yes,,, even still on the road too, they still have to be disturbed by interference-message the incoming message from Ben that, yes, surprise, surprise indeed,, so-so for that,, but not like this is also the desired Jimmy-Jean, the, yes, many times because Jimmy is a little smile hear Ben who writes will be no surprise,, yes, of course she was thinking about healing leg Jean Jean who began to recover this total,, , yes,, without having to wait 8 months old her as being spelled by Ben before, and even this time, he will soon be introduced to the new doctor who will become his new colleague in charge now, a female doctor, , a native of Japan of course,, Argh! So do not wait to wait for a thrilling seconds of it, Jimmy was driving a car with such a rush, but do not know why Jean is also not complain, so angry!
“Argh! It’s her special guests who have been waiting for! Please sit down! Are you so busy, up-to not hear incoming calls from me? Should have been since 15 minutes while I immediately sent the message, but this was more than an hour,,, err,, oh, yes,, well,, just, yes, do not delay,, Mrs.. Jean .. he was my patient, this is Mr. Jimmy,, head of L.A. hospital Hospital Directory which I never said it, and this,, Touda Yoshimi,, obstetricians for you,,, Jean! Congratulations you will soon become a mother,,, we already know this since a week ago,, yes,, when you go room to be diagnosed with CT scan for opportunities of healing your feet, but we just told him today, I’m sorry, yes, I hope you like it with this happy news, especially you Jim, congratulations, yes! will become a new father! “Jim is still related to each one his right hand with Ben, and was about to greeted Touda, his new colleagues that, but have not had time, because Jean is suddenly walk away, leave the room ,, yes, weird, not,, is not herself a woman classified as a person who upholds the decency? Is not he impressed her as a woman who has high ethics and culture? But, why with today?
Herself a woman who was so bizarre, even without realizing his woman, Jean is still kept running,, ran and kept running until the abrupt halt in front of a red car, personal car of his woman, yes, she just froze there, and Jean is about to go lucky detained by Jimmy, who was not even breathing hard look at all that,, just imagine,, her long legs make it unnecessary hard-running hard just to reach Jean,, Jean found her crying was ,,, yes, somehow suddenly welling up in her eyes puffy woman, and tried to say but failed,, just ….
“I’m .. I’m,, I’m,,,” and so on, until Jim who understand even just stick a finger tip in the middle of his mouth, as if he understood what he was made Jean so upset after her, and even a moment when Jean which still continues to insist to say sorry “,,,,,, Perhaps,,, “which was to finish because Jim who immediately gave his Straight Jean initially bowed sluggish make it,, back uprise while Jim is starting to tighten stomach Jean belly woman,,, until Jean is once again lost my balance completely it just could feel the sensation of gentle re-emerged from a very familiar figure of this woman,,, even now the entire surface of the soft flesh that they are increasingly unified,, yes, without wet, despite having quite a long time in the position of each pulverized-crushing it, until Jean occasional woman whose head is slightly raised, because treatment interested by now that Jimmy started holding and supporting Jean in her neck, and,,, halted at once feel a moment strange cold there, like touching a ‘metal’, and it turns out right,, a necklace which the crown that has been re-fixed by Jimmy, more precisely replaced with a new crown King,, locket, where that was broken since accidents that cause loss of ability Jean walked for about 5 months, and this is the answer to everything,,, understand that this all is not easy, this is weird,, Jimmy began to realize that this is not the right time and place to give each other response, and at the same Jimmy Jean holding his seat towards women, raised Jean with carrying her French kiss a woman after his release and immediately put it her seat-belt and immediately drove, but not with lower speed, but speedy in high, because Jean is saying precisely nausea when I have to stay long in the car, usually, is not she the woman who always remind Jimmy to keep his driving speed? Jean, who was severe cravings this time,, hahaha! The more confusing the people around! Especially Jimmy …who should go back and forth with her ladies, and even, for a few moments while, but already feels like a week since Jean behavior that can vary erratically in a fairly short time,, ckckckc !…. even to the woman’s arrival at his residence a woman, yes,, like getting used to,, with a sudden attitude Jean sweet, and suddenly at once sensitive to hot-tempered, and this time, there is little extra aggressive,,, like whatever it is, seems cravings will never be a little better than usual,,, like Jean,, where she obtained her aggressive attitude?,,, contaminated by the disease Jimmy his woman? Could this Jimmy acute infectious disease? I do not know! as if the explosion in reactor coolant Fukushima Daichii tomorrow morning for a second time but even that did not explode attention by the woman, who clearly, he must be obeyed today, want to walk around his new Real Estate women, yes around the park, around Ring Road on the front page as the main road “welcome” it!,,, and the most severe,,, with cycling you know! Cycling! Cycling! How could Jimmy will follow just like that, considering the condition of the body that even Jean was a little weak? Jean, Jean, when are you going to quit acting? This emergency! Ambient air are also beginning to show a healthy situation! This was getting contaminated by radioactive! Iodine, and so on, come on! Do not get out first!
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