# What Will Love Can Do% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons) chapter6 [part1] by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 01 April 2011 at 11:33

bagus good job

# Still in the Rear Furui Inn and Resort .. Apartment Furui, 5D, Level 5, Room 406,,, 07: 45 am ~
Jean began to awaken it,,, yes,, Jean who had last night, you remember him yes woman, who did not move at all, somehow, clear this time, his woman was really tired,,,without attack, without repercussion, or just fine to bring Jimmy’s rejection of his woman was not doing her,,, hmmm,,, seems he was also a woman, yes,, already accustomed to the wild and naughty action ala Jimmy,, , who always insisted, without about first, which obviously he’s so,,, always just make a surprise dislike,,, and for sure,,, made a series of unforgettable memories that are difficult for them personally, like it her that they did last night,,, yes, for some reason Jean also not complain, and even a few minutes recently,,, still was in the upper chest of the husband the woman,, just to rely fully on the body of Jimmy ,,, and as usual,, so,,, they are both asleep and not awake from their habit who like to switch places like that Jimmy used to do,, Jean who was feeling the pain, but still with not using the full awareness to wake up, because the sound vibrations generated by his phonecell women as well as ring-tone sound of the ringing phonecell Jimmy’s tight,, which must also be able deafening eardrums even likened to a woman, yes, I do not know,,, always there also makes the wake of their activities,,, the most easily memorized in the memory, remember, is not it? In the past when the newly arrived Jimmy Joe did have a sudden awakening from sleep, of course from the direction of his room that suddenly appears from behind the door was still wide open, and with small steps,,, who still stammered that, trying to crawl into the bed,,, yes,, crawl so that more appropriate term,, lucky Jimmy who did not wear his clothes off guard immediately until there would be no need to worry about than silly questions and innocent who may be out of the mouth of the little boy, ,,, and that was just the first you know! Secondly, remember when the crown prince,, yes, that’s pendant, but work as well, instead, make them wake up success with their confusion? Hahaha! Jimmy is certainly winced in pain without saying a word even more and make Jean, his beloved wife felt cheated,, thinks Jimmy woman was still tricking her woman just to divert the attention of Jean for not angry with him, when indeed it really hurts ,, stuck a small thing … uh !!!,,, and, now, do you know, and Jimmy will give it again, for the second time, but it’s not something that has been a long time,, over,, so it still has the former up to now in the hearts and memories of them both, the couple husband and wife,,! and ……..
^ Jean is about to go to check messages and calling phonecell-list in hers,,, ^
Jean is still not aware of where and by what her pain she was created, which he knew just why he is so stiff, yes,, seemed to her now she is in the grip of savage predators so, do not know, a little uncomfortable , because it can not move freely,,, and that certainly seemed as if his bones broken woman now, why this again,, and one of the most astonishing,,, why is there like something was jammed in the stomach and a woman,,, why this, he was a woman who began to try and try to occasionally look down her chin,, yes, which of course does a woman with difficulty, this time, Jean is really almost senile, and even under that bond,, has not been released,, no wonder … until whenever he tries woman would result nil,,, hahaha! to Jean, who began to give up despite his almost exhausted woman who started it,,, and “OUGGGHHHTT!” how much pain and sweat that the issuance of a woman to great Jean-up to grimace as she closes her eyes once her body, right in the bottom of his organs were successfully break away from Jimmy’s body,,, shut! Do not move, do not move! Jean was all she could feel, and think … yes, once it herself a woman who wants Jimmy who woke up much longer,,, later,, obviously, this time, let the moment,, he was a woman who woke up early, although with the rest of the panting breath of this,, yes, so she could clean the body,,, preparing everything for Jimmy went to the office, and because Jean is starting to walk, certainly in its first day of this woman, herself a woman who wanted so much to do activities as usual,, same thing with his usual, which she herself would want as soon as possible right again,, like where he was a woman who always woke Jimmy,,, prepare all the equipment to the office of her beloved husband of this, which would be a great relief him if this woman really have started to be his woman do without constraint, one, more so now, seeing her own woman who was ‘bare-body’ is the cause of action so Jimmy could say short, yes,, the shortest they never do, because know … little coercion so there is no readiness by them before,, so spontaneous and reflex just happen, without them also know what is really behind this little surprise, yes,, wait after this, surely you would know!
^ Jimmy who started awakened by the movement of Jean ^
Jimmy is now located right beside the body of Jean who not long ago, began to move away, yes,,, to his left side,,, and of course still bussy with the movement of ‘slow-motion’ his woman who was trying to not interfere with Jimmy, which was obviously for both of them still are in a single cascade of fur blankets,, yes, this time,,, really really crazy,, Jean who did not really want to do this, , yes, but, for some reason a woman thank-thank himself alone, and now is the time for themselves, women turned to go,, bath,, but ….
“… where are you going?” Oh My Godness! what! he woke up because I am! no, no,, not allowed! What is this dream! do not! do not be forwarded again! I can die about this! Jimmy,,, go back to sleep,, go back to sleep! do not … do not wake up first! I even just going to reply to several messages and check anyone who tried to contact us! Please! do not wake up first! oh,, how is this! Jean who was trying to cover one woman acting now can only be turned away for not seen Jimmy in one direction from the side of it,,, yes, this is at least better, than to die style,, was arrested by one of Jimmy’s left hand until now still clutched tightly in his right hand which still sustains Jean his hands the woman to survive in the position of women in top scooped little Jimmy his woman, and a second after that, Jean who just grabbed phonecell with chasing white diamond, the, yes,, pretending to busy to reply to a message-a message that has been piling it on the screen,,, and Jimmy of course said nothing, but wait, this time, instead of usual silence, I do not know,, she is silent impressed watching something that certainly is not much around him, yes, and this is,, indeed,, Jean unusual sloppy, but lately,, is a bit unexpected,,, by holding and supporting mini phonecell his woman would do herself a woman with both hands, until it must have been his position that women now began to rise up without useful to keep what is still left a pair of eyeballs that are targeted towards his woman, yes, this is, , a new world that may be due to Jean that he was little disruption of natural women lately,, he also confused the woman who began to finally know why Jimmy is the more quiet without the sound,,,
[revisi]3… more contrast,,,, sharpen… ^^

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