# Fruit of Unexpectedly% {@ A Miracle Invasion of The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons chapter5 by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 25 March 2011 at 15:18

bagus good job

Jean began to be uncomfortable in her beloved husband arms force that,,, yes, always, Jimmy disease that can recur at any time indeed,, anyway, and even this time that Jean could not serve well, considering that Jimmy could not resist starting all his craziness, the,, although Jean is in the woman’s legs have recovered it, but it does not mean he can treat Jean also like how the usual moments of Jean healthy and in good shape it,,, Jean conditions even up to now also not improved, then, women weight has not increased at all at all until this moment, where after Jimmy himself since women are more often looks listless, never to taste food, it is difficult even to sleep its not playing,, really sorry for Jean ,,, very sorry, because she herself could not stop thinking that the time Jimmy circumstances of his service in North Korea and Hong Kong is a very do not know where her,,, why, yes,, Jimmy once unheard of at that time, Jean let her keep thinking about him just to speed up completing duties in order to get home to Canada’s,, mingle with his small family that, yes, so long Jimmy was also very in by them, especially Jean, which he know for certain attitudes and behavior and good habits and bad Jean is always easy to remember feeling anxious and panicky woman loving her excess and a high level that .. like the rating in a drama nominees may be named five of the order of 1 to 5 ….. so bad right? But, Jimmy is understood, also not in vain just like that with his guilt,,, she is back,, certainly not with empty hands, a necklace with a pendant crown of the King, Queen crown pair with which it attaches to the hook in his wallet, because how could a man like him wearing a necklace,, what the world says! Jimmy This is what it is,, he would not probably not just leave her Jean when viewed from the beginning, yes,, since the meeting to the second and third it is so difficult even Jimmy himself acknowledged, it is almost as impossible without the power of love and destiny given by God to him,,, which in fact is so weak this, in terms of heart, until they reached the level aisle,,, marriage is already so expected by even his father Jim, Director Ahn, employers richest gold mines throughout Haiti that,,, who, though he, his deceased have not had time to watch her eldest son had married since the age limit should cancel it ….. 
Given this, right now,, Jean reminded the meeting to both women with Jimmy at the Aero Plane that,,,, Jimmy that she thought she had changed because yes, from the way he treated Stewardress namely that none other than Jean,, , with very harshly, even crazier,, her subtly Jean gave welcome and greeting, it responded with a sadistic and violent,, it is that suddenly made Jean so surprised, yes, before they both know if they are , .. know each other, by a love that never put it together that,,, if only this happened again,,, do,,, Jean was tired now, does not mean it or not, but it seems to Jimmy who always wanted to do it at a bad appropriate, such as the incident the other day, before the welcome arrival to attend the wedding Yong Hwa Hong Ki Eun Hye with her,, huh! 4 hours even had time-time to his Jimmy wanted to do so only by reason of unreasonable demand Joe that even just a little boy who used to chatter without much thought,, Jean, too,, why is that stupid, exactly plain,, , want-not just to demand that little Jimmy was INSANE,,, so, this pair is a little strange, but complement each other, right? Jimmy who like force,,, so gentle in fact deep in his heart … so was Jean who looked out so quiet and innocent, yet so knowing the conditions in which the woman herself is ,,,,, understand the term and so understanding,,, but this time, is really beyond expectations, and Jimmy who was so outrageous, , herself a woman who recently recovered from his legs paralyzed woman,,, yes, Jimmy suddenly began to draw his body into his arms, reversing the position of Jean who was originally located in front of him now in the middle of Jim’s chest to rest on the thigh and part of her left leg until-until a woman is so difficult for her to rebel and just groaned Jimmy yelled to stop acting up since began in pain and chills,,, Jimmy’s been crazy, what kind of mental disorder has been attacking this,,, it already seems Jimmy subscribe with a disease that has undermined the brain and the rest of his body that,,, 
^ Still in a state of weakness, Jean was unable to move slightly,,, ^ 
Until recently,, the minute his ten even seems Jean could not resist his rage woman, but how can women realize that Jimmy has started to enjoy each of his touches of Jean’s, and even worse, Jean is still the same,,, still like the usual, first-first,, before-before his lady,,, who could not blow his raging women to reject the invitation Jimmy,,, Jimmy was a little ‘nought-bitchy man ‘,,, lucky,, Jean is the wife of Jimmy, not the other woman,,, might be divorced because Jimmy likes raping a strange disease which has since family relationships with this Jean,, Argh! Old-old Jean is also increasingly have a strategy to resist his invitation was a fine,, AAA ~! Joe! Jonas can overcome all this, yes,, for a moment, which, soon began to release Jean Jimmy kiss so warm that even without his lady enjoyed it,, yes, he thinks this is the most appropriate time ,,,,,, 
“I did not want to have a baby again, but,, it,, Joe,, how, he himself in the next room, maybe I should check the situation there, what sleep soundly,, what he’s in good condition okay, I fear there is an earthquake or something else that could threaten his safety, I want to go there, briefly, yes “with difficulty Jean say, yes, and even sounds very unsuccessful look on her face,, where there people anxious, but rather the expression on her face excessive fears such as being hunted like a fugitive or as just managed to get out of the trap demon,, hahaha,, but this is really funny, and ridiculous, and Jimmy who understand yet again, Jean is smarter than the knowledge she would still be less for business than Jimmy’s fool, yes, again without mercy, and Jimmy was soon pulled back the hands of Jean into his arms, where Jean is not quite in a state ready for this total ,, tried to dismiss Jimmy, but failed,, to partially folded his right hand woman, yes,, buckled in,, get under the armpit Jimmy who had been sleeping position was supine with it, which was deliberately doing it to Jean,, it seems Jimmy was happy to see Jean who was struggling … and so is his crazy behavior that started this wild re,, kissing Jean,, yes, women fondle her a happy woman, despite her tiny lips woman, but to really press certainly ..up to many times that the spectacle should be involuntarily by Joe that when it was frightened after waking from his sleep had not seen his two parents in the new apartment is certainly alien to him that,,, 
“Mommy-Daddy !!!!,,, you’re in,,, Jean,,, Jim!! I may go to – “instantly see the two parents who were in an unpleasant position for him as this little boy,, just like that,, shocked,, his shock to him with mouth agape,, stared from the front door slightly open, the, radius of approximately 5 meters from Jean who was making out, it may be invisible this time looking at those scenes, when, instead, not like that,, Jonas,,, Jean can prove, This is not like you think, Jimmy, and besides,, brash,, make a child without sin should watch it again,, Akh! Jean was moaning! But, no use anymore, because Joe,, already gone, leaving a place in the door,, feel this time is not right for her interfere with his mommy and daddy this time, without anger but, more appropriately submissive- now. Yes, he has even dared to sleep alone … without having to Jean who accompanied him,, on the other hand, Jean who seek a strong force to go after Joe, who walked away was, but still,, he was a woman unable to escape the clutches of Jimmy who started the craze with this activity,, even he began to enjoy with a delicious on the suffering of Jean who started deterrent to any act of his which is always unpredictable and surprising her with a successful woman, when Jimmy was also silent, do not know,, why,, clear,, his eyes remained open, until Jean who felt there was a prop, and directing his head slightly tilted towards women to see Jimmy’s face that was on it a woman and her body hugging the middle,, repeatedly Jean do that,, turned to Jim , but no response means that, until Jean is stunned too,, now being realized by Jimmy,,, 
“Why did you steal it looked like,,, I was always handsome,” “ck! You’re angry, yes, me? I was wrong what, “” um,, your fault so much to me,,, but somehow, I can always forgive you, it makes me hate toward myself could never firmly against-you “” then,, you’re going to punish me, ,, what to do,, anything except be with you here today, I can cook, all,, I’ll make that special for you,, how? “Jean began to seduce, but Jimmy still ignored women, “I,, do not want that!” “you do it why? What the hell, just like toddlers,, spoiled! “” I am a normal man,, should you know what I want, “” Ah! What! Away from me,, “” Akh! Do not want to pretend .. I know you also love, right? “” No! “Jimmy who had been already unable to keep his illness was acute to the fontanel is felt this action was immediately granted. Without the later-later,,, drew harsh Jean into the covers and stripped them naked, yes .. their plaid pajamas, and re-do activities that they did not have long to do the lame Jean foot obstacle, but of course now there is no reason, right? Jimmy can be calm now in the midst of Jean who could not understand,, with madness Jimmy who returned this creepy, and even women like herself unable to recognize faces who was busy playing and wreak ‘desire’ her on her body, already four times Jimmy repeating doing the same thing,,, but somehow what makes Jean could not wriggle even stronger, just a vague sigh,, Jimmy was also apparently not too concerned about it,, in his mind now there are only satisfied,, fun,, hovering somewhere whatever .. and that makes more comfortable because there is absolutely no resistance from his beloved wife, either because what is,, clear,, he’s so,, happy about this, repeatedly,, repeatedly entering her in a party ‘Billy’ her into his Mrs.V women, and Jean remained in a helpless condition .. yes .. precisely. Squirm-squirm … and sighed uncertain, and occasionally,, his hands clutching the woman in Jimmy’s shoulder peak located on the woman to reduce the excessive pain in his lower body around the female organs,,, and Jimmy was as well so,,, occasionally his fingers accidentally slipped her hand into the sidelines of the fingers that Jean is still unemployed,, until they can support each other as well as pain in pain, tingling, and pleasure they felt at night with it,,, and as usual in middle of pickles they always have problems, but from home Skit this time, instead of people in like Jonas,, Yong Hw,, or even a small family of Hong Ki,,, yes,,, Ben,, his co-workers from Canada first,, still remember you with the figures,, which has a fiance formerly named Catherine, and now is married too, who once was at a fancy restaurant-booking by Jimmy-Jean last night for dinner and dancing, , when Jonas was still pregnant a few months,,, and now for what,, what is also very urgent to talk about, and Jimmy even a hearing and took his hand from under the blanket, which saw Ben’s name printed on his screen phonecell It was instantaneous, as long as reject it without heeding what was important information will be presented by Ben, the, Agrh! Jimmy,, see first,, not you so wish to have children Jean,,, and it’s time the good news,,, immediately contact the returned Ben,, and flee to Osaka Chuo Byoin,, can be sure you’ll be happy to hear the good news,, , instead of returning to bed and hugged Jean you fool! Akh! It’s really very careless !!!!,,, doctor who beat and gave up before it’s your evil passions, and start thinking straight,, one day you will not regret this time, I can assure you, this is only present in Ben’s mind who was furious to see Jimmy’s response is even rejected his call,,, Jim, Jim,,, basic stupid! 
OW, YA,, how,, wthich one? with this one.. it’s almost real, but i’m on realized make them move to get closer,, clearly… to see,,, get forward,, get better^^ “don’t get me away, lovely girl,,,,,” aha? err,,, not too bad, is it?

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