# I’ll Show You, Love% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons chapter4 by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 at 17:22

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# Towards Osaka Central Hospital (Osaka Chuo Byoin) 8-2 2-chomme Sonezaki,,,, 03, 00 pm ~ 
I do not know what was thought in the mind of each human being who is trying to survive, yes, all the plans that have been carefully they prepare to get back to America in reality they should back again. On the other hand those who start worrying about their own circumstances to see the conditions here,,, but on the other hand they have to do something meaningful, yes,, this should be done, considering the time was not much,, and so urgent for those who are in the midst of this disaster, yes all sorts of dangers that they had experienced this recently,, not even 25 minutes ago … This is not even a dream,,, Jean with Jimmy who like hard to accept what happened to them is, yes,,, so little like the wind, and even lightning strike seems more appropriate to replace this parable,, have not had all that they are preparing for to the airport fine,, had nothing more to hit them, blocking the road that started their tapaki ….. Argh! GEMAS,, not only that,,, worried, they are trying to slap the cheek to make sure whether this really happened to them? Yes, this is real, not imaginary, rather than also just allegations or dream they had just dozed off from the chain to sleep soundly,,, this is a really,, and like a miracle, they all survived,, Ohh! This is grace! And, yes, they have to keep moving,, undergo daily as is usually the middle to welcome them to dive, and they touch,, by a small family, one of thousands of people who also survived the deadly danger that threatens the mainland Tokyo afternoon day toward evening the darkening it, and even the remnants of smoke began to see it, I do not know what a sign it also,,, what else, and certainly this is almost like a dream,,, yes, a dream that never once had to be created, even expecting it once did not want, and will never,,,, yes, they will step back, and now is the time for their return, however, not continued on his way to Haneda Airport, but turned direction to Osaka,,, yes,, where Jimmy still has social duties also lived since his service that began last February, the, recently did, a new 2 month .. and because Jimmy is a typical male who hold fast to its commitment. Although it does not mean Jimmy has a rigid nature, and can not be changed, like a kind of stubborn, not so, however, he was a man who firmly with what he chooses, as well as his choice, which rarely he’s a sudden change except that he was really in a position of urgency or there had been a better choice,,, why did not she try it,, like now, and Jimmy who prefer to remain not leave Tokyo,, , Japan mean,,, yes, he would immediately bring Jean and Joe was still asleep, without even the slightest disturbed by rumbling noises, and thunder that kept pounding since earlier in the last 25 minutes, ,,, yes .. her how grateful they had survived .. come on, soon to Osaka! I promise I will find you the best place there,,,, would not be far from the hospital, whether it’s temporary lodging or apartment might just as well-or-Real Estate is also … it’s up to you of course, and the circumstances in which to talk,,, Jimmy is only a mild sniff while continuing to drive,,, directs the two eyes to remain focused so that no similar accident crazy that would hit the middle to bring the two love it ,,,, 
# Arrive in Osaka,,, at 06; 15 pm ….~ 
Now … I do not know may be spelled out more precisely the dark,,,, pitch,, lonely, like no residents around here,, what had happened, and even those who are still stunned by what they see it, yes,, in Furui , still within the scope of Osaka as well,,, although still on the border with several other small towns,,, however, this is,, Osaka,, yes,, the center of all the most comprehensive health services in Japan,,, in This small town,,, but not really small too,, all the furniture that will make you yawn too, because so sophisticated, and always completely used all the time .. not only for case of emergency, however, why be like this? What’s going on .. ? what has happened,,! This makes Jimmy that even getting used to treat many patients it was here,, yes,, Central Hospital (Osaka Chuo Byoin) 8-2 2-chomme Sonezaki exactly ..fun … as usual, Japanese people are friendly, basically, whether it is to be patient,,, even out there, that Jimmy common and frequently encountered in the other side, on the streets,, in which he was also a familiar refuel before-before, and even for this only this time he must be willing to walk more remote, because the need to find a location which still provides for his service given after the post-quake,, yes,, all back from zero, such as town dead, no wonder even the siren continuously sound repeatedly in the last minute of this, whatever,, clear, and Jimmy knows it is a sign of the earthquake threat will come again, or something,, potential tsunami, perhaps the possibility of big happening in this small country Islands,, yes,, you know,, let’s say the risk of living in a place that so many mountains,,, the plates that are each year continues to run, and that certainly will be shifted and continue like that,, as far as 5-7 meters per year,,, closer to the sea, and this is the most dangerous, when the slabs could have been pounding each other to remember one plate with another plate continues to move and certainly has a direction of each, there are away there is also approaching, and then from that .. do not be surprised if there’s things like that just now,, Argh! How long will this,, it must be experienced, rather than Jimmy afraid, to look for gas station, a gas station, even as it is difficult .. yes, because the impact of the earthquake was definitely, yes, no one else .. and this lucky in Furui, and certainly in every way there will be nearly met the gas station, but somehow no avail,, almost everything is closed suddenly,,, yes,, for ’emergency Things’ of course,, there are no steps -Another step further to prepare the government may,, or to something else,, do not guess or think that the government does not think fate citizens,,, this is different,,, Hey! This is Japan, man ,,!!! In contrast, even the government is so concerned with safety of its people, and even they think nobody else is nothing without its people, the, their safety is so major, and even now, there have been widespread calls from the start to use masks … nose cover that, yes,, even though the form is only a piece of cloth, but a little help for respiratory … because there is news from the region Reactor Power Plant in Fukushima Daichii just as well they passed prior to this Furui,, will explode, because the frequency of vibration of the earthquake that some of this excess, yes,, hopefully nothing will happen again, after this ,, not for Tsunami sirens will sign it, there is no explosion, too,,, because of which there will be electricity supply! While all medical equipment in hospitals is certainly the use of electric power, the, and the only hyper power that, yes, exactly! Derived from the Fukushima nuclear reactor,, Argh! The more confused the middle of Jimmy now dawned fate-the fate of his heart patients, the, up without him knowing since the last,, she who kept wringing his fingers on the steering wheel of his car,, while waiting for gasoline supplied to the person of his its red car.. Jimmy who saw it could only be come silent,, watching the strange attitude of Jimmy who started it,,, well, her instinct woman who was still so sharp, not diminished one bit even though it has a family,, Hmmm,,,, Jean did not dare even for just remind Jimmy to stay focused on his destination now,,, 
# Rear Furui Inn and Resort .. Apartment Furui, 5D, Level 5, Room 406,,, 07; 35 nights ~ 
Yes, finally,, relieved! It is felt that after his body began to sore around his back for almost since the lion was, yes, deem just half a day for private car driving in the red,, you can imagine, instead, sat for hours, just to secure themselves ,, looking for a safer haven tempat,, sure .. because Jean has said, do not clear in Tokyo, and Osaka, this … appropriate means, though not so much,, too,,, yes, still 5 thousand of miles,,, never mind,,,, although if the Fukushima Nuclear burst or the area where it also would have affected him because of radiation will reach the limit of 10,000 km, Hah!Luckily,,, a clear, rather than the tsunami-prone areas, because little is in the highlands,,, to just stay and while working,,, would not it be closer to his office? yes, his Hospital,,,? Byouin it? Finally,,, they began to let go of breath a sign of relief began to sleep just relax unwind it, and Joe, now that asleep without the slightest uncomfortable feeling that, yes, even more soundly only,, what may be her still feel this kid is already the middle of the night like him who where also always sleep in the middle of the night,,, akh!! No, it is still very evening, the night just yet! Joe,, Joe, Jonas,, Staenbee Jonas,,, take it easy, there will be little friend soon who will accompany your day,,, there would be no fatigue, just fun, and most importantly, Joe, You should be able to preserve it, see it,,, what is she a woman, such as mommy or more men like you and your daddy? I do not know! It’s not your business! God! When looking at variations, may be better woman?,, Argh! What does it mean the name and sex if they do not give grace to those deposited by him! Quiet,, in this family there would be no story like that,,, all will be harmonious, and goes according to plan ….. 
^ Jimmy who has not slept well until now,, next to Jean who started it … ^ sleepy 
“Jean,, \” “Ehe,” “Have you slept,” “what I look like people who sleep soundly,” “why did you change to ask, I ask you, what bothers me if I want to talk now,” Jean who do not understand by saying Jimmy just now was finally she turned rough and so fast,,, “What, What!” “why do you seem so curious about this,” “No, I just,,, want to say, , but — you “” What,, but what? Quickly say, do not be long-winded, I do not like, “” So true, not,, yet before I speak you already angry? “Jimmy was an instant without the later-later changed expression on his face that, that little makes Jean starteddisturbed,,, exactly,, “you want what? Ha! Jimmm! “Hand Jean who want to hit the shoulder again and again because Jimmy Jimmy habits that often arise if you want to convey something important that, certainly seemed nervous at the beginning and not fluent in speaking it,, huh!  just sucks,, the more gets older, instead of getting lost, instead became increasingly become worse,,, Jean who think so, but it’s true, the fact,, the bad habits that Jimmy always brought up to now! Luckily, Jimmy who once was,, that instant that it is usually good at reading body language that indicates Jean annoyed that,,, till-till without realizing he was a woman who sat up from her bed,, well, anyway,,, Jean sensitive lately, and Jimmy is just holding his hand woman,, to simply allow it to women to not hit him hard,, surely will feel very sick,,, “listen first,, Jean,, listen well, , and try to calm yourself if you really want to hear it,,, “Slowly was Jimmy who began directing his left hand behind the body of Jean,, put it in the palm of his left hand behind his back Jean, who was wearing blue pajamas boxes ,,, interesting picture ..there are few rabbits,, 3 which is being fought on the bed yag carrot rather than on their bodies, yes, on the table, but they are trying to achieve with tiptoe feet,,, and stu hands again in front of his stomach Jean, ,, Jean who still do not understand just frowning woman, who found Jimmy Jean confusion is even more crazy course,, brought near his mouth to ear Jean,,, “I hope you do not change your mind,, would still give Joe a sister,,” Jimmy whispered so quietly but successfully made Jean shuddered away was so scared and shocked that very deep,,, but once again Jimmy faster, he began pressing his lips on the mouth is still gaping Jean,,, considering that Jean legs began to recover it,, Jimmy did not hesitate to re-excite all the joy, the more suited it is called lust that started the wild … Jean, calm your heart, it seems to at anytime, Jimmy congenital disease can not be changed,,, hahaha! 
hahaha,,, coming back with crazy editing anymore,, may be the best title “,,how can i wait longer to love you?,,,” left a comment don’t forget.. perhaps there’s a steam falling down from ur mind?? hehehe:D [all of my picts is FREE TAG]

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