# Turned 180 Degrees% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons chapter3 by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 18 March 2011 at 19:13

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# Jean,, Sakura House Real Estate,,, 12: 25 noon ~
Jean is still kept trying to calm herself a woman, yes, just trying to make himself a woman can and getting used to all the women who owned a hunch where it is very difficult to deny,, yes,, hunch ‘feeling’ his woman’s instinct usual right on target and rarely misses it altogether, yes, now is the right time for him to act certain woman,, not until it’s too late, do not let it’s too late as it used to, not to,, his woman did not want and keep going determined to keep her small family to stay in a situation that possible to remain in God’s protection, yes, in other words until the destination safely, at their residence was at Sakura Real Estate,,, yes, a Real Estate with facilities most complete at the same time the most expensive at its an entire Tokyo,,, yes,, you know, not,, Real Estate them, even in the most recent location map for visitors of new visitors as well as beginners or new foreign residents countries living in Japan were also to be easily could certainly be able to immediately know exactly what kind of Real Estate is, yes, indeed not much different from other Real Estate,, just a vast land that is really perfect because it is equipped with a property-property or extraordinary furnishings complete and luxurious, swimming pool,, let it, and even there will be base camp and the sport itself, a very special place for camping shaded was also there,, do not ask everything complete, at least in order to rent an apartment in it is, should those positions had special or important person who could say, have an important position and role, and for this .. Do not say,,,, Jimmy Black is a graduate Strata2 ‘S2’ graduate of Tokyo University of Science, the, and recently completed his studies S-3 at the Pennsylvania University at his age that to 32 yesterday,, huh,, really a very educational trip long pursued,, which originally considered just playing because who knows he can heal Jean who develop a disease like heart attack, and it turns out after know, that Jean suffered only a mere phobia,, he even did not feel sorry has traveled as far as learning it,, it turns out he thought very noble work that has been upon him no fewer than 9 years, yes,, how could participate be happy  if the patient can return fissured  private smile of their days,, sharing and accidentally share a story together for them, and become their best friend most of all,, until Jimmy could know the turmoil and anxiety that they had before facing needles or surgery, such as regular injections, or entering the area of CT scan machines just to diagnose how disease severe that they found,,
Unlike Jimmy, different with Jean who began to look panicky had been this, yes,, he was a woman who graduate S2 University Stanford, California, U.S.,,, which takes communication as a matter of her women so enjoy doing, to the right in her seven-year-old woman who passed the appropriate step on 27, but when he was a woman who began to stop learning, because Joe has had his woman and she felt she was tired of having to proceed to the S-3 to deliberately Jean put it off again,, 2 years despite herself she begins to take regular classes, but that,.,, Jimmy also never once even sometimes jimmy curb that shows the style of choice often forced Jean to take this, yes, Jean signed a new 11-month,, himself Instead she left her class women on the road to S-3 it,, anyway, he thought a woman for what she must also take science aloft women, women themselves do not want to become a professor, scientist, scholar, or any inventor who voicing his new invention women in various media of communication science, in Japan may be like a kind of substitute for human robot invention which intentionally gives a chance to serve people, that’s cyborg, cybernetic organisms, or organisms that are controlled via cyber, cyberspace,, yes, a kind controller behind his body,, hahaha .. what it is,, where communication is only possible for Jean to take it, and no one else,,, he has even become a Stewardress that, yes, because it is definitely a pretty woman he mastered at least in four different languages it has, , there are native Mandarin or Chinesse,, there is Japan, there are Germany and Spain, just to serve, yes,, easier to give some order to all female passengers,, until that day, exactly where he was a woman reunited with Jimmy again,, 5 years after his separation, because Jimmy who should replace the care of his father’s company,, to Mr. Ahn is also must be called by the Creator that,, just 2 years prior to their meeting which was also once wanted to be able to see a wedding with his son Jean ,, however,, said another destiny,,, only Jimmy’s mother is still alive,,,
# Jimmy-John, do, in Travel Going Home,,, 01, 10 noon ~
Jimmy is still inside the car,, driving while occasionally turned to Jonas, the son of the crown, timid if something happens to him, like what was said Jean his, his beloved wife who must also waiting for his arrival at their residences,, Sakura Real Estate, the, yes, do not let anything happen that they do not want, do not .. do not let happen,, protect us, that’s what occurred to flash in memory and prayers were offered Jimmy deep in her heart, yes, it’s time to contact Jean at his house, but,, is it possible Jean will not upset when he began to contact him before he reached the front gate of his residence remained in it,, lest later Jean thought she was ignoring the message that Jean said, no, no,, NO! Do not,, until he makes Jean growing anxious, he was even very familiar with the habits of Jean, which is easy to panic, her woman’s most sensitive among the three of us,, do,, I must not disturb the concentration of Jean,, should not, must not be! It should not be, it’s better now I’m focused on driving, and that middle Jonas kept continue to exist with me now, yes … right to sit in her seat beside her right now beginning to fall asleep that, yes, just his sleeping helpless, innocent little angels with him,, it makes Jimmy more pity,, to immediately tighten the seat belt queque being around her small body was Jonas,, yes, his King Bee, and Jimmy just can justify the occasional Jonas sitting position when he began to discover that Jonas is slightly drooping from his sleeping position it,, hahaha,, himself even more funny enough when they’re asleep so,, how happy are stuck in the mind of Jimmy could have a child as intelligent as Jonas,,
# In Home Sakura House Real Estate,,, Jean,, 01, 45 noon ~
Jean who was in the courtyard, sitting in her wheelchair while awaiting the arrival of Jimmy-Joe, who will soon be gone soon leaving Tokyo, a major city that has been 2 months they occupied it,, yes, even where Jim worked in Osaka, , but for some reason from the outset they decided to stay in Tokyo, although a little far away,, maybe that’s all they know about the city in Japan initially, the, yes! And now is the time to leave all of this, thought Jean,, just to save herself and her small family, on the other hearts, Jean began to also worry about the fate of their relatives American women,, as soon as her female contact Yong Hwa in Canada, Hong Ki on Pensylvennia,, everything, including her mother-in-law .. MWO Hwa Rang,, in Beverly Hills,,, to also immediately save himself left the city,,,, I do not know,, why should it,, which is clear, this is important! And it is very urgent! Luckily it turns out Jim-Joe who came before the expected time women, 20 minutes faster, as soon as he approached a woman who had just come out of the car which was parked slightly protrudes into the yard,, Jean is already set up three suitcases that, , in front of the door, Jimmy immediately took it and put it in the trunk of a car on the back, and Joe who helped push Jean approached the front door of her car. Once completed,, and they immediately drove to a fairly high speed, because avoiding to collide with the last flight time Jean ordered it at about 3 pm,, at Haneda Airport, yes, the International Airport in Tokyo’s second after Narita ,,,, but somehow, a sweltering afternoon that .. yes, because of the snow season will turnover to spring that, yes,, in the midst of their journey suddenly feels a little shock that initially was considered mild,, yes,,, starting at 01: 56 that afternoon, they initially did not even think what and omen what will happen futher, because they know, Japan is vulnerable to a mild earthquake,,, and it is normal, but those who began to cause anxiety in the 45th minute that the earthquake has not stopped although they were in the car and drove in a state with fast speed against the flow of the earthquake source,, yes, quite difficult, however, the quake which sometimes surfaced and resurfaced, and sometimes even higher instantaneous frequency, and occasional low back as a sign there will be no earthquake again later,, to make them a little relieved and calm for a moment that,,,
# Go to Haneda Airport,,, the remaining time of 25 minutes … at 02; 35 noon ~
I wonder what makes it all again worried endlessly, Jean who started shouting uncertain to immediately instruct Jimmy accelerate the pace car, the, yes,, immediately drive, not much time left,,, only Jimmy who started it uncomfortable ,, even a big fight with Jean, because not knowing the intentions behind the good intentions Jean,, until the earthquake that the twelve great crashing in the street they passed, for you immediately,, 2 minutes after that, their car is bouncing away from the highway,, to roll down to a park in restricted iron fence at the bottom right side of the toll road, and fell down on them from there, until Jimmy’s body out of the car body,, as well as Jean is mired in the direction contrary, immediately realized that this is not a dream, went to Jimmy,,, without regard to foot-two woman who was paralyzed man,, he was a woman holding a car right behind the door slightly opened, and tried to stand up .. despite the great difficulty .. and succeeded, and even now without him knowing Jean woman capable of standing upright, and he was a woman who began to move forward, the, ran to rescue Jimmy have started to realize, too,, and,, on the steps of the 5th Jimmy Jean fell upon the body who want to go get it,,, and they stare at each other, do not know, again contrasting scenery, Jimmy was so happy to see little progress on foot Jean, and Jean who regretted not immediately rushed to save them all, but,, OH MY GOD! ! Jonas!! Still in the car,, Jonas,, how is this! Jean was soon up, so did Jimmy who began to help women to immediately see Joe and ensure that the baby in a state of fine, they both can not say anything,, only thanks to God, they are still given the opportunity to continue their lives are increasingly under threat lately, yes,, they immediately stopped herself to immediately go left Tokyo, for a while they will go to Osaka, near where Jimmy was serving it,, yes,, it,, the only alternative the unthinkable, after Jimmy realized what he was worried by the possible long before Jean was ,,,,,
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