# State of the Rising Sun?% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons chapter2 by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 14 March 2011 at 12:28

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I hope so,, that’s the only hope that Jimmy prayed for always being on the side and on the side of his beloved wife, Jean Avansta,, sometimes I do not know what to think about the Jimmy’s, which is always well regarded by Jean that too over protective it, I do not know ,, clear,, that’s Jim,, all they have managed to go through in time so far,, what did cause the wonders of the power of love, they mean, and yes, just once, they really believe that, although previously had also surrendered by state and let go, do not know, but there it is, they,, were destined for each other together, and have, each other figure out the weaknesses and strengths of each in a single unified whole, and that they,, Jimmy Black and Jean Avansta, which already has Black n ‘Jean Junior that, yes, Joe, Jonas Staenbee being moved to 7 years,, it,, yes at last February, just one day before Jean, his mommy again years old and just as a reminder on the day of the accident which has claimed up to Jean foot on until this moment,, and here, the test for the destiny of their love, but this apparently does not affect and is not susceptible to shake a sense of love and affection that has been long enough that they entailed ,,,,, like Is that love?ask them, maybe they are more knowledgeable about how and what the taste was there, because they are at least as well who have and still experience, until the age that will separate them, yes, the death that has been written in their destiny have entered into His scripture,,,
Jimmy who still continues to enjoy a warm embrace what is now, that feels certainly also by Jean who is in the midst embraces Jimmy and his warm with folded arms of this woman,,, yes, without a rebel and a sense of resentment that has just hit the middle of Jean, the woman herself ,, who knows what others Who’s this woman now floating in his head, which obviously all lately also so strange woman went through, why she became hot-tempered woman, sometimes sensitive myself, yes,, its her woman has a high temperate, , and a clear, his emotions a woman will easily fluctuate drastically ungodly,, Argh! Jean even a little hate with his lady, who bit her women also do not understand what was happening actually,,, argghhhhhh! Jim,, HELP ME! YES,,, PLEASE HELP ME! SHY DO NOT KNOW ME, AND NOT HAVE A HOME NOW! IF YOU BECOME is up to hate me! DO what you want! Jean who just can surrender, but on the other hand,,, on and still waiting for a helping hand from his Jimmy this woman to simply lighten the burden that seemed to explode in his head was about this woman,, huh! Jean is more and more hated her own woman,, this, that,, why this, why do so too,, not clear,, that his woman knows, only there are still loyal guard Jimmy woman, yes, give full life to make Jean is happy,,, yes, Happy .. yes, that’s why herself a woman who so often want to just want-wants to ask for help without intentionally and without blatantly told Jimmy his lady,, just for this, briefly else, that in mind ladies,, bubbling,, blasted his brain is like a woman should just like stove. Yes,,, stove, exactly …
Jimmy who understand something of this,. Yes. Jean saw the increasingly immobile under the breast,, what was draining her mind this time, not yesterday, not today only,, open the day after tomorrow, perhaps, or last week, whatever,, Jimmy entirely too real do not understand why so-so also, like Jean,, exactly like Jean who were thinking about changing his attitude lately woman who began attacking her, that she knew a woman, just now how and where he can claim against a woman satisfied liver,,, which is where the most convenient place that could easily devote herself a woman with what Jean felt certain, it is not easy, however, Jimmy was the one who feels most appropriate to get the nomination and win in that,, won her affairs ,,,, hahaha,, lucky not Yong Hwa and Hong Ki or who becomes her choice of women,., because certainly if Jean would start pouring out his heart struggled the woman,, to be sure, not yet-not until the end, they both be cut, and cut in the middle of the road with various fad-fad joke and that they have,, hahaha,, honest,, Hong Ki,, the man most fortunate of the four men are, and Yong Hwa, the man fortunate to the second, yes in order to-in because of her that also had the chance to feel pampered in the cradle and the affection of parents to form a personality that was quite calm and flexible, yes, in order to outsmart the so excessive curiosity about the love of two What kind of human being that is most desirable and so many others,, he never pretended to like to take it like Shin Hye and her long-awaited by cousin that, yes, only Yong Hwa who knows, in fact Shin Hye was that no other party clown princess who was being sought for Jimmy,, Jang Geun Suk it,,, but, whatever the actual intentions his attitude also not the intention that easy to just want to test the endurance of their love,, he is since It was understood and search did love, and to the beloved Seo Hyun who was lucky to receive this ,,,,,,,,,, yes, love first imposed against her, the girl who at the time,, becomes fellow profession, the MC,, in a television reality show to look for partners or spouses who have received it,, hahaha, meeting the unexpected and not planned, but that’s destiny love ..
Yong Hwa are beginning to understand what it means to love since then,, yes .. Seo Hyun who has turned it into her other adult, yes, earlier in which he also has a tremendous personality to convince his charm,, yes, that’s him,, ,, which is also too busy to respond to a variety of assessments of people against him,, try always good and fun in front of people, because he was an easy comfortable with all the cynical view of people who are always flowing when talking about it, and even the worst in their sight,, and Exactly 10 years ago, a small step for improvement,, himself a start realized how important we are to love, and how empty we are without love,, touch precisely, not only propose to Shin Hye who then began to pass from a woman her college ,, to immediately follow Jimmy to America, yes, in Canada, or somewhere where there’s all that matters Jimmy, and his woman could return is next to people who really right for her lady, .. It was actually too Seo Hyun who make him understand and learn to love, and do not occasionally toying with love, because if so, who would love toying with us,,,, in the end, it is sadistic, not to befall him,, all alone,, they all,, the three small families,,
# Back to Apartments Jimmy-Jean,, Sakura House Real Estate,,, 12, 10 noon ~
Jimmy who began walking toward his room Jean,, yes, this time, all will be the same,, he thought there was no great than yesterday, and before-before, because Jean is also an insists remain in the home without people want to be bothered more precisely, including Jimmy, who continues to try invited women to just go for a walk, yes,,, pleasant thoughts,, to refresh all that he thinks that, I do not know, but that’s what it will itself learned, yes,, respect people’s decisions, and his wife, but this is a little crazy, but, do not .. wait a minute, Jean,, do not like it, do not like this, he had just spent time with Jimmy together to Paris, which previously to Belize,, is not usually his women happy if you want the streets, at least not the silent and stayed in in a room just like today, but since a few days, come on Jean as easy as that why she lost her memory? Memory in all, yes,, about all that has just started this new life in Japan, and even to undergo therapy before any woman he began reluctantly, why be so! “Jean,, are you dear,,, we go,, get out,, the streets,, do you want? This month, will be filled with festivals, let’s go celebrate though not Japanese, but at least, we, have not already live here,, for 4 years, I also would invite Joe,,? Hemm,, you want to come, right? Besides not baiuk,, kept shut himself in the room,, your health will be better if you’re looking for fresh air as possible, where you are specified, may also … “” but, I’m not want to come out,, chest tightness,, do not go, do not have a go or anything out today,,, until tomorrow morning, yes, do not get out, huh? Believe me, my instincts did not know lately,, “” you are talking about, Jean? There’s nothing to worry about — “” I do not believe me, go if you want, which is important, far from here,, as soon as possible,, this is Tokyo, not one month we are here,, how could you can quickly memorizing streets here, huh! “”,,,, so just because a trivial problem is you mad?” Jimmy was down to equate his position and stared at Jean eyeball that it now appears that bowed sluggish . “Well I will stay with you, until you’re ready to come out together with us,, Joe surely will be disappointed, however, I hope you pray that Joe is able to understand with the understanding that if I tell him,” Jean was only nodded found Jimmy began to follow and understand the her point woman, “we,, wait until Joe came home, yes?” “yes …” Jimmy who immediately wanted to go just for the new school called in his King Bee’s, but Jean did not even help it to go anywhere with him fixed in the living room downstairs that, yes, right in front of the door of their room, the, did Jimmy even was trying to pick up Joe’s time in his home school,, he who could not bring his father’s instinct for coming out to understand the position that Jonas was in a go to school in a foreign country that is sizable enough to her that such a small and first time to Japan,,, “do not,, just wait,, Do not contact him now, wait 15 minutes again, and immediately pick him,,, Joe kaan fine! “” I had no idea of the direction where you talk, Jean,, do not like paranormal so, today you’re really mysterious, Jean,, not like you’re always,, some questions even now being collected in my head, what would happen with you,,, “” this is a puzzle, which is clear, we have to leave Tokyo,, as soon as possible,, if necessary ,, “” where but … “” to,,, anywhere,, just do not here, come on,, do not ask questions,,, 12 minutes more,, just 12 minutes you should immediately pick up Joe, Jimmy! I will contact the Hong Ki and Yong Hwa! What is clear,, took us to go first,, get out of this place,,, “” therapy — “” we can continue at another place, “” good,, keep yourself well while I’m out to pick up Jonas, if No complaints about your stomach or your feet, immediately call me! Do not wait until another doctor came, you know what I’m saying? “” Yes “Jimmy was leaving Jean, who was in her  wheelchair ,, kissed before she moved away, and took the key that had been placed under the tablecloth made of white yarn hiragana letter hammock and inscribed it, whether what he read,,, “I go first” “be careful, Jim!” Jean is still trying to control his emotions when this woman,, who knows what will happen, , a woman who clearly felt that more women breath panting and anxiety center soared under his conscious control of muscle women, will there’s a bad sign for this? Hopefully not,, he could only pray for her baby and her husband it,, yach,, hopefully they will all be protected by God and remain in a state of fine,, just like when they are just about to go to new schools,,, 
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