# Yukiguni (Snow Country)% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons chapter1 by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 11 March 2011 at 15:19

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# Yukiguni (Snow Country)% @ A Miracle Invasion {The Creation of 3 Newest Couple} $ (Continued All The Seasons chapter1

# 2 Months Later,,, In Osaka,,, ~

Jimmy who repeatedly confused with Jean his health natural woman during this, lately, why she kept her declining health that woman, I do not know, which obviously, it’s not unusual or just once, , but many times this happens, you know just how frantic his Jimmy who should see this, find out when his current Jean who never touching drugs, and even had him sleeping pills women also have not touched it, ,, but why was it,, women’s health drastically declined, despite that, Jimmy was more think hard about what really happened, whether she herself was hiding something about his frequent fainting woman,,, yes, this is certainly very real attention to Jimmy,, certainly not a reasonable thing, on the other side also Jong Sang who never gives real diagnosis Jean Health Care also began to improve,, has never recurred, even phobias which suffered in its first woman also never any complaints anymore, but why now it’s Jimmy who is always worried about her, until Jong Sang who still has not returned from the holiday in Kawai with his wife, it should also be forced to interfere with Jimmy’s reports, co-workers was so sudden and certainly less confusing than the result that there are just too issuance of LA Hospital Directory, the,, however, this is friendship, maybe Jimmy tak akan ask for help if if he will be able to handle it alone,,, by Jean, his beloved wife where they had 7 years to establish the sacred bonds,,

By the way, yes, as you know, Joe, Jonas Staenbee, King Bee they are,, yes, it could not take part in Paris, a month ago,, to look after his ascension into Elemantary School, the, yach ,, certainly in this April he will go to primary school, it is not false again, it must be because part of his daddy-mommy to Japan, of course for 4 years that he would attend school there,,, what kind of new life- to be lived with his father that, yes, that certainly was all thanks to his father,, her small, can feel the life in the other hemisphere which of course is also not a place familiar to him that,, you guysknow, right? Joe American boy,, this, even though he also has Asian ancestry from his father and his mother? And now they’ll learn to share, and organize a new life, new sheet in Japan, yes, in Tokyo that, even though his daddy was serving in Osaka Hospital, his right at the Osaka Central Hospital (Osaka Chuo Byoin) 8-2 2-chomme Sonezaki,, Byouin it another name of the hospital, yap, Hospital,, in Japanese of course, not far,,, indeed, just like when Journey Osaka taken within 2 hours 35 minutes by using the Nozomi (Tokyo-Osaka distance is 552.6 km). Nozomi (のぞみ) is the fastest train service running on the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen in Japan. Know, now, instead, a kind of tram fastest in Japan,,, hemm,, fun for them so they certainly have a lot of fun new experience of course,, let alone Joe, for Joe who never,, never in short felt like what is a tram overpass,,, and below ground, because this will only be found in Japan,, really limiting but it actually becomes something unique to Japan itself,,, Joe, who was so happy the first time Jim , the Daddy just wanted to introduce him to his new environment,, which is in primary school (shougakkou) Kikawa-Minami Elementary School had a reputation A school in Osaka city, founded in 1960,, yes, a type of international schools for their offspring Korea of ​​course, but this is not true today, all children could have easily fit into this shougakkou, like Joe, who even do not know anything with  Japanesse,, capital only language that American Home had just the same meaning used as’ Motherland language’ her,,

# At Abode Sakura House, Real Estate as well as Special Apartments in Tokyo American Physicians 04: 00 pm ~

Cherry Blossom Festival Japan,,, ^

This is known as one of the most beautiful flower illuminated cherry in Japan. Cherry Blossom Season: early April – mid-April at the date of 4-28,, hemm,, fun,, of course Jimmy also has plans for this, yes,, Jean invited her,, to enjoy this,, all,, where season and the most beautiful month of November than in Japan, because autumn beautiful flowers that,, and the celebration of April 8 is celebrated as the birthday of Buddha in all of Japan with the baptism … Festival to mark the opening of the season hiking in Kamikochi, ,, hemm,, Jimmy impatiently wanted to spend more time with his Jean also started having a lot of progress with his foot woman, which is now in his ankle women who have seen starting to move than ever, that even to move the tips of his toes woman women alone should himself take the trouble to it, but now no more,, he was very happy,,, for it,, that means it’s a chance and hope that Jean will recover soon, but at some point it will happen, who clearly see,,,

In Sideways,, news and HongEun YongSeo Families residing in Canada ^

Couples YongSeo which of course is overwhelmed right now, just to soothe her baby how it can shut up now, yes, Rose, Queen of her intermittent always said to want to meet with a friend play it, who else if not Jonas, yes,, ever since her little girl visiting her uncle’s place in Canada’s Mansion,, of which Joe is always looking for girls, for some reason it always once and never change,, is invisible,, th Both do have emotional closeness,, yes, ordinary child, but, I do not know, but so does the nature of Rose, who always spoiled, and was pampered by her parents, so it must be something which he asked the girl, , granted on the spot, no waiting later-later, except if you want to hear the cries  girl so hard on the ears and gripped it,, hahaha,,,,

different from YongSeo family, different with this new couple 3 months,, HongEun which they are also waiting for the birth of their first child soon, it, whatever that underlie them are so convinced that the children who were pregnant named Eun Hye was born Yukino Kinori were male sex, but that is what is felt to Hong Ki, who was appointed physician’s diagnosis, the laboratory first one part of CTA in hospitals American Hospital Directory in the USA Hospitals, exactly,,, well, this is debut to become a doctor like what he wanted also look after his older brother, the, which seem to possess extremely noble course to help patients with chronic heart or heart attacks and other coronary etc……. … but still too long to wait for the baby born, only 4 months of pregnancy Eun Hye was the woman,, sometimes to help her work her too much contact Jimmy, the older sister to just talk about where it chooses the best method to diagnose the disease and keeping difficult to detect by the CTA machine,,, hemmm,, brother of mutual benefit in working together and of course it is unbelievably fit,, why, I do not know, obviously, that’s them, who was in his youth each other fighting over a girl problem, but nowaday become a professional colleague,, truly unique,,,

# For Jimmy-Jean, who now lives in Tokyo Real Estate … ~

Jimmy who was returning from his official site are that new, only occasionally pacing in front of the couch that, yes, he is is preparing plans that have been listed in his brain that, yes,, to bring his street-Joe road as well as Jean had just recovered from all her health complaint, hopefully it does not attack a woman again,, hopefully all goes well and,, hemm,,, good, the point should not have to fight him because to advise Jean who began loudly head, and even beat the original nature of Jimmy’s most stubborn of them both, and funny, seems the natural two they exchanged places, and Jimmy became alarmed always like Jean, and Jean is suddenly a little crazy ,, cause stubborn woman who -so sometimes,, hahaha,, giggling must if you witnessed what their behavior lately, and besides Jean also more frequent nausea uncertain, and the worst, , which Jean nausea, but it is attacked Jimmy muscle spasms until-until she would occasionally vomit involuntarily,, hahaha,, no, no, it turns out, Jean who wanted pregnancy, but mild symptoms felt by Jimmy his woman would be so excruciating that her body,,

“Shouted Jean ,,!!!!” Jimmy called his wife in the back room in front of him which was not far in front of it,,, yes,, behind doors that either made of any material, although very modern, but still,, should be slightly shifted to open, and glass in front of him who also impressed beautiful, transparent, capable showed up a silhouette that was in it,, of Jean, who is trying,, pushing his wheelchair women, who began swung and controlled his woman to hold the hook now that, would balance prop smaller female body looks now, “what,,, do not yell like it, Jim,, King was not home yet,,,” “yes, I know! ! but,, please come out first, I want to talk! “” Argh! I told you not to scream like crazy like that “” yeah, but,, “said Jimmy who suddenly stopped for a moment staring at Jean who looked at her with eyes no less dizziness with a face and a look of being mounted Jimmy was the woman,,, “why,, what is it ..” Jimmy was still silent, and just move forward and then crouch to equate his position looked at Jean, “you say there that want you to say, but, after I come here,, you’re even still,, Do not trick me, Jim, you’re starting brash now,,, just because I’m sick now, huh? You’re it,, bitch! “Shouted Jean who began pounding his shoulder Jimmy woman,” Hey, calm down, calm down if you do not where can I,, explained,, basic, stubborn! “” What you say ,,!!! You — “stuck because Jimmy who held her in embraces her man that, embrace that is so warm,, has long, it did not happen, somehow, seemed heartbeat Jean who want off, and Jimmy is just like it ,, Jean is able to calm down a little in front this time so hopefully ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,

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