# Not There is not% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter16 [Part1] by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 07 March 2011 at 01:01

bagus good job

# Still In Amber Caye, Belmopen,, Belize,, 07; 15 nights ~ 
Jim’s still just kept kissing Jean who became interested in it unconsciously,, why, yes, of course, because Jimmy’s body began to attract Jean it with both hands, where he was initially just touching gently on the temples and then descend into the head Jean woman’s neck and the last really completely insane,, besides himself who plays Jean’s lips incessantly, almost ten minutes without stopping it, and even still continues today,, yes, though full of love,,, yes, true, no wrong again, but this is not what Jean would expect, very rude,, can you imagine, how Italian Kiss,,, was not able to even imagine,, French Kiss is so shut your mouth just to explain it,, more over Italian Kiss,, Jimmy seems to really want to practice what he has just learn of legendary fantasy book written by famous poets an Italian, I do not know what’s his name, which obviously he’s Men, if not wrong,, yes, this is his name,,, Nezami Ganjavi, really Black Romance stories that detail with spice and romance elements underlying the background story,, to the easily-until Jimmy is smart and able to filter the input, yes, the various ‘inputs’ in his head that,, just a reading, yes, , of course .. on the sidelines his spare time,, of SJA, who has started doing to his wife, Jean who seemed overwhelmed serve to start it now,,, 
Jean is increasingly pushed to the front of it,, mouth, and also a member of her upper body,,, who want-want seemed will befall on Jim’s body was now, because the more advanced course than the position of front and side from the beginning of the original sitting wheel chair woman, yes, the more narrow right place for lean,, until it’s not sticking as well as bolster the lie to handle the woman behind his back just to hold it, a little crazy, but,, really, Jean was unable even to shout,, just stopping illegal behavior,, a figure Jim in front of him the woman who was demonstrating how to be a stud-style Italian, no matter how their mouths still locked together, until right at minute 12, and Jimmy had started to realize that the position will Jean women about to start falling prostrate tumpah it,, basic,, jim started acting up again,, soon directing the position that Jean was at stake, how can that not be re-positioned just getting worse Jean can be female legs,, Jim, Jimmy, ,,, always acting up,,, ckckck! Not tired-tired of it …. 
“Why,,, rubbing coarse mouth like that,,,? You offend my feelings! “Interrupted Jimmy who started squinting,, yes, weird,, the smaller,, his eyes were barely visible,,, which has sharp eyes, the more narrow as well,, the lion’s gaze constraints,” hey,, face-to-eye lion if you dare, Jean,, you is why? “Jean is still a bit disgusted grimace horse, either because of illness or caused by bad Jim, a clear himself a little moan,,,”,, rude, ,, “” W-WHAT? “Jimmy the jolted by declaration Jean began to harden his voice …” I should say,, ‘WHAT A HELL YOU !!!'” Jean was shouting loud no less terrible woman from Jimmy statement his lady, “you, so,, angry,, thanks to this,, same as you —” “what,,, ha? I ask for something, the object, instead it! “” Arghh! Tell me first, you were not comfortable with you, ha? You’re it,, might as well not believe in 1000 and love fairy tale,,, do you think the all the story of what America? “” Do you mean,, what, Jim! “” It all, … fairy tales originated from Europe ,,, and English-Italian, especially,,, you are …. Embarrass the United States alone, as it did not know – “Jean else feel a little Jim satirize women she was,, with a stutter replied,” w-what u say! What is clear,, ugly, not very romantic, “” eh,, JEAN,,, are you,, truly outrageous,,, do you think the all the love ballad from which it,, all of Italy, and even Romeo and Julliet – “” yes,, rough,, “” ah,, it’s up to you, it just,, hard-learned hard but the results were beyond expectations and your reaction is very disappointing, “Jean began to wake up to what Jimmy offend her husband started,, jerked,,, looked at Jimmy who suddenly left his body that began to reverse the stifling heat can not stand it because Jean quarrels with his woman when she was accidentally Preparing all this, this fast, yes,, surpize party ended a mess for himself which in the beginning it had no problems, even had time to think success, in fact,, it turns out,, ended in vain .. Jean that it was panic, because he was also a woman who could not be chasing Jimmy with his condition as a woman now where happen seven years ago in the hospital when the shock of the pregnancy Jimmy Jean,, Jean lucky Jimmy who remember him that was immediately reversed Jean returned to push the chair without heeding any single orchestra who deliberately hired actually for 5 hours,, but since only lasted 2 hours,, yes, well, return to them, and Jimmy would not be a problem with money,,,, there’s nothing worthless without Jean,, though annoyed, Jean who was also crying first,, sorry,, anger lady uncertain and unreasonable before,, he really regrets it, and even to get into the car itself still shed tears of women, ,, 
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>> end part in seaseon3


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