# Not There is not% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter16 [End Part] by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 07 March 2011 at 01:08

bagus good job

# In Amber Caye Real Estate,, Belize Inn,, 08: 10 pm ~ 
Jimmy Jean who began to enter the room which had also not been sleeping since it,, yes, Jean saw a woman who was opening her eyes wide and, so,, little bit strange,, maybe he really wanted to apologize about incident,, an hour ago at the party Belmopen,,, do not have a regret that Jean, Jimmy just had to forget it,,, no matter who started Jimmy Jean stepped closer to his woman, yes,, just trying to calm myself sedentary position Jean is still not sleep like that, he was just trying something usually only,, not the slightest attempt to as soft as possible so that Jean can really feel the sincerity that is truly from his heart that,,, she also began to reverse the freedom Jean ,, on her back a woman,, just to see the face of Jean,, is still swollen as when out of the car,, 
“Jean,, me, asking, sorry, yes? Not appropriate, in the event we, I,,, forbid you, without a clear reason, I only just had a little emotional, I did not reliable,,, what are you willing to forgive a man like me flaky,, JEAN ,,? “said Jimmy who also bandwagon contracting the virus said Jean who always emphasized the name of the other person in last said,, Jean,,, do not listen to look like women because,” you do not hear me,, “Jean was still silent,,however, rather than what,, she is a bit queasy stomach, but Jean still do not understand is why,, what’s with his woman, and Jimmy even still not out think the gaping, whether Jean really all that angry,,, JEAN come on,, JUST LIKE THAT ONLY THE ANGRY, that’s what Jimmy thought .. Jim,, should his anger over all this, however, why Jean is silent, it still kept looming in his mind,,, but slowly she started to stop undermining Jean with the invasion he asked it,, Jimmy already switched his attention to the pajamas which is being used by his woman,, who knows what it is,, a clear, transparent,, yes,, glass cloth, light brown skin as women, almost similar to the clothing worn by a woman wearing just when the party, but this slightly open at the stomach, yes,, you can imagine,, pajamas,, western-style model,,, there is only one part buttons in the bag as a replacement hook collar,, and underneath there is only hooks but not the strap buttons,, but, somehow Jean linked not open some of his back women who had parted slightly, and Jimmy began to swallow his saliva slowly so as not to be seen if he intended to start going to his severe syndrom it,, want to do many things that have been several days detention because the conditions did not allow Jean to serve it,,, Jim had decided to not continue the action, just turn around about to left Jean,, however, Jean is in fact, that, trying to hold it this time, with his last remaining female workers ,, she is trying to turn around,, 
“Do not go,, Jim, I’m afraid of myself,,,” “but, there Cerry, I will call,, wait a minute, I’ll be back —” “he was accompanied Joe, who already had been asleep ,, do you want to wake Cerry only because of me? .. oh, no,,, you accompany me, yes .. “” but, I — “” never mind,, but, if, you do not want to, yes, I do not what — “” ssshhtttt … close your eyes … go to bed,,, I’m here,,, “Jimmy was soon flexing his bones are also really seemed to want to come off it because of fatigue, but on the sidelines of it,, he still had time to fix the rope in pajamas that Jean is still open it,, yet related, Jean can felt into the wind if you continue like that, but don’t know why Jean did not want and indeed himself deliberately spare to women there, because his stomach is a bit problematic since women at the party, until-until she changed her become sensitive it,,, what a woman is also being felt now, hopefully, the only woman feeling alone, and Jimmy was trying to fix the strap woman again, but repeated attempts, this time with Jimmy Jean mistook the woman’s own hand, , Jimmy’s left hand touching a woman’s circle on his stomach now.,, a little bit until he felt comfortable and warm woman, she also briefly tried to lie down to comfort her position, but a little difficult, until Jim was understood and immediately helped women, to a little pull to the shoulder and directed Jean Jean right beside it,, 
Instantly Jean woke up just smiled and kissed his right cheek Jimmy woman,, who knows what in his mind a little strange woman who was but this, women do it consciously,,, hahaha,, Jim, who woke up with what’s new receipt that was immediately attractive to embrace Jean,, yes, even a little difficult to shift at the foot of the new Jean can move his toes she had put her just above her breasts, and kissed giggles snap kiss,, one as many stitch, so soon as the season wind blowing snow,,, crashing without spinning like a tornado that, yes, a bit shocking but really smooth this time, as usual, delivers Jean his lap who started sleeping on it, such as usually after the ‘battle’ and collapsed at the end of the road, but this is different, do not know,, just wait,, is less a minute,,, it means no longer, good news will come to them, yes, exactly pick up on his small family who still These brave face all the trials just Jean hit it, if that,, wait 11 days again,, yes,, to the Sant. Elle, Paris, and a month later at the Osaka Central Hospital (Osaka Chuo Byoin) 8-2 2-chomme Sonezaki or somewhere in Aomori Prefectural Central Hospital, 2-1-1 Higashi-Tsukurimichi,, I do not know,, where are Jimmy choose as Best Hospital,, then there also itself will take place on duty,, soon-generation Black n ‘Jean Junior his generation to the second coming soon ,,,,,
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