# Scenery that the appetite% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter15 [part2] by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 04 March 2011 at 03:34

bagus good job

“Sorry, I’m late,” said Jean is a little stressed at the end he said a woman, yes,, calculated as an apology woman who always makes Jimmy disappointed, his attitude towards women is meant, in the heart,,, but not Jimmy, if only for a this tiny only thing he would be angry besr,, have even more fun alone, because he was very appreciated by Jean who tried to come well, like it, though can not own, delivered a special car that deliberately Jimmy Message to pick a woman from the inn in Belmopen that he choose as a place to stay for two weeks, and Jimmy went back to move,,, approached Jean who started looking for what is a little strange in her woman, not,,, it,, Jean,, should you observe, but … to yourself, yes,, if only she knew what she was wearing her special invitation to attend a deliberately Jim for her woman, yes,, herself a woman, who now so graceful despite wearing casual dress, yes,, Brown,, can spelled like the color of cream sticks are young, very fit in his skin, and hair tied back of his head raised above the woman,, very elegant,,, for size Jimmy,,, this is really beyond belief,, crazy, but so and so real,, what does not,, the less women now, which might be a bit much reduce activities but,, slah large, himself even more and more Just look special,,, ha,, wearing a dress,, simple, like other blouses, but somehow what makes it look beautiful worn by Jean that,, maybe it is true he was a very so charismatic that no imaginary if Jimmy so was never bored in her side …

“There is nothing to forgive, Jean,, you came at the right time,,, where I’ve actually prepared to welcome my empress mental,,,” said Jimmy who immediately poured wine had banana taste it,, yes,, wine fermented beverages and flavorful banana, very soft in the mouth of course, but then,, it would not be anything to Jean, that Jimmy knows most hated by something whose name is drunk,,, ‘drankers’,,,, “come on, we toast to this day,,,” “um,” said Jean who began to sip his wine women who are in a glass that was clutched her,,, “um, I have never felt that before This soft-,,, “” it’s because you do not like drinking alone,,, so do not know,, its terrible taste in our tongues are flowing ,,,,” “yes,” said Jean agreed,,, “waw ,, dank au prepare all this, within just ,,,,” “what,” “less than an hour? Really all of this — “” hey, hey, hey,,, come on,, do not have a confusion that,, just take it, and enjoy,,, “Jean just speechless,,, nodded his trust with all the intention ,,,,, woman from her husband Jimmy “I,, want to beef steak just …” “you want crab, shrimp,,, or maybe spaghetti? Come on, you need not keep a tight body until it is,,, dear,,, “Jean not want to diet, Jim, but,, it can not stomach a woman who asked to compromise, whether what he is feeling all jumbled unclear ,,, bland taste,,, even though all the dishes are served very tempting in the eyes, but really crazy, I do not know very few foods that are biased Jean bribes to get into the woman’s body,,, who started the little since jimmy left, ,,

“Why stop,, not bad,,, or there’s something you want to say,,,, oh, yes,, do you like classic music? I can command them to play for you,, “”,, may,,, “” I,, shocked,,, this is the first time you not reject my offer ,,,,” “was when I had refused your invitation?” “Often … very often, but you never feel,,, “” then I must redeem it with anything,,, ha,, so you’re not mad at me,,, “” no,,, “” you,,, nothing something wanted to show me, in addition to the strains of the song ‘From This Moment’ to the accompaniment of violin and cello that,,, “Jimmy was just silent, but looked nervous at the question issued by his wife Jean that,,, but not long and soon he was saying back ,,, “what,, of course there are,, many, and too much,,, I’m just afraid you do not accept it,,,” Jim was stopped for a moment, and closer to the direction of Jean,,, it,,, yes, , confronted chair to soon,, attract a deep breath this somehow,, occur,, huh, like just about to apply it,, strange, but Jimmy’s real feel,,,

“Jean .. thank you,, you’re going to be my wife, is willing to accompany my life, became the mother of my son,,, and,,,, so for our future,,,, I,, do not know what to say, but at least These words have enough to be representative all statements that came out of my mind, that as long as I own this also confused what to say, and how,,, huh, I just wanted to say, never stop to love me,,, “Jimmy’s end he said,, achieved hands of Jean who her woman’s lap women over the hook holder in her wheelchair,,, pull and hold his hand woman, kissed his fingertips at the first woman, climbed onto the back of Jean’s hand, and re-grasp and tighten his grip before stretching,,, look at the as bright Jean sun although there will be no afternoon darkening this, as his successor,,,, only candlelight, occasionally turning to face two eyes staring at Jean,, from eye to chin limited to women,,, da,, trying to look at him .. yes,, wistful,,. Removing his charismatic charm as well this time … and leaned forward,,, closer and closer and closer, Jean who understood even then only follow slowly, helped thrust his face,,, as she closes her eyes slowly, and Jimmy had kissed her again ,, yes, maybe not as soft as usual, quickly himself holding the two in the temple’s head Jean,, and moved down to the nape women, reversing his position with his head turned slightly toward face,, up repeatedly, shaking their heads, ,, followed by Jimmy tongue that once or twice also come into play at the ends of the base of his tongue was Jean,,, this is the craziest ever, they do it in front of the orchestra’s five players,,, oh, yes, no problems so because this is nothing strange, or taboo in Italy,,, that they were also la couples do Italian,, for the Italians,,, helps a pair of lovers or husband and wife, those who were hit by love is noble,, what unites them again, so do not be surprised if you see them being involved engrossed with what they do even they see in front of the eyes,,, no one bit jealous of them, which they believe,,, all human beings are created in pairs such as Jean-Jimmy This American ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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