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bagus good job
# Arrive,,, at 06; 35 pm ~

Jimmy is still struggling with his position which is of course very annoying if Jean has awakened it,, he is still not realize, yes, still fast asleep,, crazy,, was almost 3 hours more or less they are still like that, moving no,, changing the position also not,, not even a small motion-motion just to stretch the muscles that may be too feels stiff when they can feel it and if they are normal too,,, it was not normal anymore,, as the right to couples who are both in this extraordinary rating,,, I do not know what the most appropriate designation for them, not lazy,, quarrelsome,,, nor,,, or like to tease, not too,,, difficult to express with words, which obviously might more accurately be said of people who actually need love each other, yes,, how else, they shared, since the beginning too early because of the similarity between their fate,,, sorry,,, however,, yes, led a special relationship, the, good, no,, and this, now deliberately prepared carefully for his wife,,,, Jean Avansta,,, cool, and so touching,, all though no one do by Jimmy self, but is based on awareness of each party,, understand, and Jimmy did that originally proposed that all of this, however,,, Jean also eventually follow, right, like not understand and get to know Jean alone,, she was already accustomed himself must persuaded by some element of coercion and flattery possible, really hard, yes, perhaps accurately, if not biased Jimmy up to now not married,, cause only Jimmy is fitting and most understand, the notion of women’s feelings and expressions of his heart,,, what does not,, he was a woman who missed it quiet and silent, I do not know what the problem,,, but a lot of her female friends have, but it does not affect much actually, and even the husband was also her women rarely share all lamentations of his women women, , not what, in fact this is also one understanding women,, herself a woman just did not want to just add to the burden if the husband, you’ll understand what their job, yes,, each of them both,,, Jimmy is a surgeon The heart specialist that,,, which may have the heart to tell after Jimmy Jean went home and looked at his face that looked so exhausted that, on the other hand, women themselves also do not want to add to the problem, yes,, subject,, herself a woman, who also a busy man,, no less important,,, fortunately,,, lucky,,, her smart woman to put what is right and should be done, such as who should be added or minimized,, it is Jean,, so the main priority always keep herself neat lady,,, and manage

^ 5 minutes later,,, ~

Jimmy began to awaken it,,, yes, because begun to hear the roar of thundering voice that comes close to the ear hole, what else besides the sound of this aero plane machine, maybe you want to prepare for landing, yes,, so,, if only This plane did not go down or rather not, could they still stick with that position? stupidest questions but also full marks Ask for immediate answer,,, Yes,,, now, and Jimmy awoke, shaking his head, which originally began to move away from the presence of Jean in front of it,, waved his hands and began PGAL of the neck which had been bent was clear that, grabbed her neck with his long,,, once folds to just prop his elbow and his neck pain was incredible … she slowly massaged it around his neck, and crazy,,, you know ,, Jimmy innate nature, which always late and not sensitive, he was even still, closing her eyes, into his eyes,, may still be tolerable if only the bias, but these both,,, can can be crazy-may be must meet with a man like him, because should always be reminded every time,, where the bear’s wife was not Jean,, indeed strange couple not,,,

This time, yes,, was Jimmy who woke first, and, rubbing the eye on the lids, and Jean looked over at her one time … yes, Jean is still fall asleep, and sweet too, even when sleeping alone still smiling, obviously made an impression on her face a woman,,, repeatedly, and Jimmy wanted to wake her … later he was scared when she is not ready to go down and prepare himself in his inn,,, yes, they will occupy lodging in Belize this ,,, not necessarily perfect, comfortable and facilities necessary to meet …. So in principle, until Jimmy was interested immediately contact the messengers to immediately finished business in Canada of course residence, family and relatives is also a problem job, which in this 3bulan time, he took leave,, to keep Jean,,, just after that she contact her friend Jong-Sang which is actually also still spends time ‘Honey-Moon’ her with a woman who had just married it, but of course,, he would not mind if it takes to help this brother,,, yes,, already they treated each other as brothers by the proximity to it,,, and now turn to Jimmy who wanted to ask which areas are most suitable for him to celebrate that anniversary,,, was there, she Cane Amber,,, yes,, Real Estate most comfort be there,, The most romantic place ever number 1 in the world,,, you also have to try it, do not just follow without meaning,,, Jong Sang since become a doctor in Canada, entire families also fell move,,, yes, of course to Italy this until he knew exactly what and where just-right place to eliminate the fatigue of the most potent and powerful, especially when with a partner or family, thanks Jong Sang,, for the second time that Jimmy is really in debt service, first to Yong Hwa Hong Kid and …. And arrival for this …

* Skipping time *

# On Caye Amber, Belmopen,, Belize,, 06: 10 pm ~

In the beautiful coastal beaches, and this is,, Belize,, paradise of the most beautiful places along the coast,,, ever,, and you know, this is where the existence of all the new things that might also have a lot of you know, including for couple who are about to celebrate this anniversary, yes …. Jimmy who had prepared everything was almost perfect, .. on the coast a little biased toward the sea … no can is beaches, and no can nevertheless spelled the ocean because its shape is more accurately described as bay,, yes,, bay, Bay,,, in english,,, you know like what,, or at least capable of a bit much to imagine what would you observe here,, yes … before do not be surprised by what is shown by this hour, why time seemed not to walk, even further back, is there any like that, or perhaps watch that is damaged, not you,,, but the difference in time one hour slower than Canada, so be quiet and accompanied Jimmy to prepare all this,,, table, dish party, music,, etc,, mucisian certainly nothing that can not be too must be eliminated, so he ordered from diplomacy Agent their travel to bring a violinist and the orchestra if necessary,,, and that was wrong,, just waiting for Jean who has yet to come, what is presumably being conducted … by Cerry him, so nearly half an hour Jimmy is waiting for the results but still nil,,, maybe Jean is shy then thought better of the woman who probably would not be coming? No, no,, this shadow crazy, or maybe all of that done Cerry failed, Jean who was neat, but Cery woman who gave her a little make over, but instead excessive until Jean had not come today,, thwart accepted his invitation ? No way, surely this wrong, impossible Cerry who always dressed elegantly as it was unable to adjust himself to his employer where women who are former Stylish who certainly have good taste in gown it,, what else Jean used to be a model that has always been a ‘trend setter ‘,, so how could her taste and she changed drastically decreased infinity,, surely this wrong, this   only effect of his phobia, but wait,, what, what,,, what!! Phobia,, since when Jimmy becoming a phobia of people,, what may Jean disease which was completely healed was transferred to him? Ah, damn,, where the can is so,,, this can not  left unchecked, could not,, no bias,,,, damn,, agh!! There was the day to dark and almost 45 minutes had Jean still not dating, and Jimmy were already getting frantic panic alone,, he tried to get up but sat down again, stood up and sat down again, until a violinist was nun offer services to pick up his wife’s, but Jimmy had not said yes Jean baru just arrived,, yes, though late,, it’s okay, and Jimmy would not be angry with her female bias,, is biased Joe certainly did not take part, along Cerry in ‘inn’- her,,,

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