# Spilling Everything% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter14 # Fly,,, at 02; 03 by Shin Rae Byung on Thursday, 03 March 2011 at 01:23

bagus good job

# Fly,,, at 02; 03 noon ~ 
Whatever they decide now is a decent thing for them, yes, they deserve to get it, happiness, serenity. Welfare. And so was all there and available to them this time that no other enterprises are also the fruit of which they planted, before-before,, yes, this couple, couples who care for others,,, before they touch anything, , they are always there to help others, whether it’s Jimmy and Jean,,, and now turn to those who can practically need help and helping hand, then what happens,, not surprisingly, everyone would try various ways to help … just avenge what they had once done for others,,,, Hong Ki,,, Yong Hwa,,, yes, their new family,,, who helped and contributed to the departure of the two sister’s vacation that,, really touching, instead, and now is the best time to Jean-Jimmy spent time with those closest .. their little family,, in Belize, who named another Delli Alice in the islands in the Italian State,, yes Eastern Europe ….,, surely,,, please be sure, there will be no romantic thing missing for this bias,, , hemmmm … … 
^ Inside the plane ,,,,~ 
Jimmy who was still staring at his wife that, “You need anything, do you want to contact the mother, first,, in Beverly? To simply say hello goodbye ,,,?” Jean was silent, still just looking at the beautiful clouds that began bias seen in the middle of a sweltering day despite that afternoon …. Yes .. yes, … yes … bias ensured that he is being depressed, but began to heal, once in a while, as well as even looked over his Jimmy women to just ascertain what her true feelings, and Jimmy had asked her to speak,,,, but ,, why it feels like a dream that is present in broad daylight,,, in the middle of the day is late afternoon,,, Jean-style queen threw her smile,, so peaceful and soothing, especially for Jimmy who was in front of her when she was a woman woman turned her head right in front of Jimmy … look at her husband’s face it, who is now also being very tired for sure,,, yes,, keep it throughout the day from when he was a woman,, fainted in the Kids Fun Valley to invite Joe the streets,,and until early this morning where Jean is still in the shade Hospital directory, the, huh,! Should Jimmy is definitely the most tired for all this, but, strangely, why he was a woman who must also participate tired, look at Jimmy who actually fell asleep beside first lady,,, yes,, so tired even to hang his head in the air until staggered as if to spill into the space in front of it where there is little gap between the seat with the seat the other one,, sorry,, Jean, and even bias nor do anything about it, if he was a woman trying to move, then of coursewill greatly hurt his foot woman, but if … let him,,, Jimmy like that,, his lady would be very sorry, in the end,, 
“Honey,, lean,,, will be very sore when your head go on like that,,,” Jean tried to pat the shoulders of Jimmy who was at his side a woman who began forward it,,, but whatever the power,,, Jimmy was also awake , have even more severe course,, her sleepy so she just moved and lay down a while,,, however. Again, back again,,,, Jimmy was still alone,, did not wake up to just fix itself,,, finally, the idea dawned a little funny on the head of Jean,,, Jean also tried to find the most crazy way that women themselves have never tried , considering the sayings Hong Ki,, the cool-in-law who once told me that,, if his brother makes a problem, either no matter how small it is,, living at or beat it,, easy, right! Hahaha,,, this plague will be tried this time for women practiced,, hahaha,,,, let’s see what kind of,, Jimmy’s reaction this time, given the usually himself, Jimmy, her husband who is always,, her work on women, , not Jean that,,, is too plain and almost almost never reacted before Jimmy is starting,,, hehehe,,, 
Soon she snapped her hand into the middle of the thigh Jimmy started gaping slightly open it still hung in the air that, with shoulders that had not stuck to the seat occupied by her,,, instantly, without waiting for a few or even few seconds Jimmy leaned her head, yes, true, but crazy,,, not this, not meant or intended so that Jean was,,, not leaning on the shoulders of low-Jean,, yes,,, which was slightly lower than the shoulders, so that little uncomfortable and repeatedly Jimmy moves to simply stretch the head, and his body, which began to feel stiff, the, funny, weird .. but, pretty sweet to scenes like this, where usually the woman who lean but this is,, another, from the other, the man who rests, without the slightest guilt, and Jimmy is slowly moving slow motion it was approaching the face Jean … who is also getting sleepy and going to sleep it … but it managed to be undone because the movement began to put her lips that, to his lips Jean,,, how biased,,, I do not know,, so their sleepy until-until Jimmy did not realize at all with what he has done, yes, the accident that led to sweet,,,, from a side view of view of course they’re each other Cerry sulking, when different from the reality, they just victims of excessive fatigue,,, that’s all, and even eye Jimmy did not open at all,, so did Jean who also started to close my eyes, without feeling uncomfortable with what happened in her mouth now, without feeling heavy or even objections,,, because he was a woman who also had to present a threshold nature between the conscious and the unconscious woman, sleeping so soundly until the woman who is also head slightly inclined to the right, in contrast to the style of Jimmy sleep leaning to the left .. until the fit is not,,, same-same,, to deal in their sleep position,,, hahaha,, this will not happen again, and for the first and last time,,, why, because there will be a surprise party would be prepared to Jimmy the seventh anniversary of his marriage with Jean who has been her that,,, Argh! Jimmy certainly can not wait to get to complete his mission,,, this, for the first project before the White-Day,, to Paris and Jean Medicine in Hokkaido, Japan is … whether or Yokohama, or even Tokyo, where only the best in medical therapy, then there had to be Jimmy stayed..,,,, by Jean ..nothing is in vain than happiness and smile Jean back,, shine …. 
hahah,, yang mau tag sendiri,, ini gambar mereka buat pasangan baru ini, io kasih yang lagi senang dengerin lagu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, semangat!!! kek gambarnya gitu

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