# Off Fatigue% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter13 [part2] by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 01 March 2011 at 23:25

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“Brother,, kaka,, brother,,, Big Brother!” Shouted Hong Ki which began scatter all daydreams his brother, Jimmy Black’s doctor, “ah, yes .. yes,,, ah, no,,, I mean if you had already settled all my business and Jean lived alone,, so, and then,, Rose and Jonas, who will pick her up from school to come here soon,, ha? Oops, I nearly forgot,, and AAA,,,, almost forgot,, provide one of our personal assistant, “” ah, yes, you want to invite anyone, Jean,,, to help your business, is, perhaps to simply accompany eat, walk,, keep Jonas,, and so forth,,, please designate one person, would immediately I called him,,, “” I want Cerry,, just,,, “Jean replied slowly,,, brother” his soft tone,,, “why not Marry, or Anna, or not maybe Jade, Trace, which is usual with you,, why?” “ah,, it,, even though they are equally sincere, but I’d rather have him than the others, because he was always able to motivate me as long as you’re not there,, yes, may I? “heard that Jimmy was just smiling, as well as Hong Ki is still standing tall on her left side,,” what is not for you,, saying,, everything for you,,, “Jim replied with a pinch from his chin was split Jean,, Hong Ki who saw only a small chuckle as he left them in passing after throwing his car keys to Jimmy and turnhe would wait for the arrival Yong Hwa, Seo Hyun, Eun Hye to bring Joe and Rose,, here,, if only Joe who will be brought along his Hyung-it,,,, yes,, so,,, shoulder to shoulder for each other them, it could be as relatives who lived to have a mother and Hong Ki who still has a full in-law Jim was the exception,,, which is where Jean’s father had died since the 9-year-old Jean,,, yes,, the atomic bomb explosion,, who intentionally installed in their homes with a target of his parents, who still failed to make Jean to accept the fact sometimes causes him to make a woman a woman who survived the blame for this incident because her woman’s everything, because his parents wanted the women to save and more fruit his heart was alive, stay alive by sacrificing their lives at stake,, for prey by a cruel terrorist, ….
# Bayway Airport,,,, at 02: 00 noon ~
Jimmy who was driving his car up in front of the airport where the place was Jean devoted herself, and as usual, without having to welcome Jean who come alone, they all immediately bowed his head a sign of respect to Jean that in fact is there was a Senior Stewardress ,, and how shocked some of them are considered quite close friends with Jean, even juniors, “gee,, Jean,,, you’re impatient, yes,,” “Jean,, have fun …” “duty,, to submit all to us,,, “they were throwing each other without stopping-toss to see Jean coming down from the car with her wheelchair occupied by a woman who started it,, Jean just thrilled to see them all without being deemed to give greetings to his departure waniota conductivity,, was deeply moved , and even occasionally, they give a warm hug to his colleagues that, “good-bye,, Jean,,, we are always there in your heart, remember,,,” Jean was soon nodded slowly as he smiled at the corner of her lips,, , looked at casually,,, co-workers face the woman who gave her a new spirit,, smile,,, because he was a woman who started the wheelchair pushed by Jimmy to be speeding toward the plane …
In front of the fuselage wreckage that, Jean was stopped, and Jimmy who started the pilot was approached by 2 men in his presence that began to offer services to them, regardless of how this and a little nod quietly Jimmy was holding Jean,, lifted it to rise to the rather low tiller ladder in front of them exactly that, and the wheelchair, who arriving behind him now,, has been folded by the two pilots and give them to a personal assistant to Jean-Jimmy’s, which took Jonas entered following the steps jimmy is so careful,,,, “this is the first time, right? Are you with me to go for anniversary? “” Yes, as well as the first time I’ve come without wearing my own, “Jean smiles that warm gaze began to sit with Jimmy who laid a woman,, resting in one of the seats in left, corner of deliberatelyJimmy chose near the window so he could look at the white clouds,, is her favorite Jean,,, “here,, Give me your head,, you’re tired, yes, we would travel about 4 hours,,, you’re just tired lean on my shoulder,,, okay?,, if you like Joe … he was in the seat right next to us with Cherry,, do you want to see,,, hemm,,, he’s already asleep …. Look at her head in her lap Cherry,,, funny turns out our son, “Jimmy was a moment to stop talking because he knew Jean had not spoken since,,, Jean watched him carefully,,,” hey, what you do not like,,, “Jean is originally lifted chin still looked toward the window,,, but not ride it off,,, Jean was turned back towards the body of his woman jimmy,,, and smiling broadly,,,” who says,,, this fact ,, which I all this time, you do not leave me in charge,, service, and everything,,, “
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