# Off Fatigue% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter13 [part1] by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 01 March 2011 at 23:27

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Jean who had been still bertempelan lips woman is now,,. I wonder what makes her so much thinking lately,, so crowded with the invasion of so many questions that reaches women, up-till is not easy and can not be for him to simply amuse themselves even with a Shuttle Passionate Kiss once provided by Jimmy , where her husband was a woman who was with her now,, hugged women,, tight,,, and channel the longing for a sense of guilt at the same time that either start since when he was buried and lasting wound in the leg immediately know that Jean is not just any injury that, untilwoman, causing her to lose a pair of legs that are usually his women use to run and serve the family of his little lady that is for Jim, Joe and his servants women who until now still faithfully devoted to him a woman in her residence Jimmy woman,,,, akh! ! I do not know what’s wrong Jean,, so all this happened to her lady,,, whereas in Jimmy’s position, it was he who also felt very guilty, can never accompany Jean, and always fails with what should be his duty,, health, Jean is already since he left for his official duties while in Hong Kong and North Korea that,,, yes, it’s shrinking, ranging insomnia, because too many women’s minds, yes, many women think that too him,, even for something that can be said really does not make the size of high priority or important, and again at the moment,, Jimmy’s time to avenge the mistakes he had made it,, yes, of course also to atone for all the errors through the special concerns will he give to his beloved wife,, ‘SWEET HEART’ her,,, hemm,,, it seems, too, and sweet and a little ridiculous, but has become a very common habit super,, yes,, whether conscious or no yes, it’s actually already seoerti Jimmy Jean noticed him,, it,,, but since this is done for the people who loved it,, then, certainly not a heavy, very nice indeed,,
# Hospital Playground,,, at 13; 15 noon,,,, ~
Jimmy was let go his grip was to Jean who had been already wrinkling her forehead,,, yes .. guess what, that behind it all,,, of course everyone, visitors are considering their action a little crazy in the mind of each person of course,, why,,, yes, they all might be expected from the visitors who either it together with family and his partner dijenguk center their attention, they think how can a senior doctor who they know to play hearts with a fairly young patients do not seem too far away with the age of their pet’s doctor, because they are also still equally uniform was a symbol of the doctor and patient,, do not forget, no, they are since coming to the park was still wearing it,,, Jimmy began to look around it, without feeling guilty and even re-nonchalant re-tighten his position from the outset also been facing the front of his wife, Jean’s, but failed, because Hong Ki which was already come and shout their names from the direction in which the park is not far behind also with the position they are sitting it,, , only 20 meters-an,,, the arrival of her sister what had brought as ordered by Jimmy, and Jimmy was standing and waving his hand to signal to the Hong Ki immediately came over and gave the passport has been taken care of and all equipment must be taken that have been placed on trunk of his car, a side view of private cars on the other side of the glass seemed almost crowded out of it,, ohh,, cool,, not in vain,,, Jimmy handed over all the affairs to his younger brother who was a great super smart,,,
“Where have you set !!!,,, Give me everything, we depart from the airport at what time? Then Joe,, Yong Hwa and the others … “” relaxed, Hyung,,, everything is I clean up! “Said Hong Ki to convince him to the front of the two brothers who did not lose her innocent, the,,” hehe,, how,, approximately 45 minutes later you will fly to a place so beautiful out there,,, you’d be happy, right, brother,, sister in law,, smile,,,, you’re a bad patch when silent as it,,, gaping too,,, hahaha,,,, you guys did was right,, why so many people here pay attention to you, ha? What my sister makes the problem! If yes, at just him,, it’s easy, right! “” Hehe .. sorry,, brother,,, so steal sharing,,, “added Hong Ki which began grimacing before Jimmy had to hold amusement see Jimmy’s face is beginning to show sign of his fierce face was not kidding this time, it is a sign of herwho do not like it when someone is starting to interfere or went along with the personal problems, not even those closest to her own sister even,, the very heart brother,, it turns out,,, hahaha,, how else,, chatter from Hong Ki is always some where sometimes the direction,, yes, so,, she is very spoiled to make himself at times and even too often do not recognize his surroundings even in the case of a precarious whatever it is,,, however, that’s him,, a HongKi,, true,, which has always been a savior for them all, from the beginning of Jean-Jimmy wedding,, still remember? Herself who realized that Jean was very fond of her sister, the, of South Korea he told Jimmy Jean to follow soon before its too late,., And it is true, after his father-in-law that, no,, 2 years after he died then, Jean has the opportunity to meet with Jimmy after 5 years apart to rescue the father’s business,,, as the eldest son who is solely responsible for replacing his father led the mining company that currently are on the fence, because at the time of Global Crisis ,, and until now, and even help Dalan effort ‘Pineapple Moon’ they not? Hehehe
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