# Drop of water in the Desert% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter12[part2] by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 28 February 2011 at 15:57

bagus good job

holding to move her into her wheelchair woman who had been prepared by his sister Meggy,,,
“What have you clean your body? Hemm,, you smell,, fragrant,,, “said Jimmy who began pushing the wheelchair Jean that, occasionally,, kissed the top of his head Jean-woman, and re-run after many times had to stop because the pass-wallow wallow circular the little, “what are you getting bored,,, feeling a little disruption or complaints,,, hemm,,, we stop right here, this my favorite place and Jong Sang,, yes, in the park this hospital,,, so farfrom the noise and cries of nuns who seek general doctors,, I’m happy to still the mind here, I hope you like it,, “Jimmy had to stop pushing it, and sat in one of the chairs lined up along the pang courtyard garden,, and direct the wheelchair Jean to be right in the position of his left,,,, “I ,,,,”” why, “Jean suddenly silent … and without any conscious phonecell Jimmy trembled beneath his pants pocket,,, just a message from Hong Ki , who had prepared everything, packed up, yes mengepaki Jimmy clothing family,,, to immediately go to Belize was so sudden,,, because no bias was delayed again, because the departure of Jean to go to Tokyo to be accelerated also for the treatment of women,, 2 months longer,,,
“Jean,,,” “ehe,,,” “come with us,, to Belize,, besides that there’s no place else that I know romantic than Paris, Kawai, and Venecia,,, yes,,,” “mean,, , “” I must explain to you the length and width,,, “inquired Jim with wistful gaze, toward Jean,, with Jean began holding both hands in front of him now, so close, though Jim was sitting, but not too much distance difference between them both,,, Jean was just staring at her husband’s face perplexed woman to ask that,,,, on the other hand her a woman worried about her health that she might be difficult for Jim to widen its movement as a senior doctor, , but this, right, just for a vacation is,, open your mind after passing through the roar of the waves and headed for the cradle of small waves again,,, Jean,, accept the request,, what is not sorry for begging face,,,? Jimmy would not mind, even though they have remained faithful to see you doing anything like this, “well —” unfinished Jean talk, Jim who had heard the signal was immediately approved by Jean just hugged Jean,, clutching her little stretch body to reach the body of Jean who sat in a wheelchair covered elastic material is light brown,, then disconnect, and touch the two lower jaw Jean, of course with his two hands are definitely ready to nod quietly motion of Jean,, slightly tilted his head slowly and carefully but surely, in order to avoid contact with the holder hooks in a wheelchair that bias-Jean could run automatically advanced toward him, it, smell it closely, without limitation or even provide a small gap to the Both rely,, leaned her head, in line with the slow movement which follows the surface of Jean’s lips, without wetting, and very careful though surely and firmly holding it,,, so was Jean, who sulk, because no no choice, following the woman leaned her head opposite the direction of Jimmy’s head is slightly oblique to the right,, it,, looked real until they’re making out intimate moment,, for what shame,, no this time, in a beautiful garden and a-quiet, just the two of them and some visitors who visited the couple or family ,,,,, in their hearts there is only regret, because the assumption that each one of that pair is based on their physical being understood ,,,,, it’s really gone and no longer on the right both of them ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, … … … … …
senyum, yach, semu,, seperti gambarnya,, jangan sedih lagi,, everything is gonna be alright!!!!!!! yang mau tag sendiri,,,

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