# Drop of water in the Desert% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter12[part1] by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 28 February 2011 at 15:56

bagus good job

Jimmy was just crying and crying too biased, yes continue to occasionally repeat pilunya that even he would be made aware of Jean came in and washed up in small steps through the hole in the hallway siunyi,, deal with laterite stone mound in dark caves where women are now ,,, oh, no, do not let him Jean the woman anything,, he was not going to forgive this for Jean,,, Jean was still uncontrollably, but then fell silent again,, soon to return the female relatives who entered the room, small room where he was hospitalized woman,,,
“You had better, Jean,, great, we are very worried,,,” said Yong Hwa Seo Hyun, rubbing shoulders, his wife slowly, for no less worried together with Jimmy, who can not even stop by the house just to shower and eat ,, until they are brought to know Jimmy’s stubbornness because their responsibilities are so great that the safety of his wife, so anything Eun Hye, despite his new woman in the family fee that is not that great, but,, so,, all so warm sense of kinship felt by those who are still up to this time,,, yes, just get together,, chatting,,, storytelling,, exchange and share experiences about their heavy work, and of course the little jokes each of his interlude,,, hahaha,,, nice,, no better than a few days, but can treat the little wounds that envelops bitter in their little hearts, “brother,, this is for you,,” Eun Hye also provide a change of clothes for Jean, either for what,, inside a plastic bag that looked so mild that,, contains 2 pairs of suit, to selected Jean of course,, maybe there will be little change in the schedule for the event-pickle them, that’s what Jean thought at this time. “Brother to bed … .. it’s late, and we will go home, tomorrow we meet again, we all loved brother,,, get-well brother,” Eun Hye who embraced Jean quietly began to embrace, and then pressed his cheek woman to her left cheek Jean,, Jean was so thrilled not to mention Joe ,,,,, yes,, King Bee was a woman,, who a little on tiptoe to kiss his cheek Mommy it from behind the body covering it because Jimmy was sitting in a chair overlooking the bed Jean,,, Jean was smiling, until they all leave, and disappeared unseen back-back,,,,
# The next pay day,,,, at 12, 00 noon,,,, ~
Jean who has bergangi clothing that, yes,, although still covered with translucent blue cloth,, yes,, uniform patient, however,, was far different from the look on her face,, differs significantly from that night ,,,,, it really looks shabby,, well, the bias you know,, maybe his heart was a good woman now,,, Jimmy else that comes into the room with a warm welcome smile,, as warm as sunshine sting which slid his hand through the glass windows the rather wide in space big enough Confinement Jean that, yes, this certainly is a directory of hospitals,, the largest hospital center in Los Angeles, you know the bias of the accent and ornament of the building is so modern, everything almost,, perfect … . And without reproach, that, coupled with senior doctors who devote themselves to work here, well trained and experienced scientists who can work here, including Jimmy, her husband, who had a smile had been wearing a white coat labeled physician Jimmy Black it ,,,,, wide smile and open arms too wide to be embraced his wife, whose face she started to shine it,,
“Morning, Jimmy Jean ,,,,” greeted by imitating the style of Joe’s childhood,,, Jean who had been silent just watching the way that Jimmy began to get closer to him giggling and occasionally even a woman laughing satisfied,,,” You just realized that I This funny,,, ha? “was confused with the response of Jean herself serobot talk without care, and immediately embraced Jean is now in front of it,,” Master’s daughter,, uh, instead of … Consort,, NOW OUR TIMEROAD-ROAD,, get some fresh air to welcome the day that began blazing this, okay? “said Jimmy who started lifting Jean,, 
senyum, yach, semu,, seperti gambarnya,, jangan sedih lagi,, everything is gonna be alright!!!!!!! yang mau tag sendiri,,,

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