# Trying to Strong and Strengthening% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter11 [part2 by Shin Rae Byung on Saturday, 26 February 2011 at 22:36

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Jim was immediately moved,,,, just wanted to but, but two pairs of hands that hold it embraces,, Hong Ki and Seo Hyun,, to put him back,, give him the sense to remain steadfast in this, yes,, Hong Ki will soon give bad news for him,,, “Hyung,, this, I can not say anything just, this, can I help you,,, I can not say [again, I ask myself,” Jimmy has not had time spoke up to answer and return service for just grateful for this, but Hong Ki was gone,, so anything Seo Hyun, Yong Hwa, and several others, leaving Jimmy to just meditate and calm down,,,, without exception Jonas ,, it carries,, yes, in a sling Yong Hwa,, it,, yes,, just a minute away from jimmy are likely to be so shocked that, slowly opening the cover of the folder to open it, yes,, so,, for OK, yes, for that,, to know its contents,,, but held back by subtle movements of the fingers Jean who began to appear that look real,, she was so happy, yes, sweet smile tugging on her cheek that began expand,,, and read again, but, for you immediately, and saw the woman who was awake, trying hard to open wide his eyes a woman who felt it was very tacky, yes too,., sticky,,, Argh,, making increasingly not only frivolous, but the tears dripping Jimmy who first made Jean sure there’s something here,, who has not realized that she was almost 4 days she is still not awakened from a fainting woman,,,
“Jim, you why,, I where ,,,,” Jean who want to immediately sat up and moved away leaving the place that felt really familiar but foreign women that, yes, a bit strange considering he has long been women do not visit into this place, where usually he is always his health check-ups about women who recently had to decline, despite a lot of thought, yes, think and keep thinking, God knows how any drug that has been swallowed women also seemed to have no SAJ effect,, where is it, yes, something like that,, horrible woman living in his position, which appears outside of Jean’s is a very lucky woman to remember her family woman who quite just always,,,, may remain so, ,, Jimmy is still sitting since that was where he had also been asleep for 3 hours waiting for Jean his consciousness, it is still incapable of actually installing the face, but Jimmy was just trying to strong, and powerful, Argh,, strong ,, yes, and strong, “do not go anywhere first,,” “do not stand up, and tried to get up,, keep it that way,, sleep, and all will be fine,,,” Jimmy’s voice is starting to sound husky it was aware of Jean, a woman tried to get up once, twice,,, 3 times, but,, ,,,,,,,,,, nil result,
ARRGGGHH! OWCHHHH! DAMN! Jean cried tears that began to shed woman, let her tears uncontrollably,,, tuck the elbow Jimmy arms slightly folded it, and Jimmy could not say anything,, just go to cry, the last, because he which also do not know what to do now, realize that Jean is beginning to understand what happened to her women, female legs, both legs women who no longer able to move,, it was tears slowly subsided, Jean began to be accepted, and began to say to Jimmy, so knowing that he was a woman who will not okay,, swear in front of him,,, “Jim, I’m fine,” staring at women’s feet underneath that is still shrouded in a blue blanket thin young,,, Jimmy who did not feel so anything just looked at him trying to women, and women stared at her closely, what he said,, how can like that Jean told her partner while the woman just could not see the results of this test,, arghh!! How is this, what happened to his lady Jean,, why with a woman, what have seized up all messages in her mind,,? Jimmy foolishly tried rubbing his hair a little messy Jean who started it because his sense of rebel women who want to immediately get up,, stroked her until Jean is really back tears, until his breathing woman panting uncontrollably, but instead that’s what Jimmy wanted, so she quickly relieved himself and realize that, well aware of what happened to women and do not regret it later on, “I promise, I still love you,, until death do we pick up,, au want, are willing always,, come back so the old Jean, who can always be motivated with elegant style, and do not be like before,, Jean quiet and bury everything in the mind only,, take out, I say remove it,, remember, you’re not alive alone, there I was,, there is Jim, and a happy birthday,, sorry too late to say it,, if only you wake up early, I will not spend the happiest day of it,, sorry, sorry,, maf,,, , “Jimmy had thrust his face right in front of Jean ,,,,, himself who do not understand why this happened was just trying to muffle his emotions, controlling voice hoarse because of excessive crying hoarse for the increasingly into this, but only the issuance of shivering,, , even getting stuck in the cold lips of Jean,, together no less frozen like marble, and so was Jean that she had been holding tears until their lips met each other was just stuck,, shivering,, pressing each other several times,, but not because they want to,, because the tears and screams from brands interlocking hearts that, Jean is sick but Jimmy is torn liver,, paralyzed, and legs, does not mean lame also love Jimmy to her lady,,,, ,,,,,
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