# Trying to Strong and Strengthening% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter11 [part1 by Shin Rae Byung on Saturday, 26 February 2011 at 22:13

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^ 2-day later~
Jimmy who was still motionless beside the body of his wife,, and keeping silent when he saw such a piteous scene before him,, how this could be how North Jean bias all be like this,,? How,,, if to Jean this way,, anything happened to him, I will not let me live casually, I vowed Jean,, get up for us, for us, which is so needed by all the beloved woman,, so particularly felt by jimmy, woman,, who had been kept motivated by his presence that Jean,, what if forever would be like this, nearly three days jean yet unconscious, until Jimmy was forced to not touch all the task- The real task has also been very accumulate it,, how can,, he was not intentionally negligent,,,, frankly he would feel very guilty for not being at her side was Jean, and even Joe’s, which since yesterday has not been allowing entry Jean-patient into the room, it still has not himself obey,, feared that Joe return missed a lot of women and start fantasizing about his health that Jean,, his mommy dearest,, Jim should answer what,, this coma? No, this pain is not too common, and even Hong Ki who helped diagnose her illness since she did not sleep all night which was sacrificing his first holiday with the bride, and his wife now,, Eun Hye,,, but it also anyway, conducted by his brother, nothing is in vain later,,,
# Still in L.A. Directory Hospital,,, 10: 00 am ~
Joe who had come to visit her mother who was lying helpless, yes,, has been almost 4 days, day-to-all three women who had not regained consciousness from her long sleep if spelled out,, I,, I,, really miss you Jean,, get up, Joe,, want to return to play with you, Mommy, why you? Come on wake up, I do not want nothing with you! Come on, wake up! Open your eyes and see me, I’m here,, Jean,, I’m Joe, a child who is so proud of you, you say, as I recall,, Jean, I was sure Jim was also very fond of you,, miss you,, no less crazy like me ,, I’m here to bring a series of interest for you, I’ll put it in the vase beside you,, on the table, so when you wake up there is to remind you that we all love you,, Jean,, I’m here, we do not cry this, I promise not to be superbly Jean child of a real man, you never say, right? I promise I will not forget it, mom! I love you,,,, so did Jonas loved Jean,, up-till once every 5 hours himself, such a small boy took time to come to visit Jean, though just told me about his routine that day, as he had done with her and her cousin Rose ,, yes, they are very friendly, although sometimes not infrequently also fight it out, but even this will be a new story between them, yes, both sides of each faction also seems to agree with each other to be able to match children they are,, Jean when it would still sound right,, not like these last few days of course, and indeed this is going so smoothly, until it happens, yes, the agreement between them,, Rose, the little girl sweet,, smile, no less with Yong Hwa, his father,, Argh! Why so talk about them,, however, it is true,, Rose Queen will be shared with King Bee,, while the son of Hong Ki,, will be named what he was when later born into the world, still eight months away if it wanted to wait,, hahaha, , would be full of sound boy rancid,, arhg,, not a little rancid,, sorry, but, instead, they would be able to enliven the day in each family, yes certainly gives a nice color,, just look if you do not believe, ,,
Soon Ki Hong Jean was coming into the room being treated, and Jimmy are still asleep beside Jean who leaned her head full into his bed Jean that, in addition to forearm Jean who folded in his right side,, Want to wake up and give the file It, however, no good to wake Jimmy, her brother,, how,, very fortunately, yes, there is fortunate that Joe was still holding her hand,, once seen him,, his grief was,, as soon as possible Hong Ki-coded and cues for Joe want to wake a sleeping Jimmy closed his eyes, Joe was headed, and wrong, and Jimmy was immediately opened his eyes,,, not because of Joe, but, as there is vibration that ruled his right hand, probably Jean realized that, it was not,,,, bad luck, but Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun who was coming to bring food, yes, for there super brand, of course they come with his new bride and also Stephenie them, Rose the middle are Eun Hye was in arms,, “Uncle Jim ,,,!!! How is the situation now ,,!!!” cried Aunt Jean Rose is so excited and suddenly all of a sudden drop of arms Eun Hye,, burst into Jimmy’s lap, the girl’s uncle, without taking special account of several pairs of eyes stare at each other and the view was so serious that ,,, well anyway,, Rose, her character is so strong and thick with the cheerful, fun as his name is intentionally given to scent the atmosphere in the family, and Jimmy was greeted with a smile full of affection, “He’s not what, ,, “without the slightest regard to the direction of Joe,, was not even glance at,,, Rose had heard the answer from Jim, the girl’s uncle was soon turned to the position of Jean who was apparently still asleep, holding her aunt’s beautiful face,, in cheekbones,, touching a bit on a ventilator that was attached to the face that was installed around the slightest impression cover pretty woman, “Aunt Jeany,,, sleep tight, yes,,, we all hope you recover soon and come back with us, ,, “Rose kissed her aunt’s forehead, and began to walk away and down from Jimmy’s lap,, Hong Ki who saw it, too, touched, to the point of forgetting the results of beam diagnosis,
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