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bagus good job

# In L.A. Directory Hospital,,, 09: 00 am ~ 
Jimmy who soon arrived at the front of the hospital’s size …immediately drive as fast as lightning empty stretcher brought Mary’s sister,, she is very upset, and even as soon as possible to bring Joe down from seat,, open her seat-belt and held her woman to a stretcher that, holding Jean’s body was once in a while,, holding his hand woman where so many nurses are concerned with the health of their senior doctor’s wife,,,, get up Jean,, get up for me,, get up for Jonas,,, and build for our future better,,, Jimmy was trying to trying to strong,, heh,, bitch, why should Jean woman who loved to accept this,, huh! She hated herself even more cursed until satisfied how could this mistake happen,, continued to cry, but not dripping just unstoppable tears welling up in eyes that,, sorry for Jonas if she knows, it might be possible this could have happened that could befall severe, , because the leg Jean who started out “fresh blood” to “bleeding in sleep” it was just more and make Joe’s son could not talk, could not cry and everything,, on Joe’s birthday they are supposed to celebrate together, which should also they’re enjoying it,, it even bear a dispute, Jean has just want to take the agenda book in her car a woman who never managed to deliver a woman to get an answer to the question what is the best female prize for Joe, and even he has not asked her that ,, huh !!!!!!!! This dizzying,, any minutes,, briefly, let’s see,, how could Jean run over,,, well,, that twist the impossible can be passed, Jean who still stumbles in the litter that is still accompanied by the sisters trusted Jimmy,, some of them also which certainly surprised to see this,, was concerned about his senior doctors, and Jimmy who has repeatedly seen trying to calm troubled even though,, “mrs. Jimmy,,, persist, you Should Be Able to survive for the sake of your life, We Are sure you cans afford,,, “whispered their turn,, in front of Jean’s face under their chest, it, goes so fast to Jean, who went into the emergency unit,,,, Jimmy was coming in the end,,, 
Jimmy had come come up to the,, he decided to do little to handle the situation she was,,, was indeed stupid,, she could not move slightly when the wife was in a coma,, Jong Sang who do not even obliged to share precisely the fact in that, but now have him,, shall,, huh! As soon as his ban Jonas who had been wanted to go into space was also still aware of the head and hide his body for just a peek from behind the door slightly glazed, the, he’d love to be beside her mother, the, how this could happen in jean, , Joe could not understand,, huh! Sucks,, so,, but this is really going on,, made his head hurt to think bitterly follow the fate of his mother now, yes, his mommy who always made him laugh, in the morning, at noon, afternoon, everyone,,, , re-imagined her usual smile displayed on her lips were sweet mommy,, scatter all the mischievous laugh and spoiled,, shows how powerful Jean as a woman, how she was so grateful to have her mother as well,, not least also the father ,, his daddy,, he was really a tough dad,, he really understand how to behave in the face of this child,, anticipate how the way for Joe sodium absorption ratio sobbing in this accident,, which had stared him in the face of Jean was wiped out,, keep crying for no trickle down like that,, Argh! Sucks, but it should be,, Joe was finally useful to keep the struggle of his daddy who always keep ‘loyalty’ her to Jean beloved.,. even in bad circumstances and bad,, Argh! This is increasingly making it understood, how the meaning of love is important in a relationship, until melted and Joe also felt touched by both her parents were, he was inspired to have normal relations, but in harmony like that,, well, what, who was himself thinking, , it terllau far, he was still far away for it,, Argh! How can, however,, his reverie was suddenly shattered again, by Jimmy who suddenly seemed in a hurry to get out of the room immediately,, 
Jonas who immediately saw the father,,, can only admonished him, “Jim, how Jean now, I may go ,,,,”” do first, Joe,, not good, daddy was afraid something will happen to you, , no, yes,,? Not yet,, yes,,? Jimmy brought you this,, something,,, open,,, “Jimmy was giving a box, yes a package that should have rightfully accepted and Joe had been at church,,, but,, Argh,,, let it be now ,,, “why do not you like” Jimmy had asked the fruit of his heart, why just look at the robot with a machine controller, the, what do not like as possible, but not “no,, Joe wanted to cry, Daddy …. Could Daddy held me for a while,,, to reduce the sense of longing to Jean ..? “” Hie,, hey, why,, you’re it,, why,, do not worry,, daddy will take care of yourself,, “” Where did Uncle Jong ,, “interrupted Joe is still uncontrollably in the arms Jimmy,,,” um, it,, yes,,, he’s traveling Kawai,, “” why should the way to Kawai,, in Hawaii, Jim, , what if Jean did not survive? Why Uncle go,,, “” yes,,, with his wife, did their newlywed,,, unfortunately, so on holiday,,, “” but say, that if Jean would not see why, right., Jim, ,, “” daddy promise, promise,, that will not happen anything with mommy,, until we can go to Tokyo together .. you want,, there is very impressive, official as well start a new life there, without leaving our lives here,,, in Canada,, “” how many years, daddy? Why should we move? Office again,? “” Hemm,,, “they continue to embrace their minds at ease that still seem confused in this regard ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
“Um,, o, yes, Joe,, you can call,,, Uncle Yong here,,, they must worry about why we go to Uncle Hong first marriage without saying goodbye,” Joe nodded, reached into a pocket in,, yes bag,,, which turned out to have this necklace again, how this, necklaces who it is,,, yes, but familiar in the eyes of Joe,, hurry without looking back where phonecell Jean had brought him had tried to ask Jimmy,,,”daddy, I know this,,, it has one,,,, because I see joe,, himself familiar with this necklace,, sorry about to end,” Jimmy is not so concerned but suddenly winked her own mark the start realized that, Argh! That is,, it,, right,, only,, but,, how can there be in the hands of Joe now,, pendant crown the king, who granted him Jean,,,, “where you can get! Joe, said daddy, where did you get this ,,!!!” “that, in the way of shining in front of the front wheel dad’s car,,” “huh,, how could to be like this, so when she fell off her,,,dropped —- “” Daddy,,, do not cry,,, Jean once told me, real men should not cry, so,,, “” yes, but,,, this, this,, no joke again, Joe, it’s a bad sign,,, “” you believe with such a,,,? That’s not true, “” but if a gift just damaged, lost or, it, whatever it does not bode well,,, what might — “” DADDY! WHAT’S DADDY talking about, HA !!!,,,!!! DO NOT TALK carelessly!! Jean will recover, he would not be happy to see us fight just because of this, I’m sure Jean could hear this,,, so Daddy can not talk like that again, promise,, yes,,! Promise, hook a finger,,,!! “Jim nodded see Joe his explanation was so mature in thinking, and cold, it is admired in his joe,, sweet ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, help also to strong daddy like you ……………… 
mohon,, komennya,, ^^ gomen,, editan baru,, takut kalau jelek,, saya sedang sial,, jadi saya buat untuk penyemangat saja,, terimakasih,, tag sendiri yang mau,, semangat untuk semuanya………..

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