# Tragedy in the Midst of Happiness% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter9 by Shin Rae Byung on Thursday, 24 February 2011 at 22:25

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# Still in the Chamber of Jean-Jimmy,,, Awake,,, 07; 35 nights ~ 
“AW,, AW,,, OUCHH ,,,!!!” Jimmy who whine and wince sickness by one thing,, yes, that was just small things that bother ,,,,, yes, although it is a gift given to Jean, his wife, the, usual,, as a sign of love,,, which for so long did not meet at the beginning of their meeting that, you surely know, that if they had followed the journey of love, the couple important people, as well as couples who lack the love child victims dear parents, so always pay attention to all around him without except,, oh, little things, still stuck in the neck under Jimmy,, yes, almost on the throat that, piercing there, he saw a woman, Jean are still lying,,, but it also instantly woke him lady sure,, so follow-panic because there is also usually Jimmy, her husband yelled up to his ears as clearly as it is in front of her,, you know,, yes, because they are still in position to each other rested and sustain it, Jean is he on Jimmy, and a hanging pendant in the middle parts of the Breast Jean that,,, ah,, there is no dirty mind this time, disappear instantly see the condition of Jimmy who was in pain,,,, 
“Why, unfortunately,, something happened to Joe??” Jean who rushed surprised it was only Jimmy’s head tilted to  woman facing him also,, holds cheekbones Jimy straining it,, had been, what that happened to him,, why is he so moan,, akh! Weird turns out! For Jean, who is not unusual to see her husband screaming woman who was uncertain he thinks, you why,, long thought Jean ,,,,,,, but instead only a shake of her head that got Jean, and then what else? Weird,, so strange,, Argh! “THEN WHY ARE YOU? TELL ME, JIM! “Jean snapped the confusion,,, Jimmy could not bear to see that more and more women went along with his odd upset because he thought it would,,, Jimmy was quickly reached under his blanket,,, with appropriate his wife take a small pendant hanger accented crown the king, who used Jean since his return to Canada that, Jimmy had showed it to Jean,,, this, that sort of thing,, Argh!! Her confusion that was the last explain to his wife who had been well looked so upset with his attitude it,,,, Argh,, bitch!Must speak at the wrong moment like this,,, should this moment could be the best moment for us, but in reality instead of other,, Argh! GEMAS Jimmy who had been also still watching Jen to hers cynical gaze,, 
“Argh! This, this,, thing of yours,, sorry, yes,, if you disturb your rest,, sayag ,,,,!! I-I,,. Embedded objects this small, Argh! Hurts you know! Sorry, yes! ” 
Jean who had been silence heard it was finally spoke up too,,, “no nothing, just who should apologize, dear!” Huh? The answer is outside in limit,, itru which had been made despite being very nervous for Jimmy who understand what he meant to convey to Jean, but in fact, that, huh? It’s really beyond Dugan, this time,,, “a — a — what? You said what? Tell me again, huh? “Argh!Jimmy who wide eyes sign that he is quite surprised by what he listens to it from your mouth just Jean,,, “er,, true,, not aa-what, you still in pain? Which one? I can not heal them, but only reduce a little ,,,,” Jean said softly, pulling Jimmy’s head who had been in front of him look stupid seklai it,,, this, this,,,, it turns out, Jean kissed her,, giving Brief Kiss her touch her perfect it, but yes, that namnay brief kiss just always so,, you know,, Argh! Like that,,, always slowly,, briefly and shy,, why should so, they are not teenagers anymore, they are not married now, a husband and wife and begin running their duties each other,, Aww, ,, the envy of other pasngan be sure,, cause even though they are already 7 years old but,, still remains,, harmonious, harmonious,,, did not seem the slightest rift between them, but, yes that’s,, always in time which separates them, yesterday for service, but this edit icon,, Argh,, a period should be so,,, right, birthdays,, Joem,, Hong Ki marriage also tomorrow morning,,, no longer bully, , hope they .. 
“Uh ..” “what, unfortunately,,” “no,, good liontin, I like,, oh, yes, do not forget, right, Yong hwa will datag, let’s get ready, this already at 7 pm,, more in fact! Jeez,, 15 minutes they would arrive, let clean self,,, you bathe under, yes, it seems, I’m going to menstruation,,, sorry! “” How do you know? “” Yes, because my heart was calm,,, there is usually a sign that something happened to the woman,,, “” oh,,, so, But, do not be too tired,, just,, later …Joe did not soon have a younger brother,, understand? Let me bathe under, on, come on,, here,,, down, slowly, do not touch with my neck, sore ,,,,” “hm,” Jean was a woman buried her body into a thick blanket for a moment, and direct brought female body to immediately thought,, to bath,, no mens ,,, good,, he thought,, 
# Bayway Airport,, 08, 10 …..~ 
“Hi,,, O,,,!” Jean screamed waving his hand toward the woman and Seo Hyun Yong Hwa, the, nothing else would they bring her little Queen,, Queen Rose,, Yes,, they Stephenie Rose , their baby,,, it,, and now there is only them, and Jimmy who waited in the car in the parking lot,, so only Jean who greeted him several times with SAAP warm and just cuddle for her brother-in-law,, Joe also was accompanied by only removing longing to cuddle ,,,,,,,, after 6 months, a semester-Last post that is not met,, hahaha,,,,! was very crowded, although only childless one, because Rise,, yes,, her nick name Queen’s, which had been en route to the residence of Jean-jimmy,, aunt and uncle of his girl,, huh,, but no nothing,, funny, even Jean was pleased to see the response was good, and they even got home, they just enjoy it,, Hong Ki’s wedding coming up,, 
# Marriage Hong Ki,,, in the Cathedral,,, 08: 00 am ~ 
Weddings are so festive that,, Hong Ki who has been successful, it has now become a doctor too,, etapi more into the laboratory,, diagnosing the disease, rather than as Hyung his heart specialist, the, huh,, all had been end also no porch, all the relatives who came back to sit watching the ceremony this wedding,, yes,, for they are so., because of the family of the bride ie, Khang Eun Hye,, whose real name is Yukina Kinori that blooded native Japan but raised in Korea for a long time,, the Kuga journalist and a manga comic, it, just smile .. somehow, hemm,, it turns out,, she also had fun, yes, again.,, for the second time that the bride was pregnant first, although not as bad as Seo Hyun, who married a woman in her pregnancy that led to 4 months ,, but Eun Hye is still a month is not perfect yet, the, weird,, just Jimmy and Jean so that without a problem, because only 4 days after the “first battle” that they got married,, Jean who understand the meaning of the smile Eun Hye it,, just shame,, as a fellow woman,,,, hand and went out,, to immediately obtain the gift for a woman her son Joe,,, Jimmy who saw Jean ran out it just follow the steps fast woman from behind who did not know Jean, , but unfortunately that did not see Jean in the streets of accross that, in fact,, so just glide uncertain,, Argh! “RgggggzzzzTTTT” 
Collision sound, the, yes, like something sharp blow,, dived to an object,,, yes,, Jean, it is not false, Jimmy had no time to think differently and immediately ran towards him lady start fell, but damn ,, the car that hit a woman just left him lying unconscious wnita a weak start it,,, yes,, a car with a fairly normal speed, standart for those who will be racing may be in front yard which are slightly protrudes into the church, HOW can they fled, without charge jawb.,., Jimmy is frantic,,, immediately ran toward him was Jean,,, patting her shoulder Jean,, shake women, several times, without realized her white dress stained with women that began blood of about .,, to the whole,,, her body now, scary, sad, in a moment of like that happy now, Jimmy could only contemplate the incident quiet,, hugged Jean who closed on his side, and issued phonecell to call Yong Hwa,, fortunately,, his lucky Jonas come, “help, and dad, help dad, daddy help you this,,,, yes,” said Jimmy was a little hung ,,, Joe was immediately opened the car door behind him right, though not till with his height but could have been,, for the sake of the mother,, the magic is always there,,, Joe, who was accidentally found a piece of property, which started off about to become 2 sections, the soon picked it up and put it in the bag, because something so familiar in his eyes,, that, yes,, not foreign, but belong to whom,, akh! Let, which is important now jean,, he immediately signed after Jean was brought her father into the car, in the ‘middle seat’,, do not allows Jean who placed in the front,,, Joe soon followed, sitting next to Jean to take care of his daddy while driving,, it,,, akh,, Jean you why! How North this could happen to me, hang in there for the sake of us all,, for the sake of happiness that will come in our days ,,,!!! You’ve debt on our promise to always accompany you on every day, although it’s sad like today, when,, Belize was waiting in front of the eyes,, only 3 days rest,, JEAN,, come on WAKE UP,, Joe,pray for his woman again !!!,, good mother who always applicable and our loving me even exceed her soul woman,, wake up!!!,, for me alone, and Jimmy was driving and crying ………… so was Jean, who covered his face behind the folds of her elbow is rested on the arm of Jean, his mommi it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
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