# Running Plan A% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter8 by Shin Rae Byung on Wednesday, 23 February 2011 at 22:01

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# On the Floor Down,,, Eat Together 07; 15 am ~ 
Jean is in such a hurry, especially Jimmy who feel very guilty about it by oldest son,,,, yes,, what does not, Jonas only child in their small family, and the other not less interesting, Jean who normally despite center in a panic situation was still trying to cool,,,, yes, she uncharacteristically clear, what does not,, Jean did not have much time for the obvious joke now, eat anything,, when he got them both under the direct to chair each,, without opening a word, or just say “Lovely Day” or something. Without lingering to shorten the time they were straight out,, to the place,,, smoothed the way sit down each and sometimes each other,,, the eyes of Jean and Jimmy,, fear, and still impact on this morning, in the room,, I hope Joe does not understand what was both doing it,, you know, the ritual of adult, husband and wife also,,, 
And as if Jonas who understand it, as well as lucky, did not say this time, perhaps held back by the advice of an ‘invisible elves’ who were whispering good advice for him not to do this once just nosy,,,, Joe, , Joe,, clever boy,,, so anything beyond,,, even got to the car, and at the front gate,,, too,, he was also not much to ask for it,, he saw that morning,, Joe’s son cheerful, perhaps because it is so much memory in his head because his brain capacity which is telatif ‘excellent’ were compared with children same age other, yes, he deftly,, even kissed the cheek of his daddy-mommy as out of the car, which his father opened it,, how glad he was clearly depicted cause unusual,, escorted by them simultaneously … usually, yes, if it was not just Jimmy,, yes, Jean alone, or even the most severe escorted by his nancy Trace, and Anna,,, or Meggy,, ah, this is really the happiest day for him ,, but do not forget,, permanent, never lost his habit of always rejected at the end of the action,,, “Jean, you must be escorted Jimmy, right? Do not let him kiss you,,, did not this morning, already, so enough for today ,,,,” Joe did not stop there just stopped … turned immediately direct the objection in fact begun with his backpack,, to look at Jimmy, yes, his daddy was with that look like people who are tracking something, sniffing the collar Jimmy who had been a little squat to be able to listen to Joe last babble it was,,, King Bee is cute and adorable,,, hahaha,,,, “oh, yes, you, Jim, do not try to touch my Jean …. daddy you are rude,, treat Jean by force,,, today,, you guys I’m legal,,, may not sleep with me, “Jimmy is getting confused with what was spoken by his son,, that small child, but,,,, arghhh!! Dizziness,,,, “and you,, sleeping alone in a room which is used Halmeoni,,, I do not want to sleep with people making noise at night! Heh! “Jean was not less surprised by the behavior that while Joe was squinting his eyes and turned immediately left them facing each other such that each person that stupid,,,, 
# In The Car,,, ~ 
Jean began to open the conversation first, yes, of course, respond to what is being talked about by Jonas, King Bee they were, what the hell is this, a small child could protest, for no apparent reason, and even flatly refused to sleep again with them,,, strange, until Jimmy was no less confused,,, just shook her head reflex,,, jean even so, while close out the window of his car driven by a woman who Jimmy was,,, scratching his head somehow, because not too itchy,, weird, right? Hufth,, obnoxious behavior Jonas seklai see it that … but still cute,,, makes it even more thinking about what was discussed earlier her son,, 
“Err,,, Jim, do you understand what is being said Jonas had ,,,?”” yes, should be what is it? Why do you ask,,, “” err,,, e,, I just can not believe it ….. is it true that all out of his head,,, him, her, you know,,, is still too early to talk about it-.. even pressing us, yes, his tone warned that we should not ask her to tisur with us again,,, did you also catch it like that,, “” ah, come on,, do not think,, it was fun,,, for me,,, “Jimmy muttered a little unclear where his voice, while not looking at Jean’s,,,” what,,, what,, just say …? I did not hear, you’re too slow, “Jimmy is still trying to cover up what he was thinking that, yes, crazy plan which has long been the formulation of that, which is now pushed back,, hahaha,, very funny, but good as well, , suddenly realized by a pat on Jean’s hand softly under his left arm is still propping up the circular wheel of the car, “a-what .. dear,, you talk to me ,,,,” Jean who do not like to feel not noticed it was immediately bowed wistful,,, Jimmy else who saw it simply replace the cap to break the ice, “um .. Jean, dear, you’ve told Meggy to prepare rooms for Yong Hwa and his family who is coming tonight,,, to go to Hong Ki’s wedding tomorrow ,,,?” “um,, not yet … I have not set it up,, sorry, yes, I’m too busy myself,,, “Jimmy had heard the words spoken that Jean had just put his hand into his left cheek Jean,, rubbing her cheeks to give her just fine spirit,, , “no nothing,,, you always remember the family in between your bussiness it just makes me happy, and happy,,, um, we are, Jean … watch your health, not to pass out again, remove all the useless pills that, you have to listen I say,, or you will not see my smile again,, “” hmm … are you trying to threaten me .. now,, IHH,, “at Jimmy Jean in arms who had been holding her wrist tightly that,,,” I’m serious,,, “” yes, yes,,, “Jean was released Jim’s hands and kissed her casual, , flat but warm,,, and closed the door direct car,,, “quickly, you can be late to the party to Jong Sang,,,” Jimmy was immediately looked at his watch he wore on his left hand, and immediately drove his car, quickly, do not forget to shout toward Jean,,, “I’ll pick up!! At 2 PM as always !!!!” Jean who saw him shaking his only uncertain,,, laughing at her husband’s behavior is sometimes still like the little boy,,,, from a distance ,,,,, 
# 02: 00 pm,,, at residence-jean Jimmy again,, ~ 
Jimmy who looked so tired of all the show-event attending yes, this series of events,, it,, yes, for fun and just comforting her partner was, of course,,, because it is the famous Jean is very friendly with everyone,, moments like these certainly return,,, invitations to attend his colleagues one by one,, so he could not understand how she could practice it so smooth,, himself a man alone, felt little bored, or because it’s her problem man, yeah,, akh,., well,, let,, the important immediate break,,,, went upstairs, and locked the door and sleep, but why is there such a lack,, what else he’s got a plan, and even of all plan is almost done,, what is lacking, yes, she thought hard over and over again until the top ,,,,,, 
End ,,!!! Yes, yes, yes, a smile devil has now been expanded flat on her left cheek,,, sharply etched on it, and even Jean who had gone into her room she was shocked to see Jimmy also joined the fight suddenly strange and slow-motion toward the woman , to cast a charm,,, making Jean difficult to relax in front of him, whereas actually it is already very tired, “you this, why —- do much acting,,, I’m tired,,,” “Owh,, you’re too tired, we turned out the same,,, “” err, what is the point,, ha? Say that,, “” future you do not see my body covered,,, you see,,,, read my heart,,, and look at me full of appreciation,,, you’ll know what I mean,,, this is about the request from JOE .. “said Jimmy said that emphasize a little while saying the name Joe’s,,, without hesitation and further ado Jimmy ever been bored describe at length again just leave,,, raised Jean …into his lap that was still standing upright it,, put a little distance back Jean initially with walls that are in behind, but,,, now no longer, and Jimmy is pressed and woman leaning on the wall,,,, a little cold there parts of the body behind her,,, because made of marble,,, jumped small shock like sting on his skin, although coated her uniform, but still,,, 
“Jean, you remember how our meeting,, at night,,,” “aa,, what ,,,?”” ck! Why sich, you’re it,, always daydreaming lately,,, yes,, when we first met,,, after a long separation, “” err, in the mess,,, “” not that it!! Think again, dear …. when we are before marriage,,, “” I do not remember, then,, I — may be your patient,,, “” akh,, you’re it,, that important thing,,,, you can forget, I mad at you,,, “” Why, yes, because it is the most beautiful moment for us,,, as we demonstrate now,,, up Jo —- “” Shut! It should not go on anymore, I see what you mean,,, after the plane,, was an oversight,,, shame not to talk about,,, understand,,, but,, put me down first, I was tired,,, “” calm down ,, I will immediately remove your tiring in an instant,,, 4 hours alone this, go to sleep after that,,, yes, do you want? Follow just once, after all,, very uncomfortable, I held you like this,,, “” so put me down, I was not mild,, who tell —- “” shut up,,, do not go on —- ” Jimmy was already ‘stick his lips’ to Jean that,,, honest,,, Jean is not ready wide, but want to help it, it could not be his woman break away just like that, unless the woman herself was deliberately wanted dropped,,, free,,, despite her skirt bit annoying for the smooth mobilization of Jimmy’s, Jim was pressing her body back once in a while,, touching,, a layer of dark blue cloth that covers the thighs and the organs of protected Jean in it, ,, it,,, opened can make a comfortable ride for women in hip backings that started it seemed got fall,,, arghhhh,, once comfortable in his push woman, sucking her tiny lips slowly that even have long held that, 7 years, , rather than a short time,, moreover,, has long been met,, make them a little awkward and forget how to begin to do this,,, slowly-slowly but surely and evenly until the entire surface smooth and slippery that his wife’s lips, at first indeed he was a woman refused smooth, but rather, has turned when it touches the hands of Jim who raised the layers of her short skirt,, until now you could sustain a woman’s thighs fully at the waist Jimmy,,, and began waving his calf woman,, to seek support for Jimmy could sustain it more resistant to women,,, but not heavy at all … Jean, right, lost 10 pounds underweight women, weird, what he forgot,, 
Jimmy is quite satisfied with the response he gave the first woman in 15 minutes of this, began to move forward, slowly, afraid that a wrong move not to bed,,, because his eyes are still looked strained smile ‘pirates’ his direction Jean which began to sulk shy that, while touching his hand — that crawl under Jean-worn shirt, the, innocent woman maroon uniforms, which is where Jean has white skin plus it’s wearing a similar color, making it increasingly tempted looked wild,,, starting from the insert two fingers into the waist Jean and go, go,,, surf without the rest of it,,, until Jean is not robust laughter, only woman to thrust his face into his forehead leaning against Jimmy,,, Jimmy was increasingly so, with this,,, put woman subtly,,, slowly, but right in the middle of the bed, because along with it which immediately dropped to the above Jean,,,, “now you must help me,, for more rapid ,,,,” “you mean we have to work together,,, so ,,,,” Jean asked a slightly nervous, panicked, and half did not believe it,,,” yes, if only I,, would not be enough 4 hour for us, is wasted for opening only,,, you know,,, to avoid pain, you can cross your feet, on my back later,, see,,, “” gee, “” good, you understand …. and agree,,,, so I do not have to always be the initiator here, you may also revenge,,, ‘avenge’ to me who had been raped ….” Jean always play that is still looked up to Jimmy before his lady that,, just stopped without moving one bit,,, watching the line of Jimmy’s face is plain that,,, hemm, herself a woman who began to understand,,,, “so we do 4 hours,,,, before and Seo Yong Hwa Hyun come? I understand, doctor,, “Jean was the sweetness of her smile, and immediately grabbed the collar of Jimmy who was right in front of a little woman down, the, began releasing Jimmy’s buttons, and so was Jimmy, holding the collar of Jean and segelra release buttons women, flowing, .. from the buttons at the bottom but,, but not yet completed his sudden move that made Jean shocked confused, which turned out to lock the door,,, understand what he meant to not be disturbed others in 4 hours,, 
Jimmy was back, without later-later her impatience just open the zipper of his pants,,, in the presence of Jean who was lying half open in hers body woman,,, facing him was,,, after that,, just jump into sport tall women that, she slowly reached into his thigh,,,, accidentally touching there, until Jean is amused, and smiled a smile … without realizing the hands of Jimmy only her skirt zipper off her and out with threw  wants,,, just left a layer of rope that held at the Jean-sensitive organ that … touch that is still coated rope wrinkle which in it,,, touched hers and play it for a moment,, for heating, and threw again,,, immediately landed the ‘turbo-jet’ him there,, nesting there,, who has repeatedly,, many times not clear out dense liquid would instantly Jimmy launched its action,, enjoying once,, Jean did not moan because as has been say Jimmy,, crossed her legs stayed back Jimmy woman behind the woman on top of that, it’s like the frog only,, , but suddenly jolted by the beat of hand Jean,,, not what,,, because he was a woman who began to run out of breath that, out of breath trying to find,, crack,,,, even to his shirt open women forced by her motion woman that was so sudden that,,, honest,, ever since Jimmy yet again to continue to open up to Jean-collar ‘lackness of the water’ so ,,,,, Jimmy who understood immediately disarm the boss Jean’s, and again,,, fired the bullet who had released it,,, to mrs.V Jean, Jean directing his mouth close to his face,, gave her artificial respiration,,, but instead exceeds the maximum limit,, to the surprise Jean-up to be gripped his upper arm,, must be very painful ,,, sorry,,, but not Jimmy if you can not ease the atmosphere,,,, let alone a tense,, the heat I can,,, like Jean who can always break the ice,,, Jimmy went back to kiss him gently, from the top shoulder, neck, back … back,,, up to the neck and back, slowly crushing the still gaping lips Jean had been,,, feel all, each and every position she channeled her husband, and finally,,, they sleep together, limp,, , as usual,,, without removing ‘his cannon’ Jim,, directing Jean turned to the position of the top,,, hugged her,, held up on his back to her slim waist,,, and pulled the covers to their actual body closed too hot during the day,,, what can we do,, what if someone accidentally peek, what they were doing,,,, noon-day heat of it,,,, 6 hours from now Yong Hwa will come because ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
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