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Jimmy is still kept by Jean tease endlessly that, Until now he was still screaming for her husband Jimmy’s hand woman cans never stopped wild behavior, the, against women, for Some reason, the, can-venom …….. ……… whereas,,, what he forgot, forget what Jimmy down there,, Jonas WHO was waiting for him Had been to go to school together, and even bathe with it, but, instead,,, he Could Could he take it easy, as Greenworld Naturalife no dependents and any other appointments that,,, Jimmy,, always be so, Pls was with Jean,, all the wind for him,,, even his own son,,,, the which if the only logic is the fruit of her marriage to the wife, Jean Avansta,, her first love is back and forth Almost Nearly ran aground Because the obstacles That Barrage launched from all directions,,, initially, the late-in-law Jim, WHO stores leave to attend official Jean ayhanya woman, Park Geun-young it to South Korea to separate the two lovebirds this without unknowingly,,, yes, Because They Are Either consciously or unconsciously have started to like EACH other starters at the age of 4 and 7 years were the resource persons,,, hemm,,, so funny,, Pls imagine cans They are still as before,,, play together,, protect EACH other,, mutual support,, look after EACH other, and share the feeling about the position of Their Parents Say Could WHO it was always busy,, hufth! Sad, but bring Them together,,, for the second time were the resource persons Also They separated after 1 year were the resource persons Brought Within the bonds of cooperation That is so strong, stylish and foster children Among the,,, * yup, ANJELL WHO formerly guarded by Jimmy WHO in Korea alone his name is Jang Geun Suk, and then Her sister, Hong Ki, drummer and Yong Hwa, his cousin, his sachon yes,,, the which holds the guitar,,, hemm,, WHERE he was a woman, Jean, with the name of Park Shin Hye been working as a young lady WHO Played the Youngest double as a consultant and director of style, as well as stylish for Them, not infrequently his innate smooth and gentle Woman Who Made all, the three men That love to share stories with women even at night, to-Until the beginning of Hong Ki, and Yong Hwa WHO started like a woman, and no exception was Jimmy, Geun Suk,,, although the last, but he was the first Man Who gutter a reply from Shin Hye love it,,, for something That Is pressedwoman, yes, although simply to cover up his scandal to save on behalf of the Entertainment AN iti,,, huh,,, lucky, They were the resource persons Able to be made aware by the presence of love itself,,, yes,, what else? after all They are already fond of EACH other since at kindergarden,,,, They were the resource persons lucky again reunited, it was thanks to the promise That ditaut by both,,, 15 years ago, Jimmy, the WHO said Geun Suk Would he turn into stars, but see notes on the fact That possibly cans, Had to give up finally changed from what it is uterus, Because love cans not be forced,,, he assisted with to achieve Stairs and pick the star for his Jean a,,,, and Jean are still kept his promise women to forever be a tree, a tree, the which will of always wait for the arrival of Jimmy his lady,,, Until there’s love in the mess it braided ,,,,,,* 

“TOKKK,,, TOKKK,,,, TOKKK,,,” They were the resource persons Suddenly Surprised by the knocking sounds like something That struck a hard object, it, was so loud the sound was so loud ear drum creeping into EACH,, whose voice was,, startle alone,,,, hufth,,,, OH MY GOD! Jonas,,, yes,, Jonas,, surely it Jonas,,, how this, do not open it,,, Might die style, Pls her child was, WHO Knew nothing about it that They do this,,, the which bisabegitu May ,, hoity-toity, and Jimmy was thinking Eras,, tried to design tactics this time, none of the hanging or hung on his head,,, ARGHHHH!Jonas always been,, made me furious without Leaving exasperated,,, really child, always just beyond belief-applicable,,, he was really very genius, although not the son of Hong Ki,,,, aw,,, how this, , come on, think, Jim, thought …. You can be assured this is not a stupid dad,, any one idea occurred to uterus, WHO was asked Joe was right in front of Their door,,,, blindly,,, deliberately hardened to reinforce his voice to be Heard is Busy Preparing for something that,,,, from the course without opening any doors,,, “DADDY, MOMMY,,, IF already FINISHED,,,, FAST INTER ME,,, I’m bored,, IF YOU drive me ONE-ONE ,,, “” All right,,,, WAIT ON DOWN, DEAR,,, FIVE MINUTES, DEAR ,,,,” Jimmy ever ready with all the plans That were the resource persons directly without heating,, raised Jean Who is still bandaged her creamy Blankets for women Because They Had not Had been Moved,,,, still there, in bed most just circling around the place, Because Jimmy WHO Had Until been still tickling her stiff, and weak that,,, see Jean weak, he increasingly Accelerate the course of Justin to the bathroom next to his right, the right end Slightly Askew from Nowhere she Went ….yach,, like that,,, Jimmy WHO lifted her jean and sustain it in his left shoulder, Until Jean’s Body That looks hanging on his back That Is Visible at a glance if looked from the rear, Jean WHO cans only scream while pounding back Jim annoyed,,, Because the treatment That always makes a woman was Shocked and Surprised,,, always,,, offhand,,, 
Bathroom #,,,, 6:45 pm ~ 
Jim is down Jean in front of it,, in the bathroom right next door, and let her right hand Slightly parted curtains That will from Their activities cover behind the toilet .. “Already, do not much protest,, Joe, were the resource persons waiting for us, sorry, we’ve made uterus wait,,,, come on, Immediately take a bath,,,” “do you say, it’s all Because of your careless ,,, I do not jump, Jim,, “” hey, there, I said Quickly showered,, 3 minutes, Enough ,,,,” “how I cans take a shower and you’re still in front of me, Crazy ! “No time to discuss it,,, come on, hurry, We rush, and There Will Be Things That I tell, the plan is Important for this week was, yes, seven days in the future” says Jimmy,,, while rinsing with water Brought in a glass slide projectors child’s favorite fantasy character “Spiderman 3” was,,, finally followed by Jean WHO began to reduce and remove cyrcle her thick blanket draped on the edge of an iron grip on her left side,,,, and started to follow her husband’s Footsteps was to Immediately rinse and brush her teeth,,,, turn on shower the which is directed to Their bodies and moisten it with liquid soap that,,, the which is poured into a layer of transparent fabric are scrubbed from The chest-rub Their Backs to it,,, so clear Quickly, Because time is chasing Them,,, and so did so on Until Within Their Family Almost simultaneously both from the bathroom,,, and now after that, They too hurried Reap That clothing Prepared Had been setting two of the maid’s wrong,,, on the table beside the front door of Their room, and Jimmy WHO stores it, and promptly Provide the other settings own Jean,, 
“This,, wait a minute, you,,,, uniform … what you Want to come in the office,,, are you sure? I’m not sure you’re okay, Jean,, why you did not ask permission to me,,, tut, ah, come on,, come on,, we’re late … do what You Want,,,, “Jimmy is a little upset hold it was soon going to leave Jean,, , Trying as Quickly as possible to wear Trousers, and buttoned his shirt is still not it, Jean is already finished in uniform That was soon approached her husband,, tidied everything,,, WHO Had he even women women wearing high heels, and dress up first,, just plain make-up,,, thin, but much has changed his expression WHO Had Became pale woman brightened again,,, Argh,, make it look young again with the clothes collar half red sleeves and short skirts knee- length dark maroon bitu it,,, buttoning a shirt, Jimmy, from the top toward the bottom end down him,,, and the pair tie and wearing a jacket Jimmy jimmy,,, Until it all NEAT,,, That reminds Jimmy of videos Them make establish a special relationship that,,,, video scandal nine years ago, Nowhere They are still ‘single’,,,, Jimmy WHO has been wearing socks That soon wearing leather shoes were the resource persons,, he really looks cool now, look man ,,, and do not forget, one customary .. teasing Jean,,,, 
“You do not wear lipstick, or just lipbalm ..? To please me so,,,, come on,,,” Jimmy WHO began to woo his wife Had to Immediately respond and still are deliberately held Jean’s face That flushed it with one held finger forefinger and thumb supporting the chin Jean, Jean is a little uncomfortable, as usual,,, pulled her face with her and turned her face turned to the side ,,,,, “I,, do not like heavy makeup, ,, not natural,,, “” apparently ….. hemm We taste the Same,,, and anyway Would not be sticky Pls I touch it,,, yes, right? “Jimmy was saying as she pulled the waist Jean Closer to his face,, fondled her, despite the lip,,,, but did not relieve her Thirst to do so despite repeated to his wife that,,, and take it off ,,,,, “I was really serious, about the plan, the which I drafted,,,, you’ll soon find out,,, come on, We met King Bee below, Would he have asked to Whine ,,,,, this is the first time, right, we go together ,,, drive her to school,,, “Jimmy was Jean wrist to Quickly shop down the Stairs thirty chicks a welcome from the front door of Their room was right,,, be careful but swift ,,,,, and Joe were the resource persons already waiting there,,, yes, tomorrow’s anniversary of his Staenbee Jonas,,,, and the next day again,, Owned by Jean,,,, next day again,,, wedding Jong Sang in the morning, and the wedding with Eun Hye Hong Ki, a Japanese national women journalists that,,, a comic artist as well,,,, and afterwards there will from some time toJean and Jimmy’s own ..Anniversary Their celebrated 7 years of marriage to Belize, and White Day to Paris,,,, Seems to Jimmy,,, intentionally miss the Valentine’s Day Because That was not Necessary anymore,,, WHO Because he has obtained the woman,,,, rather Than not believe in the day love it,, WHO now want a small family lived with Them,,,, and since getting married in Hong Ki Beverlly Hills, villas mother ,,,,, then certainly Yong Hwa’s family Also come in the will ofnear future,,,, just waiting for the seconds it coming …………. definitely fun ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 
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