# Blast Anger% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter6 by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 21 February 2011 at 17:10

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Jean is still the middle late in the fantasy-dreams of his women, soared,, the higher rise without fear of falling,, for this time, and embraces her husband’s apparent Embrace her beloved, Who is Also Jimmy is still numb and she Kissed her sad,, he felt the bitter taste …. Jimmy, yes, that’s what presumably, Because Jean, WHO recently woke up from fainting woman, now must lay helpless in full flow lament its WHO Also love it,, what WHO Does that no other center Also omen from his heart being upset, , no less severe as it was felt by Jean, his wife was,,, come on Jean,, why is she a Woman Should Be so,,, well, why not try to Strive to be better in front of men,, why, , even Jimmy is not just men, but is a figure of himself to, yes, the WHO normal adult men still of course,, why, yes, Because he is a man of faithfulness, understanding, wise, and certainly full of love in his heart to Jean That as a person-to-three Glittering life once the mother, and sister, Hong Ki, WHO still has now, why,, Should,, Could he only rules are feeling and what his mind thought That time Jen Also,, WHERE, , Nowhere,, a sense of resilience as a wife WHO never tried to be brave and open about everything even though it was bitter, and even lucky to say Jimmy did not have to go alone, why Should That hard,, huh,, bitch ,, Not only that, it’s really painful for Jimmy, for making her feel That Jean did not entirely trust to Herself she cans sustain on Jimmy’s shoulder,, ill,, ill,,, and now our breath, still one .. united in our kiss was really wet, without anything definite …… how to relieve all this,,,
# 06: 10 am ~
Jimmy is back Awakened from his sleep, the which still hugged Jean, it,, but this time, along with Jean,, yes, Almost the Same, why, Because, yes, so,, Himself, WHO moves so fast course making body of Jean Shocked, at once, Because Jimmy is moving without something like,,, Jean Had a Little feeling cramped and wanted to get up but Difficult that, somehow, she watched it all,,, from Joe the WHO was still in the bed beside left her,, and B all,,, medicine box whose contents have spilled a drawer in the table below Touched have ever seen it, and to milk chocolate, the which is still closed, up to Jimmy, WHO Seems to now,, still in front of her, so this is more convincing Jean, that everything is not a dream .. is not a dream, jimmy WHO Touched women still face similar air-expression,, swollen and battered, like something That has failed to do,,,, indeed,, he failed,, to make Jean, Could Actually changed from a figure of WHO continues to light and tough like uterus, and Jimmy Black, her beloved husband,, how Could this Happen,, what is this, and then lowered his woman, Palms Touching the handsome face, the which no stranger in front of women, women now Also began to touch and feel his face alone woman,, what is this, why all of Them, However so sad like this,, he found woman Herself Also WHO has run out crying and tears it flows, and events Seems,, that has not dried,,, oh, a sign of what this is,, why is Jimmy WHO Awake Had been even more just his eyes, it Seems Also he was looking at my face is still wistful this confusion,,, she was my Touching Slowly face, grab uterus,, with fingers trembled Slightly That at the end-ends,,, cold, freezing, but who knows what occurred to me Actually,,, dizziness,, Argh! Forget ,,,!!!! Jean began to think hard,,,
Jimmy is still looked at Jean her, the woman without stopping it while moving his hand to direct it into the beautiful face was beautiful,,, but WHO still wistful Also,, tracing EACH edge and face her Temples,, from the edge of the cheek down to her chin,, what,, what the hell is this, having a word That Is not less confused with Jean WHO Also still holds transfixed looked at her husband,,, why did with Jimmy, and Jimmy has finally realized Immediately from his fingers to play it,, Immediately release the fabric of the movement of her it Slowly, Gently, to not make Jean Shocked Shocked this time,,, Jimmy began to open serious talks,,,
“Jean, you know, WHERE the most beautiful part of you think,,?” Jean interrupted from her reverie turned immediately without thinking first woman asked, “what, what you just said ,,,?” “Hemmm,,, I’m not saying, but ask you,” “what is it,, sorry, no concentration Had I’m ..” “what you know, part of the which is the most beautiful body of yours the which I like ,,, “Jean just lost in thought with the invasion of the sign he asked now,,,” AI,,, I — WHERE I Knew, it was WHO you know the answer,,, “” hemm,, you ‘re still the Same, so innocent,,, and honest,, it is,,, look at me once WHO ,,,,” Jean Could only swallow saliva Jimmy saw action the which began inserting his fingers into the finger — Jean’s hands,, feel the warmth provided by her husband she now,, Owh,, what is this feeling, and gradually his attention increasingly blurred as women’s bodies are increasingly spreading Jimmy without perceived Some Nowhere it will from the end and end soon,, the more heat it, and finally, the which Jean cans only be dropped,, for the third time That Jimmy did in the morning, the which was full of morning dew on the outcome there,,, the which increasingly plunged in male organ “Billy” in mrs.V Jean who Had been still tense certainly by Jimmy’s wild tantrums,, only stare dumbfounded reduces spasms of pain and the warmth of a woman WHO provided insistently Jimmy, and Jimmy are still letting nesting and Archery at the site,, just woke up his head, holding Jean beautiful neck, and whispered the words killer, in Jean left ear, “you like,,, I like,, your neck, it’s much more beautiful, Than a service-of yours,,,” Jimmy said that Some hold sigh- her out so loudly, Afraid, Afraid That Jonas suddenly wake up,, and,, arghhh,,, can fail all ‘plan’ his, “um, You Want to say something,,, I cans help,,, if you do Immediately not go away, I Could — “Jean just broke off with a single woman tilting head … Herself convince sign she was just Asking .. What Jimmy to do this over and over again,,, Jean-up to Explain everything over …,, “hkkkk,,, do not move much,,, that’s a little Torture me, do not move first,, I let it ,, WHO did it “Jean replied That half of the brief was skelter, breathing woman and the WHO was still gasping in pain-signal the stem throat WHO woman has felt stuck in her throat,,, Jean Also began Trying to move his head tilted toward women approached Jimmy to be a little her body Closer to the front of Jimmy,,, Jimmy Could not wait any Immediately reached for Jean, and fondle her women blindly,,, even without stopping,, hand kept ignorant of Them around, and down the body of Jean Who is still free it under blanket, finger plays his flicks Also a right to be derived from the lower jaw was holding Jean, for Jean WHO Replaced Jimmy chin rested for a little ride and Could reduce pain by looking up it, and Jimmy was happy to take advantage of this moment, as much as possible,, groped her,, about the grave Jean,,, without stopping ‘fondle’ its still playing around Jean sweet lips and started down the neck is meant as part of Jean’s body was most Favored,,, everything just Happened, and Jimmy WHO kept down and crawl on every curve is the face and especially lips Jean,, squashed, and so was Jean, the WHO began to respond According to what Jimmy Had They taught uterus before left for Their honeymoon,,,, but ,,,,,,,,,,
“Brakkkk!” Immediately followed by a crisp sound That is so jerky and scatter all the action EACH,,, Jimmy was soon pulled away and turned toward Jean,, so was Jean, WHO startled and leaned back to crashing the woman Softly on his pillow,,, They looked and the Same to the front of Jonas, yes,, King Bee was once again comes at the close to the summit, the, first, Pls the first arrival of her daddy right now,,, Argh,, the more passionately felt his daddy was,,, while competing sweet …. Jimy was greeted with a greeting of good morning,,,, “Morning, Joe King ,,,,” WHO sat with crossed legs That seemed to know little about what was done ‘his mommy-daddy’ this, pursing his lips,, “you guys,, both are what ,,,,”” hey, hey, hey, Jim asked the morning,,, you,, really rude,” “I Do not Want To be a polite child,,, while daddy never taught me to be nice,,, let take bath together, today,, Joe Came in the morning ….” egwh,,,, the which Could, and Jimmy Had not even let go ‘bottom-rope’ the which intertwine with her just now Jean’s … “Err,, err,, that, yes, well, I’ll do it,,, how —” “I Do not Want just now,,,” “Well yes, but,,, wait a minute, ,, “” Jade, Cerry, please prepare Them for Joe to go to school … “said Jean, one green push button attached on the left side of his bed was,” already, now Quickly go down, if you’re approaching here,, daddy will of be mad at you,,, “Jimmy replied That half bulged to convince Joe That he takmain-play, and Joe Had come down to the bottom Would follow Jim …. ** Hufth ,,,,,, finally,,, Jimy was relieved, as well as Jean, the WHO began to Breathe a long,,,, They were the resource re-sighted while showing EACH Their respective other sweet smile,,,, ” I’m happy ….” “I,,, Also” said Jean briefly detained a woman … Jim shame Had Kissed her forehead,,, and Slowly release the link from Jean,,,, “They cried in Unison ,,,,,” OUGGGHHHHH Because Jimmy cans not stand the pain any event ,,,,, break the ice, ,, “still sick,,, do you need my help to clean it,,,, and liquid wound was asked Jimmy ,,,,” WHO began giggling loudly in front of Jean WHO still looked nervous that,,,” I hnya offering services, if not Want, Do not to regret,,, “whispered Jimmy again,,, Jean was an annoyance,, sweeping up to Jimmy’s cheek turned to his left side,,,” Hey, what’s wrong, You Want to bathe ,,,,” yourself “do not talk much,, Joe was waiting at the bottom, sooner, later she was late,,,” “huh,, just say, you do not Want To Linger with me,,,” Jimmy said, kissing her lips were the resource persons moving Jean WHO was still in the bottom,,,, “do not forget,, cover it with Blankets ….”” Argh,,,, go there, what the hell are you, sich, , “” my shirt and Trousers,,, “asked Jimmy spoiled. .. “Ahhh,,, it,,,” Jean was flung into the face of Jimmy,,,, and Jimmy was a furious,,, not stop at that,, he even looks perilously close to Jean WHO started it uncomfortable, and tickling women,, Herself Until she was not Able to Move Slightly rigidity so ,,,,,, “Awww Jimmy stop ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,!!!” “Earnest note,,, before you give full love me Do not Want ,,,,,”” ,,,,,”” Well, then,, I will from not stop ,,,,” “you’re crazy,, ,,,”” yes, it’s Because you ,,,,,”

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