# Welcoming on Face of The Eyes% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter5 by Shin Rae Byung on Sunday, 20 February 2011 at 15:02

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# Still in the Lower In-Room Floor Jimmy-Jean ~

Jimmy is still waiting for Jean opened her mouth, all so clear in front of the eyes,, what Jean was thinking right now, why her eyes woman,, so to speak,, why,, why she dared not even looked at her husband WHO was in his eyes in front of the uterus now,, why, why,, what Jean Might still angry Because his arrival was so Shocked at his residence That Had long been unaccustomed uterus to set foot 2 years after leaving Canada,,, what was gathered in her head,, why he did not cast a single word to clarify everything, for that evening, overnight, and even, not intent Jimmy to fuck women, indeed! I Swear, Jean,, so forgive me, I always make Mistakes, although this is not want me first,,, but I do not mean to,, do it all,, Jean,, come on open your mouth,, tell me Actually what has out in mind,, let me express,, just devote everything to me, never mind, I’ll accepted,, really, I do not lie, I promise,, you, I will from cans and always be a lover and husband attempted Good for you,, Jean,, come on,, talk, do not clam up like this … I Do not Want to see yourself like this stone,,, I’m Afraid to lose you, Jean, and Jimmy thought That was so hard with all the power That last Muster uterus tried to make Jean spoke it,,,

Jean was still Trying to speak truth, but somehow Also in his mouth,, her mouth locked to just say to her husband her ,,,,,,, why,, why even so, too,, Should all be running smoothly Such Also as They Should, not like this,,, SNG even to say to my dear husband and admitted his Disappointment for the umpteenth kai to his official duties after this Some Nowhere that,,, Because of course Jean’s eyes did not dare look at, if The Woman Herself staring with Jimmy Freely feared going back to leave her again, like before,, just as at the time,, oh, no,, NO,, “NO !!!!!” Suddenly shouted Jimmy Jean WHO scatter ears and Their reverie interrupted respectively, with EACH position of the body That still moved and fondling it, Jean is still wide open, as if aware of what Jimmy Would do to uterus, and Jimmy WHO began,, thrust his face led to Jean’s face growing pale Titu,, why,, why Should like it,, finally, do not,, do,, do,, and lucky, again, Joe is starting back feet kicking the edge of the fence in the little bed he was left lying on the bed side not far from the bed of his mommy and daddy that, lucky for Jean and bad luck for Jimmy WHO once wanted to Forge INTA with his wife, WHO Often behave strangely miraculous today, hufth,,, Until Jimmy is turned toward Joe, the fruit of his heart the which occasionally and have to this time-two startling uterus,, it, the first for now woke up,,, to Jean WHO participated Awakened, and That the husband is,, again, again,, he did know Pls Appropriate,,

“Jimmy wake up,,, step aside for a while,,,” “uh, do you Want on Nowhere,,, sorry for last night, but it’s not like you think it Happened, unfortunately,, really,, I’m willing to bet, I do not ask — “” please,, it was gone too,, anyway, no need side edge, I want to go to work. “Jimmy is still dazed still riveted on the edge of his bed just to see Jean is Trying to move and scooped up his clothes scattered were the resource persons and women WHO Some hang the bed,,, but Jimmy is back reminded her That she does not answer the question raised why the condition is worsened women lately, up-to spontaneously and gradually waking reflexes Jimmy Jean stores her hand and pulled back to Embrace,,, “,,,,,,,,, tell me, what happened, why are you so,, why are you so cold to me, till-till cans in the playground you only fight for the attention to Joe, I do not understand, Jean, you have to be honest,, why,, you, you, my wife, you’re not someone else now, We Are one, although open in a sport, but our hearts Adrift bonding, We jiw even so, you must not conceal anything from me, I beg of you, “Jimmy WHO cans only stared at Jean WHO was on it was,, that is Also not lose sight suppuration was directed toward the woman WHO Jimmy, Jean and even felt tightness in breathing woman, seemed to,, Such as grip,, so sad but I do not know, said what more Could Be Appropriate to say this, Jimmy Suddenly started miserably, , flowing tears the edges welling her, and wept so That more and more silent staring at Jean’s,, somehow, Jean is startled only be stopped but began to talk,, wiping tears Jimmy on the one hand, ALTHOUGHT still in a state of “bare-body” fortunately,, Jimmy play his position,,, Jean is under Them Until now,, in under space located in the crevice Between the chest Jean and Jim, and Jimmy was not Able to say,, only Jean,, ,,,,,,,,

 “Do not cry, do not cry just for me, Jim, I’m only a stupid woman WHO was lucky to get your love, I do not deserve,,, I cans not and do not deserve it all,, never has it ever crossed your mind, I This, not good,, “Do not cry for me again,, yes ,,,,,” Jean began to cry too, and Jimmy even more not understood course, I,,, what do I do it is,, thought Jimmy,,, stupid, stupid! This makes it more scared,,, Jimmy Could only be huddled freezing over Jean’s body, still lost in thought by the words of Jean was Until he Went back to say,, “,, oh, Jean,, do not cry,, just you, WHO do not let me cry,, jangn,, even if not ever,, WHERE I cans, see you like that, if not you the one sure I Could Easily console her, but, if it —- “” Why me,,, what with me there,,? what’s the difference with me,,, “interrupted Jean began to sob, the,” Because You’re DIFFERENT, you’re not Them,, you’re not someone else, and you are my life,,, modern day Pls you are crying, my heart feel ill will from it,, I’M not be Able to do whatever is best, Because it was you,, you only make a fool cans siriku be watching you without being Able to reduce the wound, the which you take away,,, so hold my hand, You Want to be always with you, We can bear with the pain that, as long as You Want, I give you my assurance cans, That if you are grieving Could not have anything, you know, you know? I too love in you,,, Jean,, what you never realized, “explained at length Jimmy Jean untill make the mouth the which was still sobbing Also Slightly open, , holding his inner wounds woman, “I,, I … only,, ordinary woman, you do not need,, so,, I’m just scared, you will of go, right? Yeah, right? Tell me now, I Do not Want It to Happen again,,, “Jean was no less hysterical Jimmy WHO Had it still been holding her crying to not go out and make Jean more guilty of it ,,,,”” AI,, I,, only ,, earnest go, but to take you,,, “Jimmy’s face again toward his wife but Jean still do not listen to it,, still dazed with her own reverie,,, Wonder, and Jimmy WHO still have not Heard an answer from a woman,, just Trying to kiss Jean WHO has long, fuse not love it,, give it a kiss as a reply shuttle over his wife’s kiss tempo day, where Himself recently arrived from his departure,,,, but Jean,, know his attitude, the which always wearing feeling, too sensitive,,, Immediately pulled away to get away from the kiss,, why,,, Jimmy was Shocked to what Jean was,, Trying to stay ‘cool’ but ….. ………. …..

“What is it, Jean,, are you still mad at me,,,” “do not touch me, I do not deserve you,,, stay away from me, do not look at me like that,, get rid of all your attention to me,, get rid of! ” “Why,, but,, why! What YOU Affair? WHAT YOU betrayed me, HA?” Jimmy was ripped body is shaken Jean Also Because the emphasis is a little rough treatment that,,, Jean was just Trying to calm and soothe themselves ,,, “not,, not so, I always thought That no-no about you,,, I do not deserve alongside with you, WHO always act the angel,,,, I’m this, I .. .. This . I — “Jimmy Had stopped his explanation Because he has been Able to capture the words being painstakingly explained That Jean,, Jean returned to his depakan enfolded him,,, crying together, Because he is Also Unable to hold back That damn the tears to come out,,,, Jean Buried under his chest, Until They were the resource persons Able to Unite the heart rate alongside Almost That was it, very caressing EACH ear … really beautiful,,, but Jean still not be silent, and his body is shaking The woman only,,, not known,, makes Jimmy more and more worried,,, about the disease has long jean Phobia That cured it,, what Could possibly attack a woman again,, Kissed her again,,, Until all Tired and Melancholy races Collide in Their heads up but this time, Jean is not to reject it,, let her lips again attached by her husband’s face was innocent,,, , attempting saying about women fainting at That time,, why,, Because Jean is indeed not long check-ups about his health women lately,, 3 months past, and Besides he is too much thinking Also, the which does not need to be possible,, just as an idea,, all working women WHO Should Be minimized it, it,,, hufth,, what do women have uterus not to make her lover while her husband she was worried, and a clear female body was not Able to Also cheat is if he was not healthy,,, down Almost 10 pounds is not a natural thing for the body That already from the beginning That Proportion,,, let alone sustain WHO height woman now moved to 173 of 171,,, not a good thing,,, Jean cans surrender only this time, she was Herself Unable to cover the taste is Almost Nearly ,,,,,,,,,,,, Also dead now proved Herself a woman, the WHO has the wrong idea .. to Jimmy’s,,, sorry, sorry, sorry, Jim …………. Better Than I was never this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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