# Passes So Fast% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter4 by Shin Rae Byung on Saturday, 19 February 2011 at 16:55

# King Bee Morning ,,,,, Prince Bad Horse & Princess Party Clown,,,, at 04; 25 dawn,,, ~

Motion,,,, King Bee Again move -,,, to the tiny legs kicking a layer of stacks of objects made of wood either painted metal or wood, it, wincing occasionally a sign that he was a little pain is so flash it, but never mind,, anyway, he has not really aware of a deep sleep for the size of a man,, was a child very,,, who turned 7 years old, the, who was so tired of moments is so happy she spent with her father,,, which for about 2 years not met on a social task of his daddy, who works as a senior doctor, who was sent to Hong Kong and South Korea,,,, where he abandoned since the age of 3 years or less it,, Three days after Joe celebrated Jean birthday and a birthday one day after a child’s birthday just his puppets that woman,, on 17 and 18 February,,, two years ago,, ,

now ~

Jim who has returned, and Jonas did not begin lonely again, of course, can be chatting with her beloved father, where he is dreaming of for could be with her beloved father,,, which has now been re-filled warmth of family in Canada, , North America,,,, not easy for him are still very very little,, to know all the conditions it faces,,, which obviously he can only be said as a child who is very lucky compared to a parent’s life, yes, both his parents first, very and very miserable, instead of suffering may be a depiction of the exact words, but always lonely,, Jean,, his mommy is a consulate at the embassy UNO it, yes we call the United Nations people who represent the State of in the United States, which always had to commute back and forth to the interstate to participate in supervising the activities and welfare member States,,,, up sometimes there is no time for Jean EVEN MORE when his only daughter was the youngest of her brother Park Hye Hoon,,, is celebrating her birthday that to 7 years, the father,, even it did not come the end,, replaced by the arrival of her daddy Jimmy Black who made them familiar since the incident,, because Jimmy was the first friend Jean who was named Shin Hye when it,,, who would listen her sadness woman complained konsulat as a child, and it turns out,,, he was not the only woman among the first to feel lonely, and Jimmy was so, , he is a young entrepreneur mine, gold, and coal in a country in Central America, Haiti, the,, too, and even not the first time his father and mother did not come,,,, but already the third time the child did not come to the party as his puppet’s eyes,,, it’s no wonder Jimmy who was formerly the Geun Suk,,, able to entertain the little Jean, because she never felt the same and the same boat,,, , until now, Jimmy is so fond of Jean, and now, living the time of surprise, yes,, sec-second surprise waiting for Joe and Jean to be repeated year, within 2 days or less this ,,,,,,

# Jiimy-Jean,,, wake up

Jimmy who woke up earlier than Jean who were still on it, he was on his chest, and his hands around his shoulders down to slick back Jean, his wife,, he no longer felt a little strange, who woke up and in front of him was there Jean ,, even beautiful smile tugging the knot at the end of the left cheek,,, although not pursed lips signify happy,,, but his smile was so sincere,,, it seemed, from that, if all see it now, certainly biased himself so happy, very happy,,, never as happy whereas before it somehow,,, hahaha,, try if he realized what he had done last night, which originally did not want,,, because Jean is quite old fainted, and her view condition of his wife that, in fact, that, finally welcome too,,, even thought still made an impression up to now, but suddenly it all back stiffened, Jean woke up as well, wide awake, like a princess who woke late,, late, and, with a face a red hue in her cheeks are so smooth that, smooth like glass,,, But it was Jimmy who move-motion causing more moaning woman only,,, oh, Jim,,, stupid, what are you doing! ! It makes Jean growing pain,,,

“Hrrrggggg,, hhhhh !!!!!” Jean sees begun to pick up only,,, Jimmy is still rooted cause is equally confused with Jean who still continue to moan endlessly, because a moving Jimmy had been started to let go rengkhannya to the shoulders and around the back of his lady,, destiny was trying to see and check what was happening, repeatedly Jimmy, Jean faces tilted towards him to see the eyelid Jean,, what he was still a fever,,, what is wrong with women’s health until he was often complain that,,, “Jean, you why,, last night,, you’re sick, I panic at all,,, lucky Joem know,,, doin, saying,” Jean is still a sign of female forehead narrowed still in pain, it, just nod,, the more obscure nods to make Jimmy who had been confused was accidentally move the position of his left hand under the covers until about breast owned by Jean,,, what,, WHAT! so,,i,, Jean, and Jimmy who felt her attitude awkwardly on it,, was soon make sure to peek in between the covers of a messy bind the two of them are still piled it,, Jean,,, just shook her head without stopping,, do, do not move anymore ,, and release point, and Jimmy are shocked how biased he was half toying with his wife’s health condition in the middle of a woman who was drop even invited to do this,,, Jimmy was soon distanced himself from Jean, but,,, what power, was unable, , too heavy, as well as the perceived Jean,, was too sick because their bodies are great rub behind the thick creamy blanket,,

“JIM sick ,,,,,,,, once ,,,,”” uh ,,,,” Jimmy that confusion is only silence although ultimately unsuccessful despite also ‘Billy’ is in an increasingly mrs.V Jean were covered with thick liquid ,,,,, “Jinny, why are you so like,,,” Ask Jimmy who started with Jean swept hair covering the eyes up to his ear around it,,, and make it in edge at the end behind the ear leaf surface Jean, Jean the start stop moaning it was still dumb,, unable to say to the dumb,,, not knowing even say anything anymore,, intermittent himself staring at a woman in a ball towards the far churches Jimmy, her husband,,, he was more afraid of how biased her view to Jimmy red so real, he was afraid it’s a sign before-before he had ever felt when she was still on the bench and in the Mess ANJELL playgroup,, in the theater, after receiving a passionate kiss from her Geun Suk who just left the letter at the dinner table it,, really do not want that to happen,,, after he was able to stare Jimmy as satisfied as his lady, and Jimmy went to leave it somewhere where a woman who begins to feel love,,, and expect a reply from Jimmy’s love of his lady when not bound sacred relationship that,, just a relationship to cover crisis faced by rescue AN entertainment,,, Jean supposed to say? Woman herself did not know, what to say,, it turns out,,, he,,, a strong instinct,,, knowing that Jimmy would be in charge,,, and guessed correctly from the beginning, she cried because she knew who had come to go Jimmy leave them again when ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jean,, you should control your subconscious as sick that, feeling- feeling and instinct is not important,,,, understand,,,? So,,, how does this reveal Jean for all,, ah, no,, Jimmy can not know, what if he was burdened,, with this, after knowing it,, may not,,, NOT!!

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