# Taking Precious% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter3 by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 11 February 2011 at 00:58

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That afternoon,, yes,, not even the exact day and time of morning, which meuju afternoon, ahead of only about a few minutes, Joe was so happy never feel the happiness that is so unrivaled,,, you know, this is because the first time him to travel with her father, where even during this her little man considers himself as his uncle, not his father, but whose father’s cousin Jimmy, Yong Hwa,, oh, thank goodness, they all almost have the same tinge of smile, , so easily Jonasnya can recognize who his father,, it,,, Jimmy Black ,,,,, hahaha,, Jonas who had been still can not keep quiet standing on seatnya it,, looked up and stood right in that seat,, that is so dangerous is also of course,, oh, no,,,, do,,,, Jonas is still too small to compete like that,, oh, Joe, it makes Jimmy more and more worried and simultaneously sultry look like that,, which located in the middle of her and Jean who was concentrating on driving it,, and Jean who started holding Joe’s leg,, to prevent falls,, or, dahann tree whose leaves are exposed to more ducking it, because they are having a certain car,,,, such as it,, casual,, where at the top itself can be opened or exposed it automatically with just the push button, the, oh, right …. This was almost there,,, apparently,,, it was so slow running time,, is felt to be with people we love,,,, now was Jimmy who went down first, and opened the door of his red car was right,, open tercint to his wife,, mother of Jonasnya it, and soon her arms Jonasnya was also raised above his head to it and while holding the hands of his beloved wife to immediately invite them to leave the parking lot, the, to enter the arena,,, playground, ,,, 
# The Kids Fun Valley,,, 12, 35 …. noon ,,,,~ 
Jean began to feel drawn to look around the playground,, she herself began to offer anything that would’ve just seen a glimpse of a woman’s eyes looking at it,, it was also her favored son noticed a woman always,, basketball, or swimming,, is in,, building,, it,, yes,, of course,, behind the building,, is like Disney World just hectic with not playing,, oh, really noisy crowded, and Jimmy is starting to look tired it began to invite them to stop for a moment to just look around what to do,, and finally,,, diriny decided to eat a snack at a booth that stood not far from where istrirahat before,, he immediately pulled Jean and Jonas,,, , 
“King, you’re hungry, right? come on, we buy,, Pepsi, and cake on the other side,,, you see it,,, “” but, I do not like,, Jim,,, “Jonas who whine do not want to go out of its place,, lucky Jean who has memorized the habit of simply wayangnya her son,, immediately carried her on his back a woman, and immediately bought ice cream,,, and 2 Lemonade which was perched had been on the other side, also not far from where they stood,,, Jean was familiar with the fruit of her heart,, if you prefer Jonas with all the sweets, and, like junk food, instead of a nutritious and nutritious foods like that,,, whatever,,,, which is important sweet and happy membutnya,, hahaha,,, Jimmy who once again feel tersaingin with Jean a faster response with Joe was also scrambling to show off his ability to persuade Jonasnya it to want to get into a basketball court,, holding Joe back over his head, who himself lean on his shoulder that,,, argghh,, Jonas also lucky not much struggle, because still preoccupied with the lick and bite at each layer of ice creamnya it,,, he so liked it,, 
“King, you play with me,,, come on,, who won,,, may submit a request,,,” “only that, but, well, deal,, daddy ,,,!!!!” Joe answered with a spirit jumped for joy … “Daddy was very kind of you,,,, unlike Jean,,, never allow,,, this and that,,,” whispered Joe is talking about it behind the shoulder Mommynya his father, afraid that Jean heard ,,,,, “come on, Jim, we play,,,” “aaa,,, really not good at daddy,, maybe Jean,,,, Jean is so great before,,,, in kindergarten and teenage women,,, maybe just do not feel like playing,,, so just sat in the balcony was,,, yo,, do not pay attention, we play with a fair,, come on,, fast drubble,,, King,,, “” daddy,, can not come after me ,,, hahaha,,, Jim, you suck !!!!” “what you say!! No, I just give in,, it,, know,,,! daddy will prove to you that the play should not be talking,, it destroys the concentration lwan,, it’s trick and strategy that was mistakenly ,,,,” “ahhh,,, just say so when daddy lost, told me that, come on,, claimed, ,, admitted that, what’s hard,, Jim,,, you coward,,, “” what,, ha, you said daddy what,,, here, I tickle you, yes,, here, if you dare, here ,,, “” ahhh,, amused,, amused,, amused,, Jim,,,, you’re crazy ,,,!!!!” 
Jean is just terbengong looking scenery in the surrounding area is a basketball court,, so quiet, as she sat her chin memaangku ..such expressions,,, lethargic so, when he was thinking of something to celebrate the birthday party of his King Bee woman,,,, will be what he wanted to dedicate yng body to the heart,,, what a gift toy robot,, car plus remote control racing,, oh, tidah,, what,, what a surprise too,, anyway, Joe is looking so happy his daddy has come,,, definitely Yong Hwa’s family will also visit them at the end of the month, and also Hong Ki, who reportedly will soon marry her boyfriend who has been running 3 years of it,, Eun Hye,, a journalist, as well as manga comic artists in Korea, the, huh,, do not feel it all went by so fast, felt Jean,,, who has seen with his head woman’s eyes that her beloved husband who does not much act now, but, why,, replace him who is easily confused it made,, to the extent that health memperhtikan tk,, Jean is hot under the lowest balcony it,,, just squinted lady,, try a little everything sapat seen clearly in front of him Wanit,, Jonasnya women, and Jimmy,,, which suddenly was not there,, in saw a woman,,, where are they gone,, crazy ,, they do not exist in the middle of the circular line, where they,, Jean is the confusion,, start,, look in all directions, but he found no women, two men that ever since Jean ,,,,, earlier,,, has resisted excessive sleepiness woman, the woman who wanted to sign him unconscious, because he was also a woman who recently only women take care of office work and drive back and forth to school sebalum Jonas for Jimmy to come,, this is the impact wnita,, sorry,,, thank goodness she immediately plummeted from terduduknya women want it Jimmy had come to him a woman with Jonas who was at her side for towed his hand,,, 
“Gosh,, dear,,, are you, what happened ,,,,” Jimmy who were stunned by what he saw,,, appalled and immediately carried Jean to bring women into his car, with Jonas who ran SNG father’s small steps that follow, “Jim,,,, Jean,, is often like that ,,,,,”” OK, so you know, “Jonas is mengngguk in front of his father’s car, waiting for the doors opened, , because height is not reached to achieve door opener, which relate directly above his head …. “Fast in,,, what we need to the hospital first, Joe ,,,,”” do not have to,,, usually,, Jade and lemon Jell gave him warm, and Jean will soon realize, “” has been since when Jean like this, you know, Joe,,, “lyrics Jimmy Joe toward a half share mobilny concentration to grip the steering wheel,,,” I know,,, long ago, Dad! Mother never fainted before in Bayway,, master Rogert the contact house,,,, Jean often look pale upon his return as well,,, “” so, that bad,,, really sloppy,,, basic stupid, reckless,,! “” you say, Daddy, about Jean ,,,???” “oh, forget” Jimmy was soon memperkencang pace car,,, 
In Garage Car # 04: 45 pm ~ 
Jimmy who was so panic,, Jean rushed into the house while,, Jonas also carrying a shoulder menyndarkan asleep in his head that, pity, and Jimmy have to carry two people who loved it,, one son on his shoulders and Jean, his wife who was in his chest that,,, weight did not dirasanyasudah,, in addition to the increasingly dry Jean, as well as Jonas is still very early to be picked up, so as there is no load,, for a sense of ikhlasnya,,, slowly opening the doors of his house ,, to prevent the head of all three membantur room,, yes, but now it is entered into the house, and Jimmy’s turn to take them to the top, but,,, because it is not possible to see conditions like that,, finally she took him to room downstairs, where the rooms formerly used for some time for Jean who is still pregnant,,, now used in place of it back,, rather than,, rose, they fell, not funny, and this is serious,, direbahkannya subtly residing Jeanin gendonganannya it, and then Joe is laid on the bed sedelah existing special hook for kids,,, for preventing falls awakened by it,, put Joe over there,, fine Jonas kissed cheeks, and rubbed the hair covering his forehead ,, hopefully pray for little fairy kissed her in a dream,,, and immediately returned to the side of Jean to keep women out to bring a thermometer and a box of drugs, as well as liquid chocolate milk,,, 
Soon Jimmy was coming,, just prepare it well diriny Jean,, on the table which was not far from her bed,, in addition to telephone line white house,,, let her to awake, and still take care of her,, , until Jean woke up at 08, 10 that,,, 
Jean began to twitch sign his conscious woman, who was stunned to see Jimmy’s head is on top of his left hand woman,,,, was touched, because once,, he is, Jimmy is too worried to notice her and missed,, that, when it is, fair, day-to-three which is very exciting to see Jimmy again here that,,, in front of female bonding,, what is it,,,, where possible,,, why so short of breath she saw Jimmy who was in front of her,, remember these women during the struggle for social mission diembnnya,, Jimmy was a truly professional, he’s so like his, the, job dimula unexpected to him that Jean,, but not so, because Jean is not a heart attack was just a phobia, such as family annggota another woman, a little silly, but it,, real,, Jean who was holding the head of Jimmy who was still asleep and leaning against it could only be weak resignedly,, yes,,, but soon woke up instantly jimmy,, 
“You’re awake, unfortunately, do not make me nervous, yes,,,? you is why,,, you never want to share with me, Trust everything on my shoulders,,, I think we should support it together … sustain it together, do not be selfish and silent before me, Jean,, what are you doing so far,,, I find so many pills to sleep in a room at a desk drawer riasmu,, ha,, why did you do that, you hate me ,,,? And why do you never answer all I ask, why are you just crying,,,? What I never could membhagiakanmu,,, “Jean who listen only increasingly do not understand why it happened,, he was a woman just trying ,,,,, still,, and impregnating his mistake,,, and increasingly do not understand with his own woman this, he began,, dizziness, until the spinning alone,, he was clearly looking woman,,, “,,,, say, except you do not believe me, again ,,,,” added Jimmy quietly, a little beg,, Jean who listen only to insert his woman, and with breathing woman who began to chase it,, he was a woman who sat up and immediately close to the body of Jimmy the helpless woman tk far in front of him now, and memluknya,, held Jimmy in betweeninterrupted his chest, tucking his right hand woman in the armpit gap Jimmy and his left hand the woman who deliberately concealed behind a waist Jimmy,,,, let Jimmy replied to embrace it,, crying together, and Jimmy was soon let go hug Jean,, 
“No, not to be, you’re sick, do not approach me, now …. I’ll sleep next to Joe,,, you quickly to sleep,,,, sweet dreams,,, “Jimmy said as he kissed Jen, just Grab kissnya to take Jean to sleep she thought,,, but Jean is holding her hand immediately moved Jimmy ,, and did not dare look at him still,, down,,, until Jimmy who understood even then only silent, but,, smiling, “I could stay with you,,, next time,,,” Jean started tilting her head to Jimmy’s faceoccasionally, by slowing down her face,,,, unable to till-up to just say,,, Jimmy had seen that starts to close the eyes, immediately approached Jean waist embrace it,,, and wnit kissed again, long enough ,, about 8 minutes, just to warm up, and slowly, feeling his wife’s shirt, and take it off,,, small buttons that, in addition to Jean’s body,,, and start,, with kisses,, shoulder tip Jean, who has terlapas it,,, dressed lady,,,, and,, alloy establish that night,, to Jean who fell asleep first, because his condition, which was a asleep Jimmy also support the body’s Jean,, , 45 minutes after Jean asleep,,, in ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hopefully embrace the morning, coming soon to explain Jean problem women to Jimmy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
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