# Trying to Use the Current Times% @ All The Seasons {King-Queen Bee Rose}$ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter2 by Shin Rae Byung on Wednesday, 09 February 2011 at 20:33

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# At 10, 25 Canada Kindergarten ~
Jimmy who was in his car which was driven from the house, but never was with Jean now, because she was no time to meet with some of his clients in the hospital,, ordinary, a place which he occupied work Jimmy subs no less than 9 years of it … In L.A. Hospital Directory,, he did not spend a long time to go along with his colleagues, that when the welcome arrival of a small party held to welcome the arrival of a central co-sanga home from his job, the, Jong Sang is in between the umpteenth are friend who was also his companions who had lam missed it,, why is that because it was he who tenagh helped a lot in this long relationship with Jean that she felt very empty and without development whereby when Jean who had coma, the, oh, no,, , was first, immediately Jong Sang who reportedly also will soon get married sisters with Geiss,,, Geiss Portman,,, the famous graceful, the, where he was a woman who wanted to marry Jong Sang is a former assistant to her sisters as well,, feel very happy to hear the news,, sure Jean will come also with himwhich has honorably received the first special invitation on behalf of a friend’s,, hence the front of the car till the school yard King Bee, Jonas that, Jimmy was still smiling,,, to the not seen until that hour hand has shown promptly at 10; 45 toward the blazing afternoon that,,, he had decided to come out,, stepped into the school gates for his son,, where the King, he thought,, hehehe,, difficult also looking for him that is still so small for the size of a man, woman,, because the boy, who usually call upon the name Jimmy first,, fortunately, the same as this time, Jonas is calling the name of Jimmy,,,
“Daddy ,,,!!!! finally there is a pick me up,, in addition to Jade, and Trace,,, I’m very happy today, Jim,,, “as he approached Jimmy who sat squat in order to reach the baby’s hands,,, Joe had kissed the left cheek Jimmy ,,, was once himself who is now just forget about Jean,, to just inquire where Mommy is what it is, he cheerfully too his father, what does not, this thing first, they walked out together, as long as Jimmy goes to duty,,,, They were walking together,,, until in front of the car Jimmy, and Jimmy was carrying the son that, to get into the front seat of his car,, what a joy the Joe,, many times in the legs pranced Under the remaining space,, for himself which of course is wide enough that, in addition to the foot of his father,,,, “daddy,, like where do we ….? .. what you forget,, 3 more days you and Jean will repeat the year, what would you give to us ,,,,?” “it is right ,,,?”” exactly,,, Jim,,, “said Joe who started carried out candy pearl in the pocket of his shorts pocket, the, ate candy, “then,, King asked what gifts were given by the Daddy? Ha, funny kid,,, and fussy ,,,,” Joe is still trying to chew candy that contains chocolate that most nearly wet, trying to answer, but still messy and melted in the mouth by dripping a red uniform-box box on the collar and shorts underneath as a pocket full of it,, “Jonas wants a surprise,, Jonas crazy surprises,,, so daddy forbidden to tell him to Joe, it will not be a surprise anymore ….. Jim, you understand,,, if you know you have to nod your head like this,,, “Joe who gave for funny flick of his head movement is k powder Jimmy who was driving it,, until Jimmy who passionately just ruffled his hair for just Joe give assent,,, Jimmy even occasionally directs smile angel told him the King Bee, the, sweet,,
When she got home at 11; 25 ~
Jimmy is holding Jonas rush his little ladder to climb 30 puppies,,, as soon as possible he opened the door hooks shaped like a rectangular pyramid, the, “KREKKK ,,,,,” Jimmy who had been still holding above his head his Jonas that, in confusion looking for a no Jean is in her room was, where Jean, and even after their return we,,, he has not come,, hufth,, also furious Jimmy,, finally he decided to immediately bring down Jonas,, for to her room immediately changed his clothes were still in uniform, and immediately invites Jonas,,, went alone to the playground if Jean had not been seen until the nose is also a woman,,, hold tight body who started occasionally moved King, the, fear- afraid that King fell and fell down, and Jimmy hold on the back, a little uncomfortable Joe, thinks why his daddy has a strange behavior today, where Jean,,, what they were fighting,, small children can thought as rational as, it, was crazy,, smart,, Jonas them,, not wrong, if indeed genetic factors that can not be missed by a mile for the next descent,, Joe, who inherited the talent and the unique nature of father-mother,,, he who had grown in the United States as the parent with also seem more responsive, because their culture that supports them to just know what left fast, not the same as in Asia, where young children are prohibited too often associated with adults, in generally although there are not too,, maybe fear will impact on the bad habits of adults, such as smoking, drunk, spitting carelessly,, hanging out, or even the most dangerous drugs, or even sexually transmitted diseases, p. this, that distinguishes,, little, and even as small children not infrequently have known Joe a kiss typical glimpsed what,,, of Murder, Shuttle, Snap, Swoop, Grab,, or even more of a passionate desire, a kiss symbol of passion,, so,, ahh, do not let Joe take part in a series of children’s craze,,,
Back to Room Jean-Jimmy 11; 35 ~
When finished with the dress Jonasnya with casual clothes to just come out for a walk, it,, makes Jimmy so just re-thinking to go with his wife, before where possible, and,, fortunately, Jean was inside, see Jean who rushed immediately to fix the work uniform that, because the time to change clothes, now wearing a skirt, and shirt collar, and arms as the elbow, and clothes with shades of crimson, maroon more precisely, and tulip accented on the right side of the left arm, and beautiful, Jimmy reminded of his youth instantly with Jean, Jimmy Jean who is still staring at her stunned, because not seen at all, with their age who has headed 3 is,, Jean 31 and he has 34 years,, even more sexy Jean thinks it is,, hahaha,, why yes, for sure, because women are still fresh on his face, his body still maintained a beautiful woman, also her attitude is still very warm woman that, unlike most other adults who have started,, high temperate, it makes Jimmy a bit stifling to just breathe free,,
Jean’s arm was pulled,, lifted, and her arms right woman on his chest and then her round and round it,, fortunately Jonas was with Jade sat it,, really can not imagine,, Jean the struggling women of my skin, ,, what the hell her husband, the moment easily change his mood,,,, difficult to guess,,, “Jim,, put me down! I’m afraid of falling ,,!!! what the hell are you! I’m scared! “” you want akau drop you, then fill the requirement ,,,??” Jean who immediately stunned by it only for the sake of Jimmy down from the embrace that,,, but, instead,, lowering to release Jean was,, even more stomach punched it with his body of Jean that field, Jean is increasingly made goose bumps, shivers just did not dare look at her husband the woman, “you is why Jean ,,,,? Are you sick ,,,,” “er,, err,,, not at all,,,” “Last,” “then what?,, Do not go near,,, I want to get out,,,” “uh ,,, so we are equal .. if let’s go out together, with Joe, he will be very happy if you can come too,, Kids Fun Valley, at the end of the Avenue,, how,,, “” um,, well,,, “
Jimmy yet tek immediately release the pressure in the stomach Jean who had been let stick together at the end of that wall,,, oh, Jimmy seems to start a recurrence of the disease, which has always failed to control consciousness,,, it,,, slowly holding the two shoulders of Jean, who had been tightened it,,, by his attitude own,,, Jean where place began to pale,, want to seem to want to escape from Jimmy who always makes a woman almost had a heart attack,,, immediately began to rout the Jean where Jimmy also develop grip him, Jimmy was slowly starting to tilt his head slightly to look down and whisper into the ear Jean,,, oh, what Jean would reject it this time, jangann! jangn say no, I beg! Jimmy guess of all kinds, but Jean just like not listening to it, and Jimmy is just getting pissed off,,, until the close her body who lived a little distance is a few centimeters,,, it increasingly makes Jean uncomfortable too,,, until pushed Jimmy’s for a little relief from the pressure,,, but what may make, and Jimmy even more naughty alone,,, holding the collar Jean, and opened a few buttons on it that covered the chest Jean, Jimmy is a little confused with Jean,, why with women’s health, the more levels just to the size of a woman who has been the growth of mature and a little thin,,, but just more sexy,, argghhhh,,, how can Jimmy turned to another woman’s arms … see hers alone was so riveting in front of the eye, until Jean is a little snap in front of him,,,
“Do not touch me! I do not want to! I know you’re not fully conscious ,,!!!! lest after doing this you will forget it just like this morning ,,!!!” “errr,,,, what,,, what do you mean? I do not understand,,, “Jean is increasingly looked at him sharply,,,” I have not even do that,, at all,, what you do not want to meet me,, have not we been separated for 2 years,, what you do not want to try a little ,,, what .. you,,, will go without a casual kiss me, and I want you to come with us,,, “pleaded Jimmy who started disappointed,,, seen from the way he bowed sluggish,,, Jean who then overheard her husband’s statement, , wide,,, like do not believe, to ask her to just go with the family, only three of us remember Jimmy Jean ,,,,, even asking for one night to make a brother to Jonas, King Bee small it is,, oh, how his careless forget those who did not lock the door, letting everything happen just like that,, thanks,, not someone else who went into his room,,, only the King who does not understand the relationship between men and women today,,,, how until he was made first ,,, who deposited the Lord through a father-mother named Jimmy Jean-Jean ,,,,, it is even remember everything clearly, even when Joe is lifted up by the sweep of Jim’s hand was too nosy,,, when he still collected thigh with her husband,, oh, really embarrassed when Jimmy would not immediately act on the blanket behind it,, that small child,, that always ask and innocently wanted to know everything, and even asked why we sticky sheets,, arggghhhh ,, what shall we answer,,, ahh,, I’m dizzy,, Jean-Jimmy thought the same instant,,,
Jimmy-Jean equally it was filmed,, slowly began to realize where they stood, leaning against the back wall of his room that, at the end,, which started a kiss it deeply Jimmy Jean’s neck,,, Which is also less know with meant jean who did not want it,, my ass, but they,, would not things,, just making out, not going to make a love,, so strange,, Jean reaction, but now has changed too Jean reaction, which began to twitch around his neck rotates so slowly that, moved so on top of her woman’s joy,,, but he,,, what,, why cry,, yes,, crying, and grabbed Jimmy’s on his left arm women, , he remembered that Jimmy message ever say if indeed destiny and the power of love will not unite them, then my Jimmy spent his days filled with empty hopes,, lusterless, and,,, all,,, bad ,, will be borne by Jimmy himself, this idea is too bad for the relationship, about Jean,, even if it is not himself a woman who accompanied Jimmy, Jim must still be able to survive for her lady,,, for the sake of promises that have been spoken long ago, and Jimmy are increasingly just do not understand,, kissing lips Jean,, fine,, but to live quietly, do not know,, a sense of what this time, push-pull once her lips soft surface of the wife were to get into his mouth, only to feel sensacional, , squashed women, to lose all that is felt both upset over this, Jean is increasingly unable to stops she sobbed the woman, where Jimmy still has not released its grip it, and Jimmy began to let go and stop activities that, and questioned Jean ,, what is it with women,,,, “are you ok,,, what you do not like the necklace I gave you? That accent king, I who brought his queen crown,,, you,,, why are you sad, do not like it, do not make me sad too huh? We already have a Jonas,, now, do not, and wept again, yes, we go now,,, “” er,, and another one,, keep your health, I do not like you’re less healthy like this,,,,,,, wife senior doctors which may hurt,, “Jimmy who started back his kissing repeat it, but a quick casual kiss, the, who had been,, still crying that, until quite and immediately take it off,, to pull down the place was Jean’s hand dropped to the floor down immediately to the destination before the summer, and evening,,, ,,,,,,, and wasted ahead of time with the little angel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
tahnk for loyalty,,,,,,,,,,,

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