# Warmth in the Family% @ All The Seasons {King Bee -Queen Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter1 [part2] by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 08 February 2011 at 23:47

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Jimmy began to switch to ask his wife,, what is being done both of them that night, why be so obvious in their eyes that was being alone with an increasingly strange position, which raised several questions in mind that Jimmy, , “Jean, what was happening,, last night?” “Jean? do you mean? “” err,,,, I ask, what’s Something happened to us,,,? “”,, why are you asking? ,, Is there anything strange or prop up on your feelings? I’m more confused bunch invasion your ask sign? “” because I do not feel something has happened to us ,,,,,” “ng,,,, it, because maybe because of agreements we have made 7 years ago … … … where — “”,,,, yes, we will not do it without the ability together,, great, so I no longer need to force you,,, for that, I actually really like it,,” Jean is only a thin smile towards the woman Jimmy who had been looked at women in it,,, Jimmy Jean for his head which allows a woman who had been floating on it side next to it,,, Jean looked over at Jimmy’s fellow instead, staring at him in the not far away with her husband,, to Jimmy who approached a woman and draping something luminous to the neck of Jean who was in front of him is,, a pendant accented crown prince, who charged into her high neck, and beautiful, and instantly hanging objects that, due to parts of the breast that little Jean shrink it right again, where that had ‘develop’ it … because requirement breast milk which she gave to Jonas,, his King Bee’s, Jimmy who was still staring intently into the eyes of Jean is a warm, , just trying something natural might not make it lady Passionate shocked by her this time, combined with Murder-Kissnya it,, so live it,, to just down, toward Jean who leaned her head … that contrary to Jean’s face it, , but occasionally it is Jimmy who started their development, with tilted head and jaw bone Jean through Jean’s head temple, the occasional Jean also reciprocate by starting from the temple and then down to Jimmy’s eyes to chin recognized Jimmy Jean is the most preferred of Overall the husband’s face it … ..
“KREKKKKK ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” their bedroom door suddenly opened, and instantly, they also stop their activities each of which overlap so that the thigh position,,,, they are shocked immediately fix a thick blanket that began sagging, the, which was a bit revealing to be raised again … … … a pair of legs are so adorable to immediately reach the bed edging slightly higher than the body length was so small man with a smile that adorned happily dimples,, width smile in flash our yelling and scream,,,, “Lovely day, Jean ,,,,!!!! How your day,,,! “Jean who immediately turned it towards the little angel, who has painstakingly tried to ride it,, with the help of Jimmy’s hand that reached for it … to insert it into the midst of them,, put some legs for entry and covered in blankets,,, King Bee,, Jonas who never stops moving swiftly in addition to his parents that, “Jean, who,, this uncle,,,? What he’s your boyfriend? face seems familiar …. “”,, Joe,, did you forget who he was,, just ask uncle, who is he?,, “Jonas is also immediately turned towards the Jimmy,”,, what you love Mommy?, , what is your name,,, your smile looks taka uncle sing, like a smile daddy,,,, daddy young,, “” what,,, what words mean,, King Bee,,,? “”,, so my uncle to know me,, ,? Uncle of course similar to Yong,,, she was daddy mommy,,, “said Jonas kebil, who were aged 7 years .. Jimmy did not think of what Joe said, his son because how can regard it as father’s cousin,,, maybe because often times bringing Queen Jean visited her,, here,, 2 months …. Jimmy was silent, until Jean who helped Joe was to recognize his father again,,
“What you really do not remember who he is, King? him, not you, who,, guess ,,,,” small Joe stared at Jimmy’s just watch and still silence it … oh, Joe began to recognize it .. “,, God, what are you Jimmy? .. What is true uncle Jimmy? Jimmy was you,, “Ask Joe with a tone of innocent,,, Jimmy who did not think it turns out the little prince ‘wangja’ which he had with Jean was still able knowing him himself who had been separated 2 years of it,,,” I have many photos on Albums, when I repeated the third year you,, no, not you, Jim? “as she heard the chatter plain wares up her son Jimmy who was making more and more exasperated against him,, touch him Joe the helpless feet behind the blanket ,, already soaked by tonight, it,, “AAA,,,, amused,, Daddy … Mommy,, Help,, Me ,,,!!!!!” see him Jean was only laughed without stopping,, see the act, the little angels they are, “already quickly go take a bath,, then you’re late, the King,,,” “what … schedules King Bath,, let him take a bath premises his daddy,, daddy do not mind,, come on, King,,, “Jimmy that brought King in his arms above his head that ..,, while twirling the King until he stopped screaming fear that, even in the bathroom Jimmy had planned for tomorrow to go to the Kids Fun Valley, at the end of the Avenue,, by Jean also of course, and play, basketball, taught swimming, and buy Lemonade to reduce the thirst of its activities during the day,, at 01; 00 afternoon, after school in Canada to pick up Joe’s Kindergarten ….
That morning at 06, 25 they had breakfast, do not forget Jimmy who was asked by his son missed an increasingly sticky with him that, feeding him, a piece of bread, would not … not even seen,, it was hard to eat, until Jimmy found any way to give two tets liquid supplement to the milk formula that, until in a matter of 5 minutes, the, little reaction from the drug, which causes Joe began to ask for Jim feed,, Jimmy’s smiling it to inflate how happily fellow what is asked of the child, was silent, because,, still looking at him,, just as soon drive a piece of bread would have poured peanut butter by Jade, one of the servants, who have faithfully been nearly 10 years in the family had requested … to Cerry to quickly cram handkerchief to prevent the food it goes into clothes that can contaminate her son’s school uniform,,, Jade who soon may come to replace the feed bread almost SAJ by Jimmy, who just remembered that Joe does not like peanut butter but strawbrrey, just a case of Jean,, remember the desserts in the restaurant which is given Jimmy’s ice cream cake decorated with strawberries at the end of it,, 7 years ago, and now, the child more or less follow the method, the face and speaking style similar to Jimmy very,, and plain thinking derived from the mother,, was complete happiness in the midst of family problems and a full crew it big secret, and now begun,,,, open slowly, open to each other and complement each other, , with Jonas assistance of course,, Our King Bee,, Think Jimmy Jean unison … … … … …
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