# Warmth in the Family% @ All The Seasons {King Bee -Queen Rose} $ (Continued He’s Our (King) Bee) chapter1 [Part1] by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 08 February 2011 at 23:43

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# Still in the Room Jimmy,, morning, at 05; 00 ~

Those who begin to wake it,, still frowned each to just remember what happened last night, why they are in a situation like that,, it looks like they both are drunk, but where possible,,, no glass bottles, , a transparent green or black former whiskey or wine,, around here,, however, why their maze ungodly way, and Jimmy which was not far from Jean, and Jean who was in it beside her beloved husband ,,, why it,,, must be,, what had happened,, Arghhhh,,, Jimmy dizzy thinking about this, but that he was surprised, usually, the morning after learning that Jean was in her arms, Jimmy impress so,,, even is memorized,, to just reach the hands of Jean to move closer to him,, his chest was, but,,, this, in fact,, let,, impress so that there is actually Jimmy still quite in his position who still kept it quiet stiff, , why,, Jimmy,, usually her very spirit when it may be always near his heart admire it,, now,,, it seemed,, like do not understand everything, and Jimmy get stupid, what their lives are swapped,, what to until like this ? This sign of danger, if indeed so in reality,,, not,, but not so ,,,,!!! Jean burdened little lately, rather than what,, she a woman should take care of everything yourself,,, of the King, the boy who started nosy it turns out,,, King is growing rapidly,, my ass …? Yes, the power gear,,, for children age she was even too almost to be trusted,, Joe is always trying to help the mother who was tired that sometimes, just,, stroked his chest Jean,, and sat in her claim women, , once the center of Jean fatigue that, back in her happy smile, could have a son,,, who inherited his father’s brilliant currently it,, Jimmy Black, now Black and Jean middle generation is correct,,, really mature ,,, 7 years old, toward that, the, 6 years 9 months, and where, in February that,,,, right on 17th, a day before the anniversary of her mother, Jean Avansta which also has a birthday in month,, Star Sign a peaceful certainty,, bearing the water, and the father of bearing,, Lion, the leader,, ordinary thing in common,, ah,, of course this is not important,, suddenly,, Jimmy aghast,, so shok,, why,, yach,, see, because Jean is suddenly opened his eyes, in front of it ,,,,,
“Jean, you’re up ,,,,” Jean who is still trying to come out of his business,, was to just reach down and stretched out her arms so as not to feel sore around the back and shoulders a woman who felt very pain .. of course, after fighting it, Jean is remembered,, that, yesterday, last night, what ,,!!!!! * Jean who was in the arms of Jimmy at the time,, located directly above the middle off fatigue and a sense of remorse woman to Jimmy the umpteenth time, because the sense of longing that hide it woman for too long, of course,, it’s natural,, for size ordinary woman,, 2 years is long enough to wait for the arrival of her husband who was serving overseas, which are supposed to be 3 years instead Jimmy, 2 years have gone home, but somehow it Jean is upset, until he women no longer able to mask her pain of the woman in front of her husband’s blatant that .. last night, where the husband who was in front of her immediately when he opened the door handles linker,, huh,, Jean was very sad, he was a woman who returns to be quiet … quiet lately,, of course, also included because this ,, besides himself tenagh woman hesitated because of the child, Staenbee Jonas, Joe nickname,, King Bee, that’s what Jim provided instantly when his birth, in front of the crew being ANJELL see Jonas in his box,,,, are still sleeping,, he kiss hers by her father’s cheek Jonas,, to simply excite her gratitude for the blessings God has given him a son as her desire for this,,, and now, turn jimmy who remember everything,,, yes ,, although still slightly in disbelief .. Jimmy last night which was a bit ‘stoned’ so tired located destiny in a plane approximately 3 hours of it,, can not bear so he took Jean who was uncontrollably crying crying because his coming uncontrollably were deemed highly and so shocking to the type it Jean was busy with Joe is always the question forced hers women, where daddy, Jean .. What are you hiding it from me? what do you conceal, Jean? I want to know what Jimmy’s face,, Jean,, quickly brought Jimmy over here,, is a handsome angel face ?….. and blah-blah-blah … so,, the point Jean had overwhelmed every day to explain to Joe that if the father is in the middle of a very heavy task upon him was the center for social issues that deal with health in some countries who are experiencing some problems such as political, or economic. Fortunately, Jimmy was sent to Egypt Egypt it .. ,,, Jean also felt that last night what was hit Jimmy’s mind, there her husband who is also her lover, where he was a woman who can not help being upset that has been mixed in with all the memories that have not hung up on her head, Jean is increasingly not believe that a change Jimmy replied to treatment that, without a word he moved closer to Jean that with a little sitting and bending to pick up glasses that decorate the husband’s beautiful eyes, and slowly Jean who fondle Jimmy where he was a woman who gives Shuttle Kiss cause where only for the husband himself had also kissed Jimmy his fifth when meeting the woman who was 19 years old at the time, which was to be stylish Jimmy is still in Korea when it … give her husband’s activities will never be felt before it ,, a bit odd that, where Jimmy is still wearing her pink collared shirts that half-rather in orange it,,, to slightly loosen the tie a long panhandle in front of his shirt, the, out of the fabric of the fence collar work clothes that,, up to a little Jimmy’s chest open,,, making Jean easily palpate the abdomen Jimmy who had already been a bit asleep, the, to Jean that is slowly doing the woman who was unwittingly spread to all parts of the body for about Jimmy’s chest .. and suddenly they are reminded of this ,,,,* 
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