# Months Pineapple% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter15 part 1 by Shin Rae Byung on Sunday, 06 February 2011 at 19:35

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That morning they had awakened a new pair of which has not been married this long,, said his cousin who was none other than Yong Hwa who has returned to Seoul now,,, cause himself who has now become an actor, was busy to film the tour launching both You’re Beautiful in the genre drama sequel ‘mature’ is,, much less than Banmal,, ‘We got Married’ with their partner’s Seo Hyun, but Seo Hyun precisely why even come here? To America just to meet and visit the residence of the candidate’s cousin-in-law his lady,,,? but now she’s pregnant, and certainly it is true recognition of who carelessly directed by Yong Hwa shortly before his arrival to the residence of Jean-Jimmy was,, he was vicious, once step on the gas, it will not be turned to the woman, , honest,, immediately went crazy, because,, pregnant,, by his passion for it,,, not the fruit of love here, because initially Yong Hwa did not interested by Seo Hyun quiet. And more subdued than in her,,, that which has been classified in the ranks of the man who was so cool because it was so quiet,,,, according to Jimmy thinking,, how Jimmy could know, because Yong Hwa own that pitted him how that should have him do to simply be responsible for the matter to the Seo Hyun, and Jimmy has to know Yong Hwa had regrets about that,, would also advise and give suggestions to my cousin at the same time, the, “I know you have a little more like it, though it,, new, and not long after you know, the impact of your did it, but, should,, it would be,, so,, you,, just marry her ladies,, would you be able to atone for sins against him,, and you will be happy,, raising her next baby,, to adulthood,,, “” how … do you want to hear my voice,,,? Yong Hwa,, Junior … “” Argh, you,, do not call me like that again, I’m big, in fact, ,,,,” “do not go, stupid, rash once, do not say if you can impregnate Seo Hyun,, what if Jean listening to this conversation, she could die standing, not only made your attitude fainting, the, silence, and shut up,, if you agree with this your older word, then execute, “” ready ,, commander of the “they were laughing together, embracing each other’s shoulders, respectively,,,, 
# On the Lower Floor Family Room,,,, 09: 00 am ~ 
Jean who have reached the bottom more,, first, and five minutes followed by Jimmy then which fell apart shortly after Jean was,, he at once immediately following the mother who was chatting with Seo Hyun, and Yoon Ryu,, ” you,, get up early in the morning, “Jimmy said,,, without looking towards the clock on display first,,,” who are too early, that is,,, you are late .. brother buffalo,,, “replied Hwa Rang MWO see kea sharp direction that her eldest son,, Hong ki who suddenly interrupted dating too,,,” seems to have a happy middle, as seen from the line strokes his cheek,,, Ehmm,, ‘ehm .. EHMMM ,,,’,, but saying he could not feel,,, like me who are single “Jimmy did not care about the actual words were directed at him,,, and hurried SAJ,, sitting in the middle and his wife mother,,, “I’m sorry mom, I admit always a matter of waking up late, when I was a doctor, what if something happens with the patient, but I did not immediately hurry,,,, thankfully,,, no wife now who always patiently guide,,, hehe,, yes, right? Jean,, “as he turned towards the Jean,,” I am not a teacher or a lecturer,,, understand ,,!!!” “ah, that’s not it,, just a word, dear,, just angry,,, , “Jimmy who increasingly shows his cute to Jean, who had been seen as well,, Jean chin lift to go up a little,,, Jean who do not understand just dismiss Jimmy’s hand and tried,, concentration for heard explaination from her mother-in-law,,” mother is not going to tell you something,, what? “Jimmy’s mother also began to fix his position toward her body erect and puff out a little woman,, so Jean saying,,, Hwa Rang gaze was already ready told looks as if really serious with words that would release the woman, “besides,,, um, next week we will stay here, with your assistants, we decided to confess earlier, on our arrival, we had a mission,,, “” what,,, mother? Mean mother,,? I can not understand,,, “Jean is still puzzled by the words of the Hwa Rang,,” listen first, actually,, Yong Hwa, will soon get married,,, and – “” oh, that. .,, he had told both of us say it,, mother, we’ve grace and bless them,,, right, right, Seo — “” problem,, Seo Hyun was first pregnant, now she has stepped on abortion is 3 months … before Banmal Song out,, so I as your mother will be possible to speed up their marriage,,, “Jean is not able to cover the sense of wonder and surprise her,, foolish want it, and Jimmy was soon lap her woman on his shoulders, afraid -fear that Jimmy Jean found unconscious, or more than that,,, “Jean, you,, it’s okay? We go to the top ,,,?” “, was sich,, want-just like sisters, when invited into the bedroom,,,” Hong Ki is still standing that was interrupted by his rough,,, Jimmy who can not stand the ridicule her sister was,,, just look cynical,,, “you is why, sich,, about messing with me,,? Later, I want to help him, rather than to perform a no-no,, base impudent boy,,, “Jimmy screamed a little,,, towards the the brother that,,,” one of his own brother did not do it overnight, so kak innate rage just ,,,,” “still dare to speak!” Jimmy Jean also brought up,,,, 
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