# End of the flooded Schedule @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter16 [End Part] part2 by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 07 February 2011 at 21:44

bagus good job

but Jean is still evasive tried to run it,, unable to free themselves separately,,, now he was located on the top of each their voice mutually finch chime like sound it, and even more melodious,, in his head that the ringing alone,,, punched her for not moving his arms, but .. indeed a little out of control, until Jimmy Jean realized that was really struggling because its activities are now beginning to feel a bit rough and very force it,, he found that the more moaning Jean,, to Jimmy who was still half drunk, it, reversing the position of Jean which now sits on it,,,, who still shoulder held Jean who still wears clothing boss who started the open half of it … Jimmy is starting to feel something strange premises breast Jen began to open it,, slow but still impressed force … because with only one time … just an interesting movement front zipper under Jean’s chest, which eventually opened the window wide breast Jean who instantly fell in a field of chest Jimmy fright women, that Jimmy started flipping memory are not neatly arranged, instantly find the answer and immediately behind hold hers to Jean, but still be undone to forward his sexual desire that have not felt up to the fontanel it,, Oh, Jean,,, why get such beautiful,, every curve her body woman sign symbolic even how much it means women in the eyes of Jimmy who always asked him when that is not right,, not once, not now still,, the same-just,,, you know, this is the preferred, and Jimmy where Jean began to sulk and instead replied, , rose for lady show her breast that could be as soon as it knows where to expand, of course through the nerves who began working to make milk for the baby’s birth would be,, Jimmy plain base, the doctor who did not even nothing about it it,, Jean who had been trying to remove mr. P Jean from mrs. V is a start it again was covered with thick liquid, again failed, until he fell down before Jimmy .. Jim who received it gladly,, accidentally crushed remains in the right breast nipple corner Jean was,, he originally was also confused why, even offhand,, sucking in this part of the tip of a little brown, Jean is startled by Jimmy’s actions only shudder of fear, but as a result,, expensive made their bodies stronger shift and collide, the, sick but fun and certainly a beautiful impression on it …. it,,, yeah,, Jean who even at the end of fighting that makes Jean’s increasingly lethargic ,, just smiled and gave it again once or twice, insert a conscious a part and mrs. V is a woman for just a thrusting or played by him who was so drunk it, and simultaneously was sound asleep by,,, by him,,,
================================================== =============
# 7 years later ~
Jimmy who has 2 years to move offices from Hong Kong to North Korea which is still their for 1 year in a row and turns it,, just stopped it,, waiting for the plane which hug him now, bring it,, back to Canada, while just given Jean ,, what was presumably a woman with her baby who started growing it,, will soon begin a new story of course .. Jimmy who was not a doctor again, the age of 34 years was stepping on it,, now look more mature and elegant, have you ever met, and her hair a little long in bottom neck wear glasses, the, but still did not leave the impression handsome, and even more authoritative look,,, stay just foot, would all have recognized him, the doctor Jimmy Black who is now head of the Hospital ….
Arriving At Your Own Abode ~
Jimmy who pressed the button,, in front of the door which arise the red button,, until smooth and slender hand of a woman who opened the handle end of a hook on the door, which keeps a woman allowed herself to drift into a story that hung in front of her,, Jimmy looked at without welcome her go first, and Jimmy is even opening his arms wide without the woman who ignored him since the beginning still woman cocked her head in disbelief mark with what he has just seen a woman coming of Jimmy who was so sudden,, Jean,, yes,, her physically as well change it,, the more lean only,, dressed ala ordinary housewife who wore long skirts and short sleeves,, pulled Jimmy and moved suitcase which until that room, they are even already in the room without a word,, Jean only remained silent,,, looking at Jimmy, her husband, who she said … “Jean,, why,, you do not speak, a word, you do not want to release the miss with me ..” Jean is increasingly heavy crying that, until the woman uncontrollably letting the tears rolling down her cheeks women, that Jimmy could not see Jean cry that, holding the woman’s shoulder gently, .. a limp attempt to mobilize energy to soothe Jean with Missing Kiss her, it, longing kiss in the middle felt him Jean lips that have been wet with her tears since Jean came,,, kiss,, absorb,, to breathe, which increasingly it felt more and more like peace where rain soaked the earth that was dry for years, it, Jean is let go first, “why you’ve come home now, is not still one more year … a task that you have ,,,,”” do not you miss me? You want me back again, I do this for you, I do not call you, .. to quickly finish my job,,, which should indeed still years it,, Jean,,, you do not get mad, yes, I do it just for you,,, believe me,,,, dear, “” but,, why .. you could contact me,,, do not like this cat and mouse,,, I so far,, always miss you,,, “Jean replied that it was still uncontrollably, and Jimmy immediately remembered to ask his son,, Staenbee Jonas, who summoned with the name “King” is,, King Bee,,, because his dream who wants to always have wangja or in discussing prince in his life, his little prince,,, this is it,, the fruit of his love with Jean who has been faithful to keep his love for women ,,, who despite the distance apart for 2 years, still remain without change, except,, a sense of quiet, which go back there,, now, long ago when he did not have the attitude that woman, “I want to, we ,, could,, soon .. give a friend to Joe,, Our King Bee ,,,,” said Jimmy who bring Jean back to her bed.,, has long vacuum them not to do it, until they feel increasingly narrow space available,, Jean who feel a little uncomfortable with a glass eye that covered her husband’s beautiful eyes,, was slowly let go, and Jimmy kissed it slowly,, she is starting to stop shaking his shoulders in which the woman herself she was so shocked that Jimmy’s coming now beginning to wake up and cast a woman Kiss Shuttle to her husband that,,,, feel the sensation to that of the two times after Flash Kiss many years ago in the back garden to play in Korea … 12 years ago ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Jean really want to meet her husband begged her to immediately give King a younger, women are as desired Jimmy this time, they also make it … slow and full of mixed feelings that old longing was not alone,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,

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