# End of the flooded Schedule @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter16 [End Part] part1 by Shin Rae Byung on Monday, 07 February 2011 at 21:50

bagus good job

# Beach Kailua Beach – Honolulu, United States 10; 00 Noon ~
Jimmy is a walk with his wife Jen, where they were enjoying the day-to-five it was,,,, oh, really exciting is always together with people we love, that which flows in Jimmy’s mind, this ,, to Jean, where those who are equally busy yaks never once felt the times of peace as they feel during the middle of this, they are always together since the small, almost grown to know each,, where Jean is originally used to show more sympathy to the prince’s female ‘bad horse’ is,,, which always seem depressed when she was busy playing with his friends during the nursery’s right, Jimmy now has changed,,, changed because Jean is to alter this, all his bad habits … where when the age of adulthood, transition, when it was aged 22 years as chairman ANJELL boy band at the time, that which he so loved the Korean girls,,, which always come home drunk, drinking wine,, Beer,,, Japanese Sake,,, or only low levels of alcohol,, essentially the same SAJ,, he likes getting drunk,,, and so in love alcohol, which was always hinted that he was when his center is at a desperate time,,, you know, will know when so Jimmy called Geun Suk at the time,, who surrendered himself to seek Shin Hye,,, since the age of 15 years who chasing Shin Hye to Korea,,, pity, when Jean was,,, who used to work him, no one,,, he was paired by the Producer Ok Bun, Kim Ok Bin is very meritorious, without intentional … until now,, his services which we feel the ,, and the perceived bias,, invited Jean who has more that 5 hours of play sand, water, make a castle from the ground, just to remember the past, and plan to give their children names that will be born 3 months, , now time to return to the hotel,,,
# Waikiki Hotels at 06; 00 pm ~
Jimmy who follow Jean who was tired from a walk earlier,, squinting his eyes just by looking at his wife’s smooth back, he saw once in a while,, how her inner beauty  woman who became the wife who has chosen to establish a more dynamic life later on,,, oh,, may be?,, which began approaching Kea Jimmy Jean-way who had been unconscious always backs the position of the husband who is also same  view towards the sea from the side glass window in front of it,,, Jimmy who began to see the direction of Jean started aware of Jimmy who was in front of him now,,, “what?” “no,,,, just looking at you,,, makes me feel lost tired,,,” Jimmy’s a thin smile to his face which is being approached it wife ,, Jean apparent fatigue did not even heed the words spoken by Jean at her,,, Jean just grab a fashion magazine that was in front of her on the table beside the urn that,, lay down the woman who started her back on the bed which is really neatly arranged, and Jimmy was instantly made a strange woman,,, but it is not long, and Jimmy who had been tempted even realized that Jean will wear special clothes … why,,,, yes, because the first time wearing this Jean skirt in the room without official events, usually his women are always wearing casual clothes and still show her beautiful legs, like Jean,, tight, or,, ah, difficult said,, clear,,, Jean charm more come out lately,,, what might our children a woman,,? Ahh .. I’m dizzy thinking about it,,,, where possible,, why a woman the other day he was so angry when I approached, and even for women only I Harts fondle it struggled to strategize,,, this time,, may not, I do not not missed again, this, thought Jimmy,,,,
Jimmy began to take part pulled down the bed, turned towards the Jean,, occasionally,, Jean who felt something strange in her eyes she just shifted her body a woman trying to get away from Jimmy who started to walk closer to Jean that, sliding shoulder to reach ,, some inch near Jean, but what power even Jean herself about to fall down because the woman who always moves to ward off sharp gaze of her beloved husband, the, what the hell, thought Jean,,, Jean is at once, pulled his hand woman by Jimmy to be able to read gestures that Jean is about to fall into the embrace in the middle of the bed .. to sound a bit annoying because the screeching voice, which suddenly rang,, so hard tug Jimmy Jean into his arms that embrace it,, Jean’s eyes watched him closely,,,, stared again, all the whole face of Jean,, stroking hair Jean is fragrant and is still long and bumpy it decomposes, although recently,, change … hair fashion, but it is more suitable according to Jimmy which as the husband is more like Jean a wavy hair style,, compared with a straight pain,, Jimmy’s hand began to creep unnoticed Jean,, under her mini skirt woman, who made of Levis as well,,, still looking at Jean who is still amazed with the breath of hell are almost alone unite it,, Jim’s hands started to naughty ,, draw a binding ropes at both ends surface Jean-sensitive organs which are only covered by a thin red surface supporting Mrs. V is the woman, with no feel all left open just like that, still not aware of the act of Jimmy who was playing with the organs underneath her, until Jean is about to leave, because start feeling hot,, Jimmy’s hand to a woman who still held her remained at his side,, and gently kissed the woman was petite, with slightly bent elbows that limits the upper arm with his forearm, the, had been still care hers women over the chin without the slightest move slightly,, let all that cunning mind popping up to ebergy forced to re-do in the afternoon with his wife, who began a little more willing to obey his will that, although certainly very sick who retained his wife, but also,,, arhh, is hard to say with words,,, none of which can describe what we sense a completely waistband while doing this, and Jimmy is still tilting her head just to fondle the wife that, finally it was staged his bad sex,, repeatedly tried to cram most of her male tool was ‘Billy’ so to speak, ,, this bit of knowledge alone, 

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