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# Honolulu Hotel,,, 05, 00 at dawn,,, 3 days later ~ 
Jean who was in the room she and Jimmy, both of them, who just until it is,, immediately approached Jimmy is still facing the sea of glass windows that are stretched very wide, up from the hotel room alone could see the water overlay the same time that the waves roll,,, “Jimmy, you like the beach, why do not we go there? It’s the month for us, which is you asked for it,,, if I ask, what are you willing to comply, the, to just go to the beach,,, but apparently it was too early, yes,,, “Jimmy who still staring at the beach, the, sea,, so make it silence,, “er, Jean, do you want to swim with me,, I’m sure the freshness of water will bring peace in your mind,, relaxation,,, so,,,” “why not? I like to swim,, “” but,, it’s just .. view condition, should not have to be,,, “” what,, I was normal, there is no strange, do not just say because I’m pregnant,, you told me not to do anything, just to please, if you know that, should I do not obey it,,, “said Jean who disappointed, not to mention these words she heard from the mouth of Jimmy,,,” we sleep separately, yes? “” what,, why should like it,,? “” I just do not want- “” for reasons of our baby again? But if you see what I bring,,, you will be very sorry with what you say,,, “Jimmy just rushed out, but there is something that he forgot, thick jacket that he had been prepared in the bed room Jean,,, Jimmy income rough it,, not found Jean jacket even looking for it,, even some articles which lay on the bed, it, read it again, turned out to file citations Hong Ki research at the medical college,, WHAT! What Jimmy did not mistaken! Again and again he rubbed his eyes,,, ‘not prohibited Husband-Wife Doing Intimate Relationships during Pregnancy of the wife,,,’ O Lord, how this good news, and Jimmy is immediately looking for Jean who ran fast around the room ,, found Jean who was wearing women’s clothes are finished bathing, the, my skin woman saw the arrival of Jimmy who was so surprise by it,,, until unconsciously,, dressing white towel wrapped woman quickly slipped away, and Jimmy is still see Jean being crazy round ‘bare’ it, and even could not help it,, their saliva, which come together in the mouth which was prevented by a rear molar tooth in his lower jaw attached to it,, 
Jimmy was immediately approached Jean, Jean is realized because seeing the attitude of husbands who rush over to the woman,, about as soon as possible bandage cloth fabric that is only a short piece and that, but saying, again Jimmy faster reach women, , until Jean was can be able moved in Jimmy’s arm who started brash,, Jean carried it to a woman leaning against the wall behind the curtain,,, Jimmy had whispered a few words that make the left ear was Jean who heard his response, always just shuddered. . fear,,, “I changed my mind,,” Jean is trying to swallow it so hard that, again,, raised his hand before the woman who’d been Jimmy  just looked at his wife’s sexy body, it, Jimmy was saw a woman with a pleading tone,, to make Jean decided to speak out,,, “you why,,,, you’d read the research attentded Hong -” “of course … … … … alone,” said Jimmy’s wife’s lips began to sweep dry ones,,, “I’ve read it, so I can be free, now,, well when I get out of jail,,, yes? Hehehe … “” why are you laughing,,,, Jimmy! Not at all funny,,, “” of course I can do it until satisfied at any time, let’s do,,, now,, wait no more,, while the mood is good,,, “” what … here, now ‘”anywhere you want, you want our message on the couch or other place,,, come on, yes?” “I’m not biased,,, in the toilet,, surely I can not move freely like the other day, and not on the couch, when awakened definitely going to hurt all,, in the back,, behind this,,, I do not want to,,, so — “” Well if you want it,, on ,,,,,,,, “Jimmy did not forward it and immediately carried Jean went to the place that they agree with, without Jean had great difficulty explaining what they should do and do from the first until the end of it … 
Jimmy is the ‘wild’ it .. with eyes so sharp look at the circumstances which had been his beloved wife, who is still in a position like that,, still wearing a “double towel” along her ‘breast’ woman,,, slowly giving’ hug ‘him a woman,,, until Jean is a little uncomfortable that, moving around the shoulders of Jimmy who was still holding her on his shoulders embraces it,,, “Jean,,, this, women who do not like being forced, you know, Jimmy, you’re it,,,,,!!!” fool “who knows …. I was also a very patient man,, up-never complained one bit that when doctors are not allowed to do ‘it’,, years in the honeymoon .. I mean ‘pineapple moon’ cause we were a little late, I still may not do it,, ha? You were very bad, I also have read all of the requirements proposed by Hong Ki,, the candidate’s professor, who was none other than ,,,,,” “what,,,” Ask Jean who increasingly shocked because Jimmy is starting Jean brings it closer to the bed, “he was saying jimmy ,,,,” unfinished but Jean is a little surprised because they’ve lap each other in the middle of the bed,” he was,,, hero for our relationship,,, although slightly, , oversleep, because he most recently attended, and appeared before us,,, “” a-what you’ve met with producer Kim,,, “Ask Jean is not merely want to get it so her summer women, , “where you want to stay here, keep me company,,, will very soon time for us together,, just 1 month before I was operated on 5 patients of emergency,,,” “SKU else before,, sign, all,, the contract new trainers,, stewardress “” then wait no more, do not move much,, really difficult,, sharpen vision beside you,, to just — “” I can OWN! Do not touch me ,,,,!!!!” Jean also replace it with a towel wrapped her transparent dress … and immediately replace Jimmy who shuddered, seeing it Jean’s sexiest body, who came to him slowly,,, ” come on,,, Jim … “spa Jean who has returned with a fine, and Jimmy are still glaring began to wake up, and got it over to Jean,, smoothed the blanket that was in the right-left side of it,, to invite Jean sat down, , and immediately turn off the light table, because it is still very morning,, at 05, 10 in Honolulu, Hawaii,,,, they were smooth-smooth course,,,, 5 hours they were still inside, although as a guest of the new occupants in the hotel, and immediately packing themselves right at 10, 10 ,,,,,,,,,,, exact day so enjoyable for Jimmy, for the first time, they fondle it,,, in the early morning,, and longest second after the first time all night long, until it is bleeding, “Jean, thank you,, saying,,,, I do not think you want to do dor him…  I ,,,,” gave and said Jimmy who is also passionate-kiss that after the ‘fighting’ it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
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