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I wonder what makes Jimmy became so disappears all feeling upset,, Yong Hwa,, his cousin who was himself no one guess where all this time,,, he continued to defend Yong Hwa,, it really is not anything wrong, considering that indeed Yong Hwa really need more attention, where his heart, where his feelings as a brother who also lived his cousin live under one roof, at one school and attended the same class as well,, oh, God forgive MY FAULT,, where a few seconds ago I had thought him as a traitor, I was wrong, forgive me, Lord, return again joy where she like it when it has not been deposited to my parents,,, the late father, I am also indebted to the families who also have been thought as a child own, their own child, which I never felt during the first-born son in my family, my father and mother,, 
M oreover not mistaken I also chose Jean who became the mother of my son later,, he who always understand where the feelings of others even Yong Hwa where he has ever annoyed made by the act of ignorant Yong Hwa,,, but he was not revenge, in fact,, , responded with a warm love women, women who themselves have,, if not,,, it increasingly makes me knocked in the deepest heart,, she was a woman, Jean is my wife, did this,,? so true if this is their for outside say that I was the luckiest guy there, because I have a wife who is,, full understand in him,, never variety difference of  two of us seem never bothered one bit,, instead seem woman herself was so challenged to be able to educate me a bit brash and impatient, the, where during woman when I left in the mess during it,, my situation is getting better,,, ahhh, what does all this mean,, why the attitude of infantile -infantile myself always unbearable when with Jean, she was so charming like an angel who is always capable of nurturing,, true, said Jean, she will always be an advanced shield women in my life, but,, wait, what about the Yong Hwa, , he will remain a lantern, in my life, other than himself who always motivated me for this, which I feel the emptiness in my life,, who for 10 years we grew up under one roof, and now, without being able to give something valuable, he wanted to go home,, just like that,, returned to Korea, I was embarrassed over the incident recently, where I and jean is always fuss about things that are not important as long as at home,,, Yong Hwa,, keep yourself well in Pusan,,, I will bless you,, You and Seo Hyun,, why not,, to a woman who as soon as you admire it,, you’re willing to give it to me,, why can not I give my life instead, , like the word,,,, Jimmy could only long thought,,, 
#Airport Bayway  02: 00 pm,,,, 
Jean little…. little, troubled,, restless, somehow, because this time the first woman to pick up a mother, where there is a woman’s mother-in-law,,, how not nervous, he went back and forth and in and out toilet fix the appearance of women are still less suitable Jean taste as pregnant women, where he was a woman chosen for a mini dress maroon dress with red plain that, Jimmy is of course also had chosen the best, the best option for the wife that, but whatever resources ,, Jean felt uncomfortable,, he looks very nervous and awkward,,, touching and holding her stomach front, and occasionally wiping her sweat woman on the forehead,, it,,, Jimmy who seemed sorry to see Jean, was trying to pull the hand of Jean ,, to sit in a chair waiting with her, holding and directing the head of Jean to lean on his shoulder …. while Yong Hwa, who was also seen in such a rush that left the Canda, there may be matters which so suddenly that he could not linger up to join the others,,, but,, soon after American Airlines plane landed,,, until out of 12 people from the passenger line,, is a Korean citizenship, no one else,, surely they,, Jean which still stands .. without follow Jim who welcomed them all to hold them in turns,,, Jean is only muse and smiled, her thoughts scattered by Hong Ki woman who passed beside it,,, but it stalled, “gee, you ,,, Noona,,, you,, Shin-Hye,,, Shin Hye,,, aa,,, definitely, you’re pregnant, huh? Well, I soon became an uncle,,, young,,, ha,,, it,,, uncle Hong Ki,, nephew,,, greeting familiar, “said Hong Ki looks happy to see her sister-in-law’s pregnancy,, holding his sweeping glance Jean stomach began to swell it,,,, from a side view,,, saw occasional Jean is still frozen,, oh, it turns out,, he saw the woman-in-law was woman, mother and jimmy Hong Ki,, that not long after Jimmy who walked in front of women, who immediately embraced Jean to immediately give respect to all,,, it turns out they were all created equally missed by the circumstances that separated them all lately, and even cousin Miss. Wang who once was his rival Stylish women also came,,, Yoon Ryu,,, an honor for Jean who is the center missed all of them all,, the crew AN … like the day really innaguration which indeed was anticipated by all of them, until they were staying at the apartment of Jean-Jimmy is certainly still loose it to accommodate 12 people just for new occupants, Jean is happy to serve, they guestsspecial woman,,, until almost forgot to health of women and women who send him a message to Jimmy was not too tired before stepping into the eighth month of pregnancy women, and Jean is now entering the sixth month, it,, , oh, her stomach suddenly so sick,,, until he was insistent stopped intermittently walk to just stand up,, balancing a woman who seemed staggering pace it ,,,,,, sudden Jean was a woman who felt her swirling around her,, why is this,,, oh,,,, sick once, when he was the woman who was cool chatting with Ryu Yoon-law and that, now must pause by the disturbance and complaints on her head,, Jimmy passing on the kitchen bottom floor it,, was accidentally discovered his wife was in an unhealthy condition that was only observed appearance and attitude his wife, who still kept trying to hold back her pain, and Jimmy began to understand anything, you immediately approached Jean to take Jean away from the crowd, as well Seo Hyun who looked so was familiar with Jean,, sent Seo Hyun, candidate-in-law’s cousin Jean was to help bolster the upstairs, in Jimmy’s room, so when he got on top, they had little looks great difficulty, and tiredness, and Jimmy who feel sorry for Seo Hyun decided to accompany Jean that night, and allow Seo Hyun to sleep with his wife, but,,,, Seo Hyun who felt uncomfortable just trying to reject the demand that Jimmy with words that are refined such that,,, finally Jimmy who could not bear to leave the mother under the middle of calling it,, thought better, and still keep Jean,, in their room, the, Jimmy was approached Jean,, sat beside Jean who was still lying limp and looked in pain rather than play it, it is clear from her forehead wrinkles, and how much cold sweat that seeped from her palms to bolster the middle his lap women, felt uncomfortable going to get any jimmy compress,,, like Jean who always did when Jimmy sick with a fever a few days ago, 2 weeks ago also,, when the arrival Yong Hwa,,,, 
20 minutes later ~ 
Jimmy who came after chat  finished with Seo Hyun and his mother, on the floor under it,, was prepared by carrying a small white towel,, to compress it and put his forehead Jean chunks small tube ice it,,,, hah,,, How could this happen,, Jean,, sorry, that was seen falling asleep as well, but they are not, because his right hand lady that can withstand the departure of Jimmy who simply just to move it,, watched Jimmy who also looks wistful fatigue facing Jean who had been kept advised it was not easy,, roam with the assistant women to present all kind of dinner menu at the dinner table that great, at Jimmy thought enough of his assistants are doing,,, Jean began to speak “what mother had said, earlier, I had heard a mother call you ,,,,,,,,,,,, there must be something so important ,,,,, until he told you to go down,, what,, say, Jim,,, “” Uh, not only,, tickets, and passport,,, “” what service so you want to go again,, do not you feel sorry for the her pregnant begin to enlarge this,,! you really have the heart,,,, !!!!” Jean was sitting, unfortunately even though Jimmy was not finished,,, “jean,, dear, no,, does that mean,, this is for us,,, we are will — “” huh, well, I just want to go down,, to the park, the front page …..” “Jean,, but listen to me,, first,, JEAN !!!!” seems Jimmy which began a little audible snap that made Jean almost shudder of fear, and Jimmy was interesting jean agencies to embrace that dropped them slowly to the bed that is wide enough that, centering body of Jean who was on the edge of it at first,,, “listen to me, , this, our honeymoon, instead of,, should be, not that again,, “” yes, it has long been missed, I know, maybe pineapple months now,,, “Jean who stared back at her husband’s sharp it,, “What, you want what?” “why do not we make a deal,, to avoid it,, in the ‘honeymoon’ us, I just want you to not get hurt again, like yesterday, on the toilet .. it is a mistake- – “Jean was immediately interrupted,,, with a chuckle,,, which makes Jimmy got confused,,,,” what is it, Jean,,, what you’re not angry, I was always wrong, “” you can teach me, , do it,, subtly and slowly,,, “”,,, what? I’m really hard to believe this, but — “” come on let’s do before I changed my mind, Jim,,, “” I should always ask,,, “” without you asked for it,, too,, I’m give it,,, “they were sighted; long fuse his love .,,,,,,,” first, Jean,, what is the most you like me,,? “” um, I like your chin.,,, then,,, “” all These,, can be started with a bright ****” Jimmy told Jean,, Jean who knowingly began coming to kiss the chin Jimmy, but Jimmy was again not satisfied with work Jean,,,, protest,, “Do not be too slow, too,, you’re waiting for me to fall asleep,,,???” Jean was trying to accelerate the pace of her lips to approach Jimmy but,, Jimmy who was ready to approach it too,, straight sweep Jean’s neck, and suck it like when they woke up the first time of ‘stuff’ that,,, Jean was trying to sulk just squirming but still respond coherently,, until they are already quite long, 15 minutes, each axis and that, Jean is where the waist protect the woman’s stomach,, restraints and detained by the second embraces the rest Jimmy strong hand on the that bed, and Jean is the one hand women are also being rested on the chest Jimmy for herself did not fall on Jim’s chest and hard, , once they crushed each other lips, and Jimmy the spread,, down, until around the breast Jean,,, but soon, they just do it in limited above, henceforth they will still continue in Hawaii, , Central America and their journey to the United States along the Golden Bridge in the USA. Tomorrow, of course there will be surprises awaiting Jimmy from Jean that, tomorrow morning,,, was a recommendation from Hong Ki ,,,,,, THE THINKING IS THAT younger brothers,,, 

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