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Yong Hwa who had been following the direction of the rate of road where two of his friends that, instead of just friends anymore,, but also a family, very close to him,,, since small,,, since he was living under one roof with Geun Suk in at that time also must always be left alone in the house of his master who always busy working to take care of mining companies and mining of gold yag during life they lead and move to America was,,, whatever that is thinking small Yong Hwa at the time,, he could only contemplate fate and always tried there when Geun Suk need help from someone who called a friend,, and Yong Hwa has proved that,, that she was capable of seorag’s always there in front of Geun Suk,,, which is still very kecilitu,, their age still fairly young to think about how their future without caresses and affection of a mother and a father with him,,, you know,,, the biggest secret Yong Hwa,,, where at the time he deposited to live with his uncle’s home ,, home of Mr. Ahn, who was none other than the father Geun Suk, who had died 3 years ago,, have you thought what kind of fate that was struck Yong Hwa,,, when it,, first day in North America, Canada,,, in a residence of a very large and spacious it is,,, she still feels lonely, even though 20 servants working and always ready to be willing to come just to serve their needs and come to Preparing all purposes Yong Hwa from start waking from sleep ,,, Preparing for him bath warm water,, preparing breakfast, school uniform,,, came home from school again, and so on occur repeatedly every and all day,,, and always the same without a significant change,,, oh , did not start it Pulai,, on the second day,,, how unpleasant experience, because where he wanted to walk away,, some where objectives were that,,, surely he always met with a little boy who was tall and so handsome with play something, whatever it is,, which seems very fascinating to the little man old house,,, never bit or tried to come say hello Yong Hwa that no other has a right of ownership of this house, after a mandate from the father who is also the younger brother of the father Geun Suk,, it,, Geun Suk also never alone, where-where he always looks with a sweet girl who always have time for him,,,, since then Yong Hwa began to envy,, according to him,, where the feeling of the little Geun Suk,,, which is none other than her cousin,,, never once asked Yong Hwa quiet little to speak, though not alone,,, even rollicking he never does anything ,, although they both are in a car if you go to school, even so, they are also equally popular, less what this cousin,, Yong Hwa even are more likely to have a good temperament than Geun Suk who looks rough and arrogant from the outside, although they were not ignorant of what is in his mind,, missed his fine,,, she felt even as a woman, and could lost women in it …. 
* Incident 3 years before Geun Suk Yong Hwa and live in the same residence,, At Home Geun Suk Young * 
Geun Suk who was 4 years old at the time,, still occupy the first in her school play group, the Canadian Academy Play-Group,,, prestigious schools in Canaa,, said students who go there on average is most officials’ children no, the son of a businessman was,, we can see Geun Suk child pairs leading mining entrepreneurs in several States in the United States,,, is the little girl who looks close to him, Shin Hye small child who is also an ambassador of the State of Central America who was dealing with the International Transportation,,,, which was moved around the place, not only to one State,, has more than 5 countries they once stayed simply to widen the network of cooperation or diplomacy with other countries, so that South Korea also was included in the list of his visit,,, later on, so Shin Hye was just waiting for the right time just to voluntarily participate willy-nilly with the girl’s mother and father,,,, when it,, there is a child Also from China who went to school there,,, his name is Yung Fhei,, where here, she was the center of the toughest competitors to get close to Shin Hye kacil it,,,, certainly before Yong Hwa came,,,, and when it ,, Yung Fhei which was first revealed her feelings to Shin Hye, but so, as we know, Shin Hye did not like it,,,, no taste to it,, until Geun Suk who are sick at the time,, in hospital, visited by Shin Hye who ran towards him that,, just to give him motivation to get well soon,, since tyhat,, Geun Suk turned into a jovial feel less affection and don’t have parents again,,, really touching,, so Shin Hye meaning of existence in itself,,, that’s all they remember about Yong Hwa ,,,,,, 
# At the Church Entrance at 11: 45 am ~ 
Yong Hwa who had been there at the back was way ahead of two friends who were to be his brother,,,, with her bold,,, facing the front of the hall,, knees,, sat on a chair in front of middle his seat,, it lasts quite long,,, nearly half an hour, but he who saw Jimmy and Jean are still standing behind it and just see staring at him, he said, “why are you still there, and sit down beside me and immediately turning to prayer as much as possible in his house the most secure this, we can freely ask for what SAJ,, though only Jim’s mother who we have,, my father and my mother was passed away, Jim,,, “said Yong Hwa who tried to be patient,, , Jimmy who felt betrayed even then spoke with an increasingly overwhelming emotions,,, “What? What did you say? So you’ve been lost contact with because of this,,, why do you never say, ha? Why do not I can only say until I came to the funeral of my aunt there, many of their services to me didn’t one else I replied, stupid! You’re it,, what are you guess him gone! ,,,,” I responsibility “is not so, but —” “listen to him first, dear,” Jean began to speak,,, “Yong Hwa may have other plans,,, only he takes the right time like now to talk to us ,,,,” “but-he had aunts and uncles —” “AND HE THAT PARENTS – ME” Yong Hwa had tears in his eyes ,,,,, immediately began to realize that Jean be a sense of calm that Yong Hwa had the best attitude is the legacy of the father and mother, Jean really sorry,, hugged Yong Hwa just to forget and dry the wound by the emotion that caused Jimmy,, emotion because she also had consider it as a family Yong Hwa The closest that he believed it was hiding something very big, about the death of his parents who made Jimmy so shocked,,, “You,, forgive him, yes, he did not mean,,, no purpose,,,” “I,, I,, i’m sorry,,, I beg pardon all my fault,,, I’m too selfish to be a role model — “” okay,,, I-all,,, it,,,, wrong — wrong from me,,, that is not trying to be honest from the start,,, “They were three of us,, a good cry together, at church,, it ,,,,,,,, place where they could freely complain,,,, ,,,,,,, “I,, will never forgive you, if you you were not forthright in the future ,,,,,,”” I promise … … … … “while pointing his left pinkie finger, Yong Hwa feel happy over the response given by both his little friend ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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