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They also incessantly crying until satisfied, given the memory memories that have been swept away by the beauty of the past are repeated in the present, they are equally almost no family now,,, that is a father and a mother who could always be invited to share, tell,,, and imagination for the future of their own, Jean is starting to understand now why her husband,, was so fond of,, his cousin,, who seemed so calm himself and gallant in deal with every problem,, it turns out is someone who is depressed in his life, did not differ much with Jimmy, the her husband woman,,, why,, why, yes, why, they are equal in fate,,, both live and grow without a caress and love affection of a mother or father who accompany them should be from childhood,,, until they can be said to grow up without loving parents,, they always compete fairly in terms of appearance and attitude in front of people,,, maybe just to find sympathy or any judge to get someone from outside friends who really sincerely willing and able to make friends with them,, whose status is the son of a famous officer in the American,,, and businessmen, those who have grown among young people who always well coordinated,, what does not,, just try to imagine those who from birth rather than administered by a parent yet, a baby sitter who must always be vigilant and alert in their 24-hour guard,,, full, without drinking breast milk, , but,,, had formula milk cartons,,, which is still less still if compared with one glass of milk,,, and they were added again, new to the figure behind the assertiveness and leadership as their parents superiors in their respective fields that,,, but how else, again fate should make them give in to it,,, yes, precisely when they are adrift only 9 months, almost one year, where the first Geun Suk first born into the world,,, in his age to 7 years,, and Yong Hwa who was 6 years old at the time,,, must be abandoned by their mother and father just to take care of and finish the job,,, for parents who do not Yong Hwa Another is the uncle-aunt Geun Suk who was forced to leave her only child had to live under one roof at the residence of the family Jang,,,
Since then, Yong Hwa also formerly known as a cheerful child be a child who is always depressed in every day,,, for some reason it happened,, probably because himself is a boy who was always close to his father,,, Mr. Jang Byeol,,,, but after the departure father and his mother was very quiet and himself be closed, until he was familiar figure who often brought her into the residence was Geun Suk,,, Shi Hye who is able to comfort her to withdraw her heart that when it was upset,,,, like a lost spirit to normal life as usual, but unfortunately,, Shin Hye who was also exactly the same as Geun Suk who mutually admire one another, either because what,, making Yong Hwa increasingly understand the advantages attitudes held by his cousin, the ,, the attitude of her ‘knight’ Shin Hye who always makes its presence increasingly adored it,,,, Shin Hye who was now incarnate and changed into a quiet woman who changed it,, of course ,,,,, because he was a woman who is now also have felt what was we both feel, being a woman orphan, since her family move to the south of Korea, where he was a very shocking moment, because,, where his family, died of attack of bomb fusion bomb deliberately in pairs in rooms of their homes by the enemy of the Korean myself, I do not know,, she thinks, what one family,,,? What’s wrong with being a State embassy where a person lives with ease will be at stake,,,? Easy to drift,,, when it, he was still in Junior High School,, 13,,,, was just the story of Jean ,,,,,,,,,, who collapsed and began to mature since the incident,,, as well,,,, with the story of Hong Ki,,, brother Geun Suk who was born but with a different atmosphere ,,,,, with his always cheerful, optimistic,,, and overly confident,, that would definitely him always grow in a situation that always support it,,,, but instead he was less well developed in attitude on the other hand, why,, of course … because his arrogant attitude. Why not, she always low looked at people, like the boss, and the worst, she always did not assume the existence of people who are always beside him,,,, so Hong Ki,, where he always faced affection enough ,, spelled out very excessive bias even as a boy in his family’s youngest ,,,,, of a father and mother say that, because where Geun Suk, who as her brother never once even on vacation with his father who was so dear,,, then Yong Hwa,, as his cousin who is also small since been deposited into his family,,, until he had never met with the father-mother,,,, who were on duty in the land of it,,, even Hong Ki, the youngest child, and even to service her mother and father were always deliberately encouraged wherever and as far as what the parents whether they would go from North America, specifically in Canada that, that’s how they all intertwined lives,,, the way their story each is so complicated to put together even to be told again,,,
Now ~
Jean is increasingly not the heart to Yong Hwa, his life, which of course still in mourning,,, his mood, because,,,,, less than one month of his father and mother died, the cause of the accident,, plane to Korea,, , and of course that’s what makes Yong Hwa want to first get to the residence of Jean-Jimmy just to complain,,, and tell his dizziness,,, nothing more, not even once any intention of damaging household for Jimmy Jean-which had always been cool calm just that,,,, Jean is truly sorry that is not biased because he deny what he actually felt as a woman adult woman who is not worth it ,,,,,,, just because memories of the past about the man’s dream,,,, Yong Hwa is estimated at Shin Hye man during in South Korea,,,, and now Jean bias accept it,,, Yong Hwa also expressed the intention of his arrival,, just wanted to express his consent to it and Jimmy was already married, as well as requesting approval for their approval relationship with Seo Hyun,, girl, now,,,, which will promise to introduce himself,,, while after his return,,, to Korea to come together with the AN crew and her aunt, Mrs. Jimmy …. Jean and Jimmy ang thrilled to hear this good news, just immediately took her stand, up, wake up just to,, return to a warm atmosphere for the next day’s drive ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, return Yong Hwa, dams arrival Yong Hwa future wife, cousin and the mother ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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