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# In the Upper Room Sofa Jimmy Jean-07: 30 am ~

Jimmy began to wake up, wake up from long sleep since last night, still with his wife,,, it, Jean is still in the right upper chest hold and lap by him,, he was the man who tried to recall the pseudo-office tasks unfinished,, files still must be signed him to wait agreement who served as a Doctor of Concultan for young surgeons others,,, he did a few days is being busy with all the tasks waiting to be touched collected that, until to the point that no time for herself with family,, relax,, enjoy the waiting period his first child birth,,, let it, and even time for herself SAJ can say almost nothing,, she is always hungry to stay in the hospital which has been home or a second residence that, after his house where he was always indulging his wife and served by the ninth his personal assistant,,, hufth,, Really heavy sigh himself to relax,, oh, Lord, yes, today he even almost forgot when will carried Jean to go to church near Beverlly Hill,,, for what,,, yes for that of course, still secret, and even that his wife Jean have deliberately not been told,,, to just be a surprise from recovery lately, , where they quarreled often not clear,,, cry together,,, spoiled, spoiled sometimes obscure also because of what, and besides Yong Hwa who came increasingly to make Jean recently the more visible furious course,, why ,, even the women themselves often make a deliberate mistake to direct it to Yong Hwa, the cousin is how this, how could he so,, on the other side of him wanted to so defend Yong Hwa, but on the other hand, it would be very disturbing the peace of his beloved wife,, what should he do,, for the sake of all of them to stay fine,, as usual,, Yong Hwa household before coming to just visit,,,,

Ahh, the more difficult it all is these pressed, without any conscious Jean also looked so depressed lately,, since 12 days before arrival Yong Hwa,, yes,, indeed he would plan to stay here until 2 weeks ever,, sorry,, Jean, and saw, and watched his beloved wife’s face was a moment, how could,, Jean punish himself up to such a poor man,, could not bear any longer, until her move just wanted to let go of his arms so that his wife do not wake up,, once,,, but alas,,, he thinks it is a handle on the appearance a light brown and it looks slick,, actually is the elbow of Jean,,, which one hand is still there under the arm itself, either what happened so that everything is so difficult to be removed,, it turns out,, their skin is still sticking together fighting was due last night, up to Jean who woke up, startled to see her at her husband,, who was also being filmed looking at another woman ,, there is something wrong? it turns out,, WHAT? what we did yesterday, why we were there on the couch,,, like a pair of lovers who have just ended the first night that, why can I ARE HERE,,, on top of Jimmy who seem no less confused,,, immediately Jean was a middle accident looking for a place to quickly get up and move away from her husband introgative view, and instantly he wanted to get up, the more,,, be-so angry, times it,, what?? what Jimmy did last night? how can he now naked boss .. where-where pajamas boss Jean, Jean the shame without a bond holder that hit breast reast her she just ducked his head, crossing her hands to cover it,,, he did not care for Jimmy and this time it started to remember what performed by Jimmy about it last night she was, this just a misunderstanding … not so Jean,, you should have heard first from the mouth of Jimmy that has been painstakingly restore this concentration,, oh, God help me,, explained before the penalty drifted to the front of me,, on behalf of my wife this,,, I beg God, his face the pleading that was immediately visible change by Jean,, Jean who just want to know what really,, too,, began the courage to ask her husband,,, “Jim, what really —” “calm down, dong,,, Jean,, hear me out, and answer what you did yesterday,,, first, you remember that you BCAA catalog? ” “Huh? Catalog? How could I forget ,,,,”” means you are remembered by all their continou,,,, well, I want a bath first,,, “” but — what did you – “” heh,, DO NOT THINK THAT —- “” BUT,, why do we wake up in a sofa, and what you did last night it — “” ah, this cum misunderstanding … ” “What do you mean calm about it, ha? I need a definitive answer, you’re already been promised to —” “You really want to know,,, let me it be!” Jimmy was at once so just picked up Jean’s body to his shoulders, lifted her, the woman who had been let yelling obscure it,,, Jim was just getting nosy,, let the shadows and devious plans that have been pushed and displayed on his head ,,,

# In the Bathroom ~

Jimmy Jean in lowering his shoulder into a small seat fairly high on the toilet seat that was the bathroom, Jean who could not understand what will be done by her husband, who began to look a little more nervous about it, , seen from his sweat one-two that started flowing into his broad chest, the, who was naked, it, too,, means chest,,, she is starting to go turned back like this just to leave Jean,,, who just say,,, “immediately take a bath,, behind a curtain next to me,,, after that,, we hurry to the church, I want the three of us prayed together,,, okay,”

15 minutes elapsed ~

Jean is as usual the middle bandage her long hair with a layer of pink towel, and stuffing it towel white fur along the chest and thighs of the woman,,,, Jimmy who started wide-eyed because Jean is wearing it, although even then only see ,, but by mistake it made was so tempted to do that,,, again with his wife,,,, who was Slender body, and Jimmy who once pressed the instantaneous shoulder caromed Jean,,, to a toilet seat which was located beneath woman’s right,,, which also makes,, Jean,,, shocked shocked when Jimmy who had stood up and raised a little thigh Jean to prop woman,, to be always in the right his lap it,,, pressed her belly into her stomach ,,,? felt a bit in wrapping a towel left Jean to open it,,, Jean who goggled at once with what he saw a woman,,, argghhh, but Jean was in a position that is not safe right now,,, how can he escape from the woman’s lap the husband was,,, which also began to open the fabric of a towel under her belly button she wore it,,, WHAT? this time Jimmy was the craze only,,, mr. P was deliberately she sank into a tense organ on it that,, mrs. Jean V,, jean tried to refuse who failed would not know how anymore, not because of high levels of illness-but also all the promises of Jimmy who always denied,,, which also has cleaned up his woman about to go to church to the holy place … although they had three,,,, Jean could only surrender to the caresses husband present, and Jimmy are getting these crazy as seemingly never changed his bad habits which can always help myself,, to have one-half hour they stab and stab each other it,,, to ‘liquid condensed’ wetting each other in each and every curve that they have,,, the organ under it,,, until they began to pain can not stand, and decided to make a mutual agreement to serve each other,, in the near future, so things like this do not happen again, and Jimmy was so outrageous,,, “I’m sorry, again,, my body can not turn to you,,,” as she winced and grimaced in pain hold smiled back, , “well, let’s immediately clean yourself,, 30 minutes Yong Hwa must be ready at the bottom floor,,, to the Cathedral ….” “Hemm ,,,,, thank you, chaggiya,,, you always try to understand ,,,,” Jimmy who was touched even in a state of mutual respectively sank,,, mutual support it,,, just kissed the top of the crown Jean is still withered, his views ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

# Floors Down Apartments … 09; 20 ~

As always Jimmy who put his hand to his waist Jean that still need to be being carried it,,,, little by little, slowly Jean is getting used also to go down with great care,, once still seem stiff for women stepped, ,, it,, until his woman back,, want to drop, and do not leave the habit Jimmy also always on time, caught a woman on the left arm length,, to Jean down who was still in his chest while draping her slim arms which also hug at Jimmy’s beautiful neck,, still looking at Jean,,, to the point that they could not see if Yong Hwa who had been central to see them to immediately leave together,, had thought better to come with newly married couples who had recently ,,, Jimmy is still looking happy, what does not,, only this time, he was completely satisfied with the physics resigned earlier in the toilet Jean Yong Hwa did not know for sure,, so was Jean who was still stunned to see her husband woman who is always there when needed as it was immediately on the steps before,, a sprightly may himself arrest Jean,, until both couple this, and re-awakened surprise, Jean who came down from Jimmy’s arms were immediately changed his expression instantly woman,,,, Jimmy who saw it, immediately steady pace for his wife’s hand, while giving the code to Yong Hwa for immediate road, follow their steps to the Church ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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