# Praying Together The Lover Heart% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter10 by Shin Rae Byung on Wednesday, 02 February 2011 at 18:31

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Yong Hwa arrival is indeed likely to become a parasite on the life of Jimmy-Jean this, even though it only has in mind Jean alone,, frightened woman who began her surfaced and resurfaced again this,,, ah,, really,, dream bad,,, for her woman,,, why again,, thought Jean,, after so long they started to calm down … but precisely now is beginning to return,, recover,, this, will actually torn back,, with ‘Crazy Frog’ which this Mature,, Yong Hwa,,, yes,, Jung Yong Hwa, although he is only a period of then the rise of life that even Shin Hye has long been not wearing that name after his return to North America this woman,,, Jimmy was so,, he is not a figure which is now a man named Jang Geun Suk it,,, again, but ,, Jimmy Black, who has returned much 5 years before Jean is back,,, following to pursue his dream woman,,, it,,, yes, precisely to pursue his love of women, although initially it was like hard to believe, for some reason ,, Jean never once thought about and thought about it, until all the crew and personnel ANJELL should encourage Jean to be aware of and pursuing Jimmy had to America to take care of his father’s company, which now own any Ahn Tuan also has passed away,, 2 years after Jimmy’s return to it,,,, which it turns out, as well as before he died, was ordered to Geun Suk ‘Jimmy’ immediately find the right life companion,,, capable of happiness that Geun Suk, ,, which is certainly able to accompany her eldest son was to lead the company which employs nine thousand employees that, in some countries in Central America, parts of it,,, and it turns out,, really poor,,,, fate was snatched all her dreams were as a father,,, to immediately see his first son was marrying a girl who was adored idol of him so far,,, and it turns out well,,,, so far Geun Suk has not been married or single can be said that because he was waiting daughters’ clown pesta’ her, it, namely Jean,, really sad story, but,, thankfully, it has long missed his time,,, can be seen,,
* Now … * Jean who was pregnant men love women with Geun Suk,, uh, instead of Jimmy Black who not long ago for 6 months just middle holds the status of Mrs. Jimmy Black,, which is where we know that, once he is a senior stewardess on Bayway Office in each flight were all passengers will be calling her name just to ask for services that ‘wow’ from his woman,,, can say,, it,, “Miss. Jean,,,, please drink,,, I going again,,, “” Miss. Jean,, where his emergency door,,, for just in case if there are things we do not want ?,,,” and others,,, the point is a woman named Jean Avansta ,,, nice name and fits to simply describe the woman herself, where she has her posture ladder,,, beautiful legs, not long nor short, like most women out in general, or even women who Other Asia still bleeding, and besides with his woman, Jean has a face that nod,, manicured, beautiful, for a woman who since childhood bloody Asia even born here in America, and grew up here too of course … how do you think of Jean ,,,,,?? whether the same views as her husband Jimmy woman, with you,, ah,, the most important thing now they have united, and live happily, like what they are concerned about, remember, will fight them how to can go to the ladder marriage, in the Cathedral, the, how Jean had not met 5 years, could come back to meet her dream man a woman who was also a friend of Jean during small in Kindergarten? Jean said it seems it’s true, they really believe in the power of love, to love any who feel they are still loyal to him finally reunited back through moments of unintended,, first,, * in the mess ANJELL which Jean, Shin Hye recommended by the Manager Boy Band was to hire himself as a stylish woman of his,,,, and start it,, in the month to the 11th Geun Suk who began to know that Shin Hye none other than the princess’ during his clown party’ is being sought by her no less than 12 years since they separated from the family of Shin Hye, who was then,, should follow the father who moved offices to South Korea to handle around the International Transportation …. expected to understand, because,, here’s fate became one of his daughters whose father was an important man at the embassy and the state consultant,, American,,, not there the story continues ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, second course * On the plane ride when it was Jimmy who wanted to come home from Hawaii and one of the countries in Asia who need the help of a volunteer doctor, who was Jimmy going and took part in that,, no wonder,, Jimmy’s surgeon great young heart among other young doctors who are located in California that, at first he did not work there, but one of the central hospital in the state of the United States, but because his expertise is heard not infrequently from each mouth of a senior doctor who so believe it works, then that, he moved to his own neighborhood in California, who was here,, began to meet with Jean that one aircraft with Jean, Jean the middle that turned out very angry serve it at first ,, and was impressed arrogant by wearing his sunglasses,, once opened,, it turns out,,, they were surprised it was so wide, until Jimmy is trying to catch Jean is about to run away to the back,,, sorry,, lucky Jimmy Jean’s footsteps could reach a not so wide, considering herself a woman, and wear high-heels as well as attributive woman as a flight attendant,, once Jimmy held her to not run away from him with a hug from behind, tried,, guess, digest, which is everything, is it possible really,, it turns out,, right,, Jean began to reverse,,, no matter how, in disbelief, but indeed they are,,, are together now, what would say, , Jean who was wanted to turn around, but when the plane was a little shaky uncontrollably, until they both dropped down, with the position that sustain and middle Jimmy Jean hugged his chest that had fallen upon it,,, smiling also Jean who tried to rise and still put his right hand woman in the chest as well ,,,,, Jimmy Jimmy warm smile who returned it,,, what a beautiful first moment that remains after all these years they are separate, one-another,, 2 souls are connected by love,, until there was what is describe their longing desire on that day, too, where Jimmy is trying to carry Jean into her apartment,, until now,,,
# Floors Down,, 08 Dining Room: 30 am ~
Jean and their personal assistants who were busy preparing menus that they serve today, to a large round dining table,,, somehow like something is missing, of course, because,, a husband and wife who have not had time to visit the Cathedral to pray together because reprimanded by the arrival Yong Hwa, the privileged guest at this time, because after all he is a cousin of her beloved husband,, Yong Hwa who was sitting in his chair that has been provided fit for 12 people it,, 9 his personal assistant, Jean-Jimmy and Yong Hwa,,, Jean is only preparing a few dishes and make his position on his stomach in a state that, not too formal so impressed that,, Yong Hwa who could not understand because none sentences and even words from the mouth of Jean, the girl of his first idol,,, feeling awkward, he finally tried broke silence, “Jean,, you look so neat going? is there an appointment with someone today,,? ckckck ,,, “” what,, my wife is,, is a busy man indeed, and even now he occasionally had to be present at his office to simply control the work of his trainer,,, I too often see fatigue, until he fell asleep once in a while on the couch, until I had to move it,,, “” yeah, right, darling?? ” Jimmy asked her to fix the hair that covers the face of Jean who was still standing beside it,,, Yong Hwa who seemed glad to hear this news was,, soon turned the conversation, with direct drive tough question,, for Jim replied, only Jean which could, so the plan was not gagl, and his disguise was not uncovered, and could not smell by Jimmy as well as Jean is apparently still so uncomfortable with the arrival of her,, this,,, “Jean .., so today you have a schedule, unfortunately,, but, today, I would like to invite you,, just to the villa, we can,, recalled in the mess during the first,,, where we never had time to be a relationship first, , how? ” Jean was just silent, still with the position of women,, had been, like Jean who had never heard this question asked only for her,,, finally once again Jimmy that mediate,,, “Jean, do you want it, we do not have to be to church first,, you are more important, greet each,, is not this the last 6 months,, you’re very busy,, you can find fresh air in there, I will allow and to delay our departure,, could visit tomorrow ,, or the day after tomorrow,,, “Jean is shocked to hear that,, was soon back,,,” OK,, WHAT WORDS – “” if you’re bothered, I’m fine, I can manage to come there,, “” good,,, “” uh, what,, do,, I’ll postpone my,,, you take this approach with my wife, she just a little unstable since pregnancy — “” what,, SO YOU ACCUSE ME! ” “Not so dear,,, but —” “better it seems I have to come out for this problem does not continue,” Yong Hwa came out just like that, without touching his food first, and, although Jimmy and Jean are still fighting, , but in the mind Yong Hwa,, with this, it will become increasingly good for the continuation of their relationship,,, Jimmy Jean-pity, this time,,, they run out in the game Yong Hwa,, until they decided to go with to curch,, tomorrow morning,,
# In the room of Jean-Jimmy 11; 00 nights ~
Jimmy who sees his beloved wife was reading a new catalog that is still visible on his bed,, with a position as an ordinary person,,, read while sleeping …. turning the pages-per-page just to see a page that is really good for Jean himself, but he did not seem to find it,,, until Jimmy is interested in helping by sitting beside her, stroking the hair of his wife Jean in order to maintain feelings that look chaotic for some time earlier, until they who had fought at the dinner table, which was so embarrassing,,, because in front of his brother, in fact,, it was reasonable to households, but they rarely like that, so this a bit strange,, who grew weary Jean got up, and away from Jim,, until Jimmy had started to feel what was experienced by Jean now, his wife followed him into the thick blanket that woman,, just,, Jean hugged by placing his hand, to the shoulders Jean, but Jean was soon distanced his, to make Jimmy was interested,, to force Jean,, off,,, his pajama top, and immediately take them off on behalf of his anger, , which although not seen a glimpse of those eyes,, solely so,, which began running out of her mind about how to make it yield,, is also opening hook holder which bears his wife’s breast, the, to him that the darkness that, linking also to Slender his body coming toward Jean, who also left him, Jimmy, was in a state of ‘breast-bare’,, slightly built and looked up at Jean’s face, and asked, “why are you this morning, you do not expect and would never expect,, repeated incidents like this morning,, in our homes, “Jean is still silent, the two Jean just listen,,,,” what I have to leave you two,, to be able to receive their respective to each other ,,,?” The third Jimmy started a little emotion, as seen from his right hand which began to shore up on Jean’s shoulders, “I,,, angry, embarrassed, dizziness,, with all my attitude,, as well as all the strange behavior from you,, end These days,,, I can receive,, Yong Hwa’s first name could occupy your heart, but,, not like this too — “Jean was holding her sudden and without much further ado,, touching and lifting her cheek bone that, to just calm and restore her emotions that,,, “hey, who said I,, hate him, I accept it,, not for you,, the name of love,,, because I love you,,, so I should be ready with everything-everything that exists and is associated with you, whether directly or indirectly,, so, although I must admit, I hate this, I hate to see you,, who is always trying to defend it in before me,,, I’m sick, but, I hold, I,, should be,,, a shield,, here, in this heart … ” Jean replied softly, touching on the chest,,, Jimmy’s mood had changed it too,, began to curb his emotions, ranging without anger again, where the wife is always able to disarm and withdraw all its anxiety and anger .. like a polar ice doused by volcanic magma mountain, until melted immediately blocks it .. Jean in his heart so that more meaningful,,, with hands that still held at the end of each arm Jean, Jimmy was trying to return his gratitude .. it, either with,, what,, how now,, holding Jean and burying her body into the arms of Jean,, this, that there is not a dirty dirty mind aatu again, however, full of love, the days are filled with shower of love, which always poured her every day, although it is hard for each breath, however, Jimmy is always responsive reversing its position,, so as usual, he was always there to pad Jean,, prop Jean until morning came and woke them ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to go to church together tomorrow, with Yong Hwa ,,,,,,
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