# Seconds after the Second Coming of Competitor Weight% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter8 by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 01 February 2011 at 18:59

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Jean should be awakened 15 minutes once to see the woman that her husband Jimmy, who was a fever in her own arm clamp,,, Jean who started tidying compress the repeated fall is in the slick Jimmy’s forehead,,, Jean who feel very sorry for seeing woman repeatedly what was wrong with Jimmy lately that sometimes he looked glum after work without knowing Jimmy,, honest, and Jimmy was right,, a man, although more sensitive to the logic rather than with feelings,, very sorry for herself, , thought Jean ,,,,, how not now, just try to think now, and Jimmy out of her that a senior doctor at one central hospital in Los Angeles,,, it,,, every day should wake up early, , at least at,, 3,, to prepare all his surgical equipment,, for his patients who also are mostly those who have not had the opportunity and confidence because they are the patients Jimmy thought his life was useless,, at threshold, ,, just waiting for the right day,,, but who’s to say,,,, Jimmy even who always see the face and the look on the faces of his patients who always seem unstable and not a spirit that just makes him even more challenged to test and create the formula new to all this anticipation,, let alone for the most severe risks,,, of killing his patient, in this section, which she thought very hard to decide, what should he do,, donate to heal with all its number of patients surviving another, how can she work in the inner pressure, the remaining power, and certainly not much longer to create a new smile just to see his patient again to find the spirit of life, as well as the growing time long rather than the more elongated ……….
but,,,, the more brief and shorten it,,,, sorry for himself indeed, and Jimmy who is also head of the family, a future father of her child to be born later by Jean, who is now her husband stole a glance to observe woman who looked very tired,,, this, and even obvious from the way he clasped Jean, who more and more,, just weak,, not a normally tight,,, also his eyes, which looked very sad that, ,,, Jean who finished thought that,, just go to get out,, to the drug, in the space behind the living room,,, a place more like a passageway,,,, but very bright and neat in it, , so that can not be said as a warehouse,,, Jean is not reluctant to reach a drug box was right there in front of it,, soon extended her hands forward a little,, with little toes too,,,, was about to slip because the woman herself distance in front of her legs and chest are almost 50 cm, was overwhelmed Jean, but did what they say,,, love makes everything possible,, Jean is able to take the medicine box, and dug with his hands to just look down ,,,, is it true that women take drugs that he was,, true, fever,, immediately, Jean herself a woman turn around,,,, and go back,, she stepped quietly to pass and climb every ladder chicks no less than 30 that amount,,, Jean remembered the message her husband every step over this place,, said Jimmy, Jean had to be careful for the sake of their little angel,,,, if any chance Jimmy will prepare them for the emergency room while when Jean that during pregnancy only,,, to settle down,,, would remain in the room upstairs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
# In the room of Jean-Jimmy at 10; 00 nights ~
Jean who walked slowly in order not to wake Jimmy by step female,,, but it somehow, Jean who was also puzzled made because, every woman he did not want anything disturbing the husband, even her husband woke up with his spry ,,, Jimmy even had time to greet his wife who was carrying a tray of white milk and medicine,,,, lowering it,, whatever the brand-trade,,, Jean ignored, which is important, so long as it does not expire,,, then never mind,,,, yes,, Jimmy like no other what with him,, maybe this is called instinct doctor? swiftly he rose quickly, but Jean would sit again held,, to make peace with Jimmy back to its original position,,, gee,, this couple always enviable, when healthy, they are spoiled ,, when depressed, they share,, problem,,, each other,,, in happy times, they exchanged stories, and now their turn, each other,, none of them are away,, even more attention and more understanding alone, but, either was, when suddenly there was a bully in their midst,, ‘crazy frog’ nicknames that they take to all who could only interfere with them,, who was making out moreover,, hahaha,, this time,, wait,,,,
Jim sank swiftly in the face of Jean who were heading toward Jimmy who was carrying the tray containing a glass of milk that is left open it,,,, why, of course, as a doctor’s wife, Jean has stolen a lot of experience of doctors Jimmy is also Jean’s husband,, milk covered or made in hot conditions will not function optimally in the body,,, as well as cold milk or menyedu with ice water will be better, not only because Jimmy had a fever,, so Jean is so,,, not,,, is not it,,, but the milk is in a state of ‘normal’ was not going to remove and destroy the content of yogurt fermentation or her,,, so either way,,, if it’s too hot,, casein damaged, nutrition and nutrients lost,, ah,, a lot,,, and will long be explained if,,, Jean who is still detained her husband for not doing much before,,, “Jim,,, who tell you to wake up, ,, do not wake up, GO,, lay BACK,,, this time you have to obey my orders,, what I say,,, did not you tell me this is Jean physician who had cured patients who listened to Jimmy ,,,,” Jim still with wistful eyes,, just furrowed his forehead, a sign he was still somewhat do not understand because it is not aware of his position had fallen asleep,, really sorry for Jim,,, Jean is back to treat it as a patient as if,, becoming less understand what happened exactly,,, “come on,, open your mouth,,, AKK,,,, AKK,,,” Jim is still shut his mouth and tried to refuse medication in the form of small pills which is directed by Jean that,, just shuddered so fear,,,, just in case the wife was wrong to take drugs which,, the basis of Jimmy, this time,, she is too plain,,, hahaha,, sorry for himself,,,, but should help it,, Jean increasingly exasperated,, was eventually forced a woman get her hands capable ,,,,,,,,,, digapainya tip of lower jaw Jimmy, her beloved husband, and soon her pills stuffed into the mouth of Jim, which was immediately closed soon,,, and thrusting the white milk,,, Jimmy is more confused but finally obeyed also what it was doing,,, hahaha,, very sorry for himself,,,, but suddenly Jimmy choked, “uhuk,,, uhuk,,, sorry,,, I’m sorry, Jean,,, can only be inconvenient,,,, I’m a useless husband,,, can only —- “” O,, are you talking about,, it breaks enough, and today, do not get to the office, hospital, huh? yes? you have to – “” you’re the rest, since you came I’ve made yourself a lot of work,, to the extent that you compress and emotion Preparing all these ,,,,” “ah,, are you talking about,, sich? I increasingly do not understand,,, I’m going out for a while,, see what assistance we’ve entered into,,,” “Well, I understand,, spaggety it,, please give them love,,, in box,, take 3 – “” yes, and one for me, right? ready,, boss,,, hehehe “Jimmy who listen too could only grin,, sign satisfied with the services provided by the wife who tried to stand ready in front of it, Jean – Jean ,,,,,,,, why you were always able to make day-to-day the monotony is so colorful ,,, try if you’re not there, or was not you who accompanied me,,,? what becomes of me later,, sure I’ve aged, with a thousand wrinkles on my face,, huh,,,, hufth,, Jimmy was a heavy blow his breath,,,,
Bottom Floor Apartment # Jean-Jimmy 10; 20 ~,,,,
telephone voice suddenly rang,, “TULILIT,, TULITLIT,, TULITLIT ,,,,”” TULILIT,, TULITLIT,, TULITLIT ,,,,” but alas, Jean who has not reached the bottom, still on the stairs that only less little lady herself to go through to reach the handle telephone in the middle of the living room is adorned on the side which stood a vase of white roses on top of it,,, which is supported by a round table is circular and upright at the end of a very spacious living room it, but unfortunately again, unfortunately,, Jean when he got downstairs, it was not even the voice sounds as it should again, with disappointed Jean who is still carrying a congenital spaggety 3 boxes that were soon to continue the goal that would like to search the ninth assistant their personal, it, has been like family because,,, where else Jean look for them, in the front yard, no,, in the dressing room,, behind, in front garden,, in the playground, in the end ,, around the swimming pool, also not found, but,, wait a minute, Jean began to fatigue because it was 10 minutes looking for it that would not go meet with his servants were in residence that does not narrow it finally gave up,, see his condition was finally exhausted, Jean threw herself into the woman’s couch is available from the first there and was never changed his position olejh Jimmy, because all the furniture in this house, never to be altered the position of those who remember Jimmy very disciplined,,, even for key chains and key places to hang alone was arranged in such a way,,,
 and finally, at the critical middle of it,, it was the ninth of his assistants from nowhere, either of which way before, because Jean was so tired, and even to not pay attention to where they came,,, Jean is startled and shocked immediately provide the boxes,,, “er,, you guys,, from anywhere, and Jimmy had a fever,, If you want something, just call me,, yes,,, it,, eat, before we buy in CA Century GM,,, hopefully good …. I’m into the first room ,,,,” “but, madam, what it does not matter if the ride itself,, to the top?? what we need help,,” ” Jean is not a parent, or even grandmothers,,, Chery,,, “Jean said as she tried to step up, who still look to one of the servants, the,” true lady, no nothing,,, “” I’m fine, Jade,,, are you eating alone,,, enjoy the food is not good as he continued to talk,,, “Jean stepped alone,,, 
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