# Disorders of the Crazy Frog% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter9 by Shin Rae Byung on Tuesday, 01 February 2011 at 20:41

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# On arrival at the Chamber of Jean-Jimmy again,,, at 10; 50 ~
Jean is coming so surprised because Jim was not lying anymore,,,, take it easy even play flash games on i-Phod his,, torn Jean is increasingly uncomfortable and wary to give advice to her husband, directly play just serobot pick up a decent mini, it, pulling pajamas next to the bed which had been hanging in there,,, Jim, no less angry with her, because being absorbed Jean-play fun instead just take it,, just, , pulled his hand without later-later Jean was about to move out of her room was, and Jimmy is a little run,, to reach step Jean is a little more quickly,,, and carrying on his shoulder forced Jean,,, carried her to her bed her,,, becoming less resistant to the struggling Jean,, have even more to make Jimmy’s eager to tease his wife,,, Jimmy began to unbutton her pajama top that had been replaced by Jean, Jean is more shouting no of course that let it pass so, and Jimmy wanted to see how brave the wife dodge this, and how resistant because not getting pregnant woman fondling herself during which although has gone through periods of gristle that,,, but the mobile phone in his trouser pocket suddenly Jimmy reads, , which has replaced it his ringtone,,, following the wife,,, but not the Love-Love-Love,, it’s just still too FT-ISLAND,,,, ‘After Love’,, very bad yes, about betrayal ,,, Jimmy immediately stop the action and immediately reached into his pocket where his leg was still unconscious in the upper thigh Jean astride it,,, opened the lid of his phonecell flip it,, punched the button for hands-free just for me’loud-speakers’ ,,,, and it turns out Yong Hwa,, “Geun Suk, I have to,, at the airport,, was at 09, 00,, now I’m going to the villa aunt,, at peak, hill Beverlly, you do not have to pick up ,, it was night, not good with the house,,, regards to Shin Hye,,, “” but ….” “TUT,, TUT,,, TUT,,, TUT ,,,,”” Ah, shit,, so, today,,, “With Jimmy hurried back buttoning his pajama shirt button,,,, and seek his jacket,,, but Jean is holding because Jimmy still concerned with the fever that is still high, and Jimmy who try to get up from his position became a little choked up,,, “You’re going where? Yong Hwa told you he did not want to disturb us,, “” but he was,, not someone else,,, Jean,,, understood “” what you did not understand the health?? ” “What is it,, says -” “so vain that I treat like a stubborn man —” cut, because Jimmy was a woman who grabbed it with her sweet lips,,, shuttle kiss that only a of a second as it left the former to them, how not,, Jean who was angry was just silent,, her eyes bulging toward Jimmy who was still a little angry that,,, “why are you always kiss her lips,,, every time I emotion ,, can you not get out of hand,, while,, just,, to hold BEFORE – “” WHAT?? not you who told me yesterday, I may excite him anytime I want,, hahahaha ….” “Jimm, this is simply not funny,,, why laugh ,,,!!!” “Because this is not a question, dear,,,” said Jim who want to make love again his wife who was furious that this time, but Jean slap and push her face away,,, “why?” “Answered a question from me,,, first, why are you? Very annoying ,,,,”” but you like him right? To the point that you wish for,,, “teased Jim is still pressing on it the woman ,, Jean really angry Jimmy was trying to push chest to shroff and revolt, but Jimmy who has set his words made him realize,,, “it’s like why are you so fond of the FT-ISLAND,,, to make it ring- call divert tone-on-mobile,,, and why you’re so like Justin Timberlake,,, with his song ‘She Will Beloved’ if you ask me why,,, it is difficult to answer,,, or lest you want me to kiss in part secret,,, which we never do,,, “” YOU THAT,, LESS TEACHING-ME-HATE – “Jean’s hand that has been itching to slap Jimmy felt it did not succeed because Jimmy who was first,, cocker Jean ,, leaving some of his path ,,,,,, in the neck, the shoulder peak Jean,,, even in parts of the left breast Jean,,,, Jean sound somehow more slowly until no sound,,, what Jean started Jimmy wanted to seduction death this time ,,,,,,,,, couples equally difficult to guess,,,,
Jim is still plays his hand this time it was getting wilder,,,, like the first case for a bride for making out with his new wife,, that is,, almost alone,, he was not authorized,, his lust to hold this time is so visible has been like at the top of the crown that you know,,, Hohoho,, there is,, do, and Jimmy almost alone,, doing a dangerous thing for Jean and their baby, guess what! what is it if not,, almost ‘petting’ is over, but, the more he wanted to hold, why it increasingly difficult for him to refrain from stroking,, the beloved wife of which implies a woman started to show visible now,, belly woman, Jean who started it distended, though not yet as a woman or a middle-pregnant mother-young, more like a girl who was on a diet,,, hahaha,,, what could I do,,, indeed a woman her age factor very still fairly young, very young, as well Jimmy,,, whether he is ready or able to take care of a baby in the lap of his beloved wife, although he was in a small heart did not want unrivaled competitor, although it is his son .. . own,,, not to mention the upcoming Yong Hwa,,,, haha,, its so heavy breathing this time, but it did not make his intention to ‘just fondling’ with the wife was done,,, getting in his bekap his wife into his chest that field, which was bare chest now,,, appears here, Jim really been unable to resist his passion, it, used it really that night, while his wife also did not allow her to pick up at the villa Yong Hwa Jimmy’s own mother in Beverlly Hill,,, AHH,,, like what else, we have no one else,, is the husband-wife, want anything anyway,, all is not going to lead us, and besides who is going to punish us, lecturers, we’ve tidah college, graduate medical S2,, I am the one his,, the most respected senior physician in California,,,, boss? We are also not a subordinate,,, Jean was also supervisor trainers pramugrari ,,,,, our mother and father, we are not a kid anymore even,, huh,,, finally I can sleep again,, Jimmy thought that, however consciously began to open the zipper of his pants-it,,, Jean is still below her who still do not understand what her husband is about to rape his beloved woman who was pregnant, but not impossible,,,, once the hand Jean covered his eyes with his hands the woman who started out in a cold sweat it,,, what,,, Jimmy has started crazy ,,,,, thought Jean,,, “what,,, what,, WHAT YOU FORGET,,,, PROMISE ,,,,!!!-LOVE ME 2 DAYS AGO! ” “Jean, come on,,,” “you dudah,, is INSANE,,, GO,,, I WANT OUT!” Jean who found himself being pressured by Jimmy who was still half lost control of it even encourages Jimmy’s chest again, and this time it worked,,, Jimmy is realized,, was immediately scramble, and knelt down, hands Jean a mutually adrift both at the front of the abdomen Jean, Jean is still dispose of view because the zippers Jimmy is still in a state open it,,, Jean who was still trembling, fear,,, which is it was finally willing to talk,, “truly outrageous, if only because I’m mad at you,,, quick-fix yourself and go back to sleep,,, do not need you that out of the room,, if the fear you can not hold it,,,, I slept on the couch,,, “” what do you mean,,, I just,,, “” I,, have said I will be sleeping on the couch,,, “Jean and Jimmy were fighting each other towards the end of the sofa beside it,, to get to it first,,, and,, there, ,, Jean woman accidentally dropped her onto the right chest Jimmy,, until Mr.P Jimmy that has not closed earlier about accidentally mrs.V Jean,,, for which each fought for space, so that stuck with each other, instead of playing his illness, , felt Jimmy,,, as well as Jean who was pregnant, until they were both almost simultaneously, almost ‘yelling up’ and immediately got up,,, but how else,, Jimmy Jean too heavy for her to remove it for him,, until their bodies were rubbing against each other, Jean who sat still see wide-eyed Jimmy,,, “I’m, sorry, Jimmy,” Jean slowly even shed tears, indicating how embarrassed her himself at the time, but Jimmy see women, who are equally rushed to cover her face just like that awkward,, pull the hand Jean,,, to return to his arms,, draping and put his arms around Jean’s shoulders are still stiff,, , “Hi,, you is why,, should be,, all the events of this day that,, I’m sorry,,, because I was a lure, I started it,,, then it forgive me,,,” Jimmy who slowly let go of his arms were just staring at Jean with her eyes began to sparkle and shine it, and Jimmy was so sorry for his actions,,, today, who could not restrain his pshyco,,, against his wife even more so, ,,, but suddenly his wife’s hand grabbed her,,, “you do not have to feel guilty, and besides it was only fair, we also do not often do this, which I’m sure everyone out there, already done it many and again with their partner,,, only, this is not the right time,, for us, I can not mad at you, holding the second ,,,,” mandible gaping little Jimmy who still can not believe what he heard, ,, really,, Jean is not angry,,,? This is like a dream,, let alone 2 more weeks they will soon honeymoon,,, just waiting for the mother to stay here,,, Yong Hwa After returning to South Korea of course ,,,,, Jim who had been quietly went back up,, although only tilted his head,,, clutching his wife’s chin was split, and soon gave Jean her passionate kiss just to release his nostalgia these days are always busy for hospital affairs,,, and tomorrow morning Jimmy was about to take his wife to the Cathedral to pray soon,,, and pick Yong Hwa,,,, but somehow kiss what it is, because everything is very neatly combined by Jimmy the middle of the lovelorn now,,,,
until they were asleep in a state that still sustains the body of this Jean,,,, still on the couch,,, whether they like what if you wake up,, must be sick,, all,,,
# Morning at 07; 00 ~ wake up
Jean who had prepared everything according to her husband’s request,,,, shoes, coat,, shirt, pants,, anyway,, very neat, although Jean thought for a moment that Jim will go to the hospital, but,, Jean is not much to ask,,,, Jim who seemed to rush it was not aware that wearing a tie tilt,,, Jean who saw it immediately to fix a tie that hangs no unsightly it,,, Jim was again raised meddling Jean until Jean a ride,, shocked and screaming suapya unloaded,,, but still aja,, Jim pretended not to hear,, Jean foot floating in the air, the, was so much fear,,, increasingly tightened his grip on the neck Jimmy,, until Jim’s Amused,, was eventually lowered it,,, pulled her arm gently, and pressed to the wall to kiss Jean Jean, just plain casual kiss,, the rising, and,, Jean is overwhelmed with Jimmy attitude lately only, , shook his head,,, but suddenly Jim budge “what our little angel boy,,, because you’re so not like I’m approaching the end-end,, this, base refused to budge with his father …” but Jean even smiling,, why is “why, what you’re asking, I kiss again,,, ha” when the ambush scene is suddenly interrupted by the sound they started coming toward them, until they both turned “Yong Hwa ! ” “Hi,, you guys here, I’m annoying, yes,,” “not at all,, your room is on the bottom,,, how did you get here? This morning as” Jimmy asked, but ignored Yong Hwa his,, “HAI, HAI, wait,, Jean,, are you pregnant? what he had done this to my cousin until he could see,, thankfully, you do not so with me,,,” “why does it ? with my wife? ” “Shin Hye definitely has given birth at least 5 children before marriage,,, because I was,,, Malignant” said Yong Hwa with an ironic tone, but Jean just confused with Jimmy who did not feel disturbed at all,,, actually looks cheerful, ,, when he knew we were going to go,,, no expense is very funny,,, crazy even,,, but anyway,,, Jimmy is too loyal friend, until he could not distinguish the bitter enemies with a friend support ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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