# Assessment of Fair Difficult% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter7 by Shin Rae Byung on Sunday, 30 January 2011 at 22:51

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Jimmy began to sulk even then continued to sniff his breath that the more broken because he was upset that she tried to hold,,, is controlled, in accordance with what he felt now, Jean is still holding her in the shoulder tightly that still looks a mess with his view of women,,, why is everything so complicated to be expressed with words,,, why everything must go through them to walk the winding way,, why,, so many pebbles they have and continue to Skip,, bersam, although it all seemed brief and so beautiful,, really says Jean, they are, who have memories, which can not be said with pleasant memories,,, but not too bitter, yes,, so, difficult to express in words,, even for people who might have seen and witnessed our midst might seem like a play a drama or a movie this big screen, which is so clearly in front of them,, maybe they still do not understand what was wrong with us, see the look on his face we are a mess but,,,, fortunately still not clear, because we are each other’s face is covered by each circle of our hands and arms long, so think of this couple,,,, still long like this anymore ,,,, 
Until Jean who started aching in the back,, yach, of course because factors other than female fetuses, and was Jimmy who had 45 minutes ago was still a long put her arm into the stomach Jean who started little changed that measure, , a little tap on its surface, the dam is more slippery, of course it is not felt by Jimmy, her husband, yeah, know,, you why, because Jimmy’s not a woman, so no mudajh for him to be sensitive to what experienced by his wife now,,, Jean started,, moving,, would like to search the side where the location of the tip of the hands of the husband of this,,, and after finding out where,, slowly he tries to release the woman’s arms are covered braided tight stomach hanging at his waist woman,, hufth,, how this, but Jimmy who turned out to greet him instead,, not angry, did not show a somewhat changing face instead,, smiled,,, so sweet,,, until Jean segikit create confusion, and not the heart, Jean was whispered quietly next to his ear with a slightly bent toward Jimmy, “Jim, let’s go, I do not want to keep here, not good at that another, do not you ashamed, had been,, all visitors here to notice us,,, I’m very clumsy here, keep me company out yes, or directly to the parking lot just begged Jean ,,,,” very softly, but still sounded a bit though not so clear,,, lucky enough explanation of the Jean length and width of the membaut Jimmy a little longer to decide because just think what will eventually follow from Jean,, “okay, but you, , do not eat honey, what if you’re sick, you spagetty message before you touch at all-I’m so worried, what about our baby, at least,,, do not like this,,, what he’s eating through the placenta? she was very young,,, “” ah! come on,, was left alone,,, I’m not comfortable with the others,, Jim … come on,, I’m fine,,, I’m still healthy,,, ” “You lie! for the sake of yourselves, I hope you do so,, selfish of you to just think about the notion of another, without thinking about our baby’s health,, well,, I’m wrapping it for you,,, wait a minute ,,, Jean,, do not come out first, before I get back,,, “Jimmy went to the voters approached the restaurant, and asked him to wrapping 10 spagetty,, do not ask for anyone, and Jimmy was a very concerned of course for the ninth his personal assistant and his wife, who apparently seemed in a hurry it, because ever since they finished crying together … Jean just pacing around the door marked ‘exit’ it,,,, hit the leg-jerking beauty to just keep her waiting woman to survive the husband from paying after all,,, and soon, after 10 minutes, ,, Jimmy was back, with a return smile tugging at his cheeks,,, which flushed toward the direction of Jean,, with open arms,,, about to embrace Jean, who already hold a sense of saturated woman to want to get out of the restaurant,,, , they were walking together very carefully all, seen from the way that took Jimmy Jean,, occasionally after merangkulkan his left hand to shoulder height with Jean to equate a little down, matching once, two young men, who are equally modish ,,, go hand in hand,, with his casual clothes each ,,,,,, 
# On the 5th floor of the parking page CA Grand Century Shopping Mall ~ 
Jean who looked tired it was left to go directly to Jimmy’s car which had been parked at the far end of the parking lot which is very high and very spacious,,, he glanced his phonecell whether there is an incoming sms so,, there,, ‘Yong Hwa ‘”Geun Suk,,, I’m coming soon,, I got on the plane at 9 o’clock yesterday …. maybe a few more hours I arrived at the apartment once,,, you do not have to fetch me, or was greeted with surprise that so wah,, I miss the days we are in the mess ANJELL … greetings to Jean ,,,,” Jimmy who opens and have read it did not immediately reply to the electronic message,,, let the first,, when he gets going he just apatemenback,, she had been looking lady Jean who rested his head on the glass window of a car left,, oh, it was Jean,,, ah, no,, may not happen with abortion women,,, Jim who hurried over to theJean,,,,,, Jean,, love you okay,, masuklahm, and get to sleep,, your face very pale,,, “Jean said, slightly pushing in from the right door, which has been opened … . Jim went in through the left door,,, who tried to drive,,, took over parts … which originally was Jean who asked to drive, but see Jean, exhausted,, he thought better to let Jean driving alone,,, Jean is still silent it was down, it turns out Jim’s car keys being sought from earlier that,, fell under the feet of Jean,,, Jim is also trying to get it though hard it is,,, close to face Jean,, Jean shoulders nudging, until Jean had crashing,,, to the edge,,, his seat,,, with a position as close as it, and even Jimmy breath flowing from above his eyes,,, Jimmy is still felt, dug by hand to take the small key black color, which did not immediately he could, until almost his stomach Jean pressing the start,,, looks uncomfortable beneath that, although there is little distance, danJean who began to speak up,,,, “Jim,,,, let me be the fetch,,, leave me, not all cases, you will easily do yourself ,, all takes time, and a cool mind ,,,,” Jimmy who understood it was to get up, get up from a position that could jeopardize his wife’s,,, who had been lying Jean got up immediately picked up the keys to the frontJimmy,,, “this ,,,,”” do not look at me like that,,, “Jean adds to reinforce his words, and Jimmy who could not understand why this time again with his wife,, intermittent sebantar,, she’s good,,, and spoiled, too intermittently,, got angry with no apparent reason, actually want to kiss his wife, but given the response from Jean is very flat, the, to bring Jimmy to the idea stupid,,, as soon as it is, , Jim directly linking the steering wheel lock down that circular. and driving his car down,,, 
# Up in residence Jean-Jimmy,,, at 04, 00 pm,,, 
Jimmy Jean who was carrying a late teridur soundly since crossed the line in CA Grand Avenue Mall was,, see, Jean is looking up with a slightly open mouth that,, more and make Jimmy, her husband’s increasingly exasperated by acting alone,,, Jean is stilllooked at her as she stepped forward to continue to look forward every now and then, who actually looks hassles at all,, with his hands which both carry the load, although Jean is not so heavy, but 4 boxes containing spagetty that makes Jimmy so deluded to lift it,, fair, none of his assistants who were in the house,,, so quiet nyenyat,,, Jean who began awakened by the sound of friction small cardboard boxes and a white plastic lining the fourth box, ,, just seems so confused about how they were at home, and saw Jimmy who was still in a state carried him with his innate, it, trying to help Jimmy who looked hassle, “I’ll take the box,,, it’s rise, , you’d be struggling,, we might fall, if you lose a bit of balance only,,, here, I help,,, this, yes? where? ” “Uh, no, no,, no,, that is, if you move just a little, can-b-sa I dropped it, and you in particular,, the most vulnerable,,,” “but, I just want to help it,,, Jim,, yes,,, “Jean is trying to woo,, until in front of the room was not also allowed by Jimmy who was so worried,,,, Jean lay in his bed wide, the, look once, his asisiten them clean this place before going out,, scented sheets that are still new,,, blankets are replaced with the color red, everybody, including usual vase of white flowers replaced with red,,, all in red, , for some reason also,,, but Jimmy is not sadarakan words are a bit annoying wife who went to sleep beside it,, who had just recently Jimmy leaned on her left side, the, back,,, his hand, “I,, in the next room, yes, after all, Yong Hwa at 9 pm will be sampa,,, “Jim is going to leave it,, his departure was detained by Jean a little hoarse shout it,,,,” why,,,? you still angry?,, I do not forbid you,, to be near me,,, “” and another, I do not have anything with Yong Hwa,,, do not call her name if you just want to disturb the atmosphere,,, just go ,,, “” but, Jean .. ” “Do not you want to go -” Jim who heard the call from Jean was soon back to his initial position which lie next to Jean,,, Jean was crying again,,, Jim did not intend to add to his injury, Jim embraced Jean from behind ,,, slowly, until they reached the top belly Jean,,, kissed the back of the head of Jean,,, 
Jean who can not stand since the last wanted to cry uncontrollably just heard Jim’s statement, which tried to resist his desire that,,, but Jean was suddenly stopped by the embrace of that delivered by Jimmy, who was silent on the sidelines of Jean’s neck and shoulders,, , Jean also secretly to control his emotions remain silent woman,,,, menvoba turn around, but .. seemed to want to come off his back,, oh, Jimmy once again held it to not move, and Jean followed the course, and Jimmy is just silent it was originally.began to channel his feelings through his left hand that has been coiled on top of the stomach Jean said,,, down to the navel Jean is still layered casual shirts are still worn since last Jean,, Jean is shocked, turned to bulging without Jimmy, ,,, “WHAT YOU WANT?”Jim is just silent,,, still did not answer it,,, just continue to put his left hand into the abdomen Jean, yes, still around there,,, but Jimmy had the courage to follow activities,,, “allow me to open slightlyboss – “but then no sound, because it’s Jim who had the energy,,, just a whisper,,, Jean who was silent,,, hear it,, make Jimmy melancarnya action soon,,, the opening part of it,,, until Jean which drifted even just wearing a breast holder that, as soon as Jim covered it with a red blanket over it replaced,,, and Jean who began sleeping near it,,, but soon woke up because Jean is shocked,,, touching her shoulder with Jimmy chin the middle of the fever,, hot,, Jean was soon reversed his lady,,, tightened the blanket in his armpit woman to just take the pack without disturbing Jimmy who started budge on his side’s “mothers, fathers,,,, I ,,, sad, but happy,,, could see,,, from face,,, I,, and Jean,,, “Jean who saw it blank and full of pity,, immediately rushed to the refrigerator to take a block of ice, which has small print on it,, come too soon with his little towel,,, poured her a small rods ice and pinned to his forehead Jimmy, Jean is so concerned, until, until,, did not see her condition itself which is also the center of nausea that, he tried to sleep next to Jimmy, our beloved husband,,, just put her forehead to forehead Jimmy … to menguranngi Jimmy’s body temperature by channeling into the woman’s body to replace, and, sorry for them,,, Jimmy was also not less fatigue, 15 minutes once Jean got up only to fix kompresan Jimmy,,, what his body temperature had dropped or not, but ,, listening to Jimmy who often delirious,, make women more and could not bear to just leave it for a while to change her nightgown,, until he was forced to replace her on the bed, too, because the pajamas and nightgown which had been provided near the telephone on the table who occupied the desk lamp,,,, Jean who finished wearing the dress she even still hear igau’s from Jimmy, her beloved husband,,, it seems Jimmy was thinking about something that had seized his mind right now,, no wonder, if some today, he often invites Jean to come out,,, the streets,,, yes, maybe it is,, the side effects of his overtime these days that require Jimmy to busy at the hospital, and even Jean is still not allowed to guide his trainers at the Bayway Office,,, huh, Jimmy,, should you share with me, except if you still do not believe me, Jim,,, Jean thought so,,, until they are asleep,, , with the position of chief Jimmy Jean embraced it with his hand wrapped, but they do wake up early in the morning, the day, because who else if not Yong Hwa,,, which will come ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 
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