# Reveal Some of Nothing of Each Know% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter6 by Shin Rae Byung on Saturday, 29 January 2011 at 21:15

# The CA Grand Century Shopping Mall By 12 noon Jim is still looking at the hands of men who are in front of him that was still in a prepared glass slide is more like a cupboard in Japan that continues,,, trying to adjust and find what colors and patterns that match, but she felt that too often moves Jean beside it,, maybe he was a woman did not feel comfortable with many people who’d been to see them, yes just,,, in the direction of this pair,,,, huh,,, what else,, initial intention was to show off how Jimmy they live their life as a young American bride,,, uh, but,, in fact, all people who do not seem to understand what they were doing it, like real couples who are dating,, a new lover who just do not relate so long,,, looks so sticky, the way Jim’s wife took it, said something or even whispered something in his ear toward Jean,,, Jean just a very awkward initially Kiku and can slowly overcome it feels undue look so confused, , like the first time to just go hang out with her beloved husband,,, really funny is this couple, Jim who had been still silent, and, even, finally say well,, he thought he should also give something to his wife that, , saw no bracelet and necklace couple the patterned stars and a crown on it,, just go ahead with alacrity Jimmy asked the guard booth of jewelry that, without the need to ask Jean if in fact he was willing to accept it,, hehehe,,, of course not, , of course,,, who do not want bribes,, let alone by his idol,, hahaha,,, Jean is not really paying attention to what this woman’s husband is being done,, still just looked around,,,, occasionally turning his head he was a woman, ,, to see the condition of the people around him,,, what still looked like they was looking at an artist who had just passed because the target of gossip,, hehehe .. Jean do not be confused yes, this is not the paparazzi, only that they are a little stunned by the harmony of this new pair,, really makes the people who were passing by was getting jealous of course,,, hahaha,, HOW does not,, now just think ,, they looked so much fun, except,, Jean is still puzzled made by the view of those who still can not be much to see and look at it despite walking away or go away from the presence of Jean,,,, Jean who was finally starting to look uncomfortable her hand touched it, “Jim, come on,, immediately went ,,,,”” oh, you want to go yes, dear,, wait, wait,,, my credit cards still to pay all of this, “while showing 2 medium size cardboard box,, it seems,,, but Jean was also ignored,, Want to his woman immediately left that place, up to the point that his feet were moving and hitting one elderly woman who was carrying trolly contains a lot of powdered milk formula for bones as possible,,, “Oh,, sorry, young man,, let me help you get up,, you ok,, what is your family members are here to mengantarkanmu home, you seem very unhealthy ,,,,” Jim who fell from him,, gaping only looked up to see the direction this lady is,,, already grandmother precisely,, sorry for himself, why get to be alone, without a grandchild, husband or child might ,,,,, but the woman he once stopped his reverie by the husband, Jimmy is my skin,, holding his shoulders woman to immediately get up and make sure no one was hurt,,, of Jean’s body,,, “gee,, dear … your feet hurt, ouch, why a bus like this,, sorry I yes,, a little careless look after you,,, sorry … ” , stroking his wife’s hair, but then soon realized to greet grandmother who was right in front of him slightly oblique to the left,, “ah,, sorry to bother you ladies,,, this is my wife,,, next time I’ll really properly guard it well, thanks for the help that lady gave,,, I’m Jim, nice to kalu lady want to come and join us to eat,,, “” oh, no need,, nice to meet you, young man,, until meet again at another time, I hastily,,, let,,, “the old grandmother was quickly was out of sight again his back,,, saw Jean who was arrested in pain because her legs are slightly scuffed and bleeding on her wrist it,,, “ashhh ,,,,”” quiet yes, dear, let’s eat,,, I know you do not concentrate, because you’re hungry, right? let me papah,, sorry ya,,, I buy jewelry for you, I think you need it,, as a woman,, your body is too plain,,, for a polished,,, “Jim was a pain Jean bolster it,,, moaning, still holding the pain in his left leg,, oh,, sorry .., but even more to make Jimmy more and more attention to him,, see,, # In La Fontte,,, Restaurant,,, Grand Mall Level 3 Jim’s attention to his beloved wife tried it,, just see with eyes full of pity pity and suppuration,,, like do not believe, he repeated the same mistake because of careless guard Jean, but suddenly ringtone-yes,,, which reads from Justin Timberlake’s “She Will beloved “,,,, moment he left Jean to receive voice-call it, was from Yong Hwa who informs that he will come first before the AN crew of yesterday have not come to the wedding of Jean-Jimmy times it,, 6 months ago and also left Hong Ki and mother Jim,,,, as soon as possible Jimmy back to accompany his wife to eat it,, Jean who had been silent and his play spagetty looked at all if he was not tasteful woman eat,, huh,, sorry,,, told of the arrival of Jim Yong Hwa plan that will catch up to his apartment that, “Jean,, Yong Hwa, he will soon be here again, we meet,,, you’ll like it,, , is not he is your first love? ” “Hemmm ,,,,,” Jean who grumble because the revelation of a very mengagetkannya Jimmy,,,” what ,,,,” “I do not like anyone besides you, Jim, you’re still not fully believe me it turns out,,, I increases hate you,,, then why did you marry me? say … “” make me understand “explained Jean once again, Jimmy is still looking at do not understand why with Jean,” I marry you not because of my promise,, you know, do not make me angry, or worse mood, you thought you were why,, to make me fall in love, because, if that were,, video,, until my father asked me to propose soon? my father,, died before he saw me get married,,, get a companion in my life, I and, I chose you, nor because of the video,, the video was just an intermediary, no more,, “” hehh,,, what do you mean, Jim? I do not want to understand,, do not be long-winded, so you think of me as your toys now,, nice,, just go,, go ahead,, “” hear me out,, do not cut my talk, I know you’re angry,, everyone was so pregnant, often unstable for some reason … I,, love you, too, you think anyone who prayed behind the comma that time, who is compress between your eyes in the room Yong Hwa 5 years ago? anyone who brings home when you fainted and fell on the road junction to the dormitory ANJELL? and who sent a letter for you, just to please yourself so you can accept my absence,,, I,,, that I ,,!!!” Jean who cry heard a lengthy explanation,, pretty good length and width of the mouth of Jimmy,,, who had been quiet and well-known game which always makes Jean cueknya must mengumpannya with a question first,,, Jimmy Jean shook her shoulders are still frozen in her eyes welling up a very visible and could not cover it, Jean is only shed tears, which began to rain,,, remember all those times,,, laluny he thought was too beautiful and too sad to be forgotten impregnated, ,, “Excuse me,,, Jim,,, I just -” Jean who initially clenched her lips now spoke, “so you understand now,,,” “I,, only,, could not understand how could you looking for me,, in a state of memory loss, why,,, “” why can not,, too much of my memory with you that will not likely forget,,, you only have 1 stored in your heart, in my mind, when awake ,, happy, and even nightmares, there’s always your name everywhere,,, I find you,,, to Korea and, since 15 years, with only a motorcycle wearing full of emotion as ampai myself in Seoul,,, but I do not find your trail Jean,, until I remembered,,,, 22 my age, I,, met with a new stylish,,, a very plain, but that’s what I like from you, whether what you want to tell me, , but it honestly, from the bottom of my heart,, “” how do you know that I,,, and since when are you back like me,,, I find it hard to believe this,,, Jim, explain everything,,, “Jim just looked down ,,, such as could not the words that came out harsh, very harsh, “in Yong Hwa room, I saw you wearing a shirt, with a thick blanket covering the body, either with the intention of what, at first I did not understand, , neat after I accidentally made him interested in open,,, I was wide-eyed shock,, how can my cousin that betray my belief,, fuck you,, but not for a moment, I’ve memasrahkannya you,, it turns out, you pingsab time, and he just trying to help you,, I,, sorry,,,, and I was more shocked again, after hearing you are delirious,,, ‘BAD HORSE’ SORRY,,, I AM NOT INTENDED TO LOVE OTHERS, and God knows what it goes,, Where do I know if you feel so guilty,,, instantly, I understood who you were, you are also being merindukaku so far,,, begitukan,, I’m sorry for my behavior abusive and always wants to you,, although I Geun Suk, but I’m not his old self again, I’m just trying to keep my promise,,, to take care of you,, clown party, although the term was no longer worthy of you, clothing, “Jean is increasingly felt drifted into all, ,, this, every word uttered by Jimmy would loyalty to Jean who are willing to wait for since 12 years ago,,,, “I,, do not feel you got the wrong me, no not one anything,, you people who I love, I do not regret it,, to marry you,, have you ever been, or had thought that I was not happy living with you,,? in the name of his late father,, I’m even willing to if you should die for that time of heart transplantation for me, before I ,, and after I awoke from a coma,,, I’ll never marry anybody, it, man,, a handsome anything himself, or a rich or a thousand times more powerful than you, I do not ever accept it, ,, I even dare to end my life with ease on this, I find it hard to say how I feel about you,,, everything is jumbled like a soup that was full in my head, I can not say, and even that night, in a movie theater AN,, , “” WHAT WE DO CENTRAL! we are equally ignorant, so that even God planned us to be together again … though Yong Hwa full of charm and mystery,, Hong Ki is always able to entertain you, but you actually prefers me,,,, and when in the attic, and in the movie theater at that time, actually I feel the discomfort of your face, why I chose the movie Balad to take you here, because I was leaving, I tried to say that I want to say goodbye, but I was wrong, I realized that you have fallen in love with me,,, I have made you fall in love,, me,,, sorry, I’m sorry, Jean,,, I did not intentionally do it, ,, it’s all beyond my guess, I can not hold hands and my lips to not keep you from my arms,,, I,, I,,, not supposed to make it passionate,, sorry, sorry,, want you to forgive me this bitch ?…..” Jimmy’s voice is heard more and more not only,, Jean is not strong to hold his emotions, just holding the hand of Jim, her husband,,, trying to say,,, “no nothing, no nothing,,, , “she cried standing,, to embrace Jimy shoulder, who then hold the head in the direction Abdominal Jimmy Jean,, they cry together, no less than 2 hours of them, spend time together, it includes cry together as well,, Jean, Jimmy who it turns out,, looking for each other during this .. heartbreaking,, 30 minutes had them still in a kneeling position like that,,, Jim is starting stalled menangisny, merangkulkan hands to the stomach Jean,, closer to her face to her belly just,, wiping tears from her eyes, which had been already flowing to the chin and wetting the neck length,, Jean was only softly kissed the top of the crown Jim, who tried to replace the position of Jim who usually do that to Jean ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,



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