# Dating After Marriage% @ He’s Our (King) Bee $ (Continued Geun Hye Suk-SHIN Legend) chapter5 by Shin Rae Byung on Friday, 28 January 2011 at 13:11

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# In the room of Jean-Jimmy at 10, 00 am ,,,,~

Jimmy really is still sleepy,,, again woke up late, and even he knew nothing when Jean who was in his arms that had been moving about to sign up,,, but,, about how else ,, Jim who apparently was tired as to not feel the movement of Jean, beloved wife who was soon about to come down from his embrace it,,, trying to get up as quietly as possible in order not to wake her husband she was a woman who looked so well and fell asleep, the , looked at her once in a while,, face and face her husband woman,,, while,, blush, either embarrassed,,, or indeed help but laugh,,, no one knows,,, Jean why? but his voice was a woman, who smiled so could not help it, which makes it a little squeaking bed,,, sounds, because the vibration of the body that has been sitting it,,, Jean,,, Jean,,, really innocent,, , the intention is not to wake early,,, but instead,,, not just make the sleeping Jimmy, sat aghast because it was so shocked,,, again Jean is caught,,, was looking at the face of my dear husband was in a state of weakness, ,,, who can not stand Jim suddenly just pulled one wrist Jean,,, hug and covered her shoulders with long arms to get hold of the wife so as not to move and walk away from his room,,,,

Jean who feel uncomfortable,, so just trying to move, but still,, though he insisted to go, but Jimmy is stronger still with flanking Jean relaxed under his armpits that,,, even Jimmy smiled, to laugh ,, giggle,,, for some reason also, that clear, his heart glad to tease his wife, Jean who did not receive any keep trying to rise, which eventually could also even have to sweat a little,,,, Jim, ,,, who looked up at Jean just remain silent while,,, looked at the face of Jean,,, not seen Jean is angry too,, even lethargic,, it seems,,,, crazy idea was pushed back out and came away from his head,,, “Jean, you why dear ,,,,?” Jean is still not heard because of his reverie was still quiet and silent,,,, “I replied, Jean,,, what are you still angry with me,,,, about -” “YES! ME ANGRY YOU,, , ONCE,,, VERY,,, “” what,, is not you who begged me last night,,, what did you forget? ” Jim could not believe what she just said it was,, again sat close to Jean with a smooth,,, “Jean,,, I’m sorry,,,, dear,,,, what is the sick, but vows ,, I do not do that kind of stuff,,, you can kill me if you do not —- “” Jean answered the same ,,,,,” shuutt fine by directing one of his right index finger to his lips began to shut meskibelum so meeting,,,, “Who’s sick? anyone who is angry? response from me,,,, ordinary,,, you can see,,,, my body is still full, nothing less or even damaged,,, I was not prone to broken glass, you do not have to worry about me until after her so,,,, Jim,,, let me — “Jim is beginning to understand the intent of his wife’s words were just pilfer,,,,” not ,,, you still have at home, if you want to walk you can with our assistants, or you want to park to play, just tell between me alone, I’ll never mind, you want to go to church,, I also briefly drove you,, really,, “” but,, all newcomer trainerku,,, how his fate ,,,,,” “ah it’s just that,,, why it’s on your mind ,,,,”” I seriously,,, “” I’m not kidding, “Suddenly, without realizing his reflexes this time, as was the custom then-then Jim always makes Jean growing agitated and uncomfortable, and embracing Jean who was in front of him to sleep again, ,, Jim is surprised to see the face of Jean extraordinary, even with a calm, flanking Jean foot that fell back in his chest that,,,, Jim went back smiling, as she closed her eyes of course,,, Jean is increasingly furious look from his eyes kept shouting,,,, “JIM !!!!! lazy! WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR YOU THIS !!!!” “Who said I was a doctor? I’m a patient who has just recovered Jean,, Jean doctors should treat myself to this,,,, with all my love,,,” “IHH ,,,,” Jean’s hand trying to push Jimmy’s face to get away from him … even more naughty alone, Jim clamp the other leg to tie her legs that one leg had been flanking Jean said,,, rest on the thigh Jean until Jean could not serve well ,,,,,, “JIMMY ,,!!! ME SERIOUSLY! ME WANT OUT,,, just GET OUT !!!!” “Hah,, THAT MATTERS easy!” Jim went along to hear any shouting over the ear Jean,,, let go of his arms and immediately picked up Jean from the bed to take a bath,, totally together this time!

30 minutes later ~

“Come on Jean, are you ready,,, but,, you should not wear or Levis Jean subordinates made like that,, it could push our baby,,,, ah, you,,, where your shirt,,,” “would what,, “Jean shuddered back collar of Jimmy,,,,” ah,, calm,, use it alone,,, “with a nervous Jean was immediately replaced it with plain beige trousers and a boss who does not lose its casual … Jean is also surprised because look at Jimmy who wear casual clothes complete with Jacketnya,,, and his pants Jeans,,, did not wearing a suit,,, at the door of room, going down the stairs which is right in front of them,,,

“What is it,,, there are strange to me ,,,,”” uh, no,, it’s just a little, looked younger,,, oh, yes,,, “” okay,, GO! ” Jean is surprised not to play because Jimmy is lifted suddenly to get down the stairs,,, because it’s not easy for a pregnant woman, instead of 3 steps,, but 3 pieces parent households, each of which there are 10 steps per parent,,, calmly Jim brought his wife,, it,,, “what is not serious?” “I will not,, baby weight will not exceed 4 kilo grams,,,” “not,, but I did it,,,” “Just calm down,, my weight enough to menopangmu,,,, 65 kilo gram,,, most you’re not 50, right? ” “Where do you know,,, I’m only 47,,, with height only 171” “I’m only 185,,, worthy, you still look short in front of me,,,, now we are into the Grand Mall, yes? Buy ice cream , hand in hand, watching movies,, like young people in general ,,,,” “cieehh,,, are you,,, thank you already want to obey my words ,,,,,”” yes, my wife, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

45 minutes later ~

“You see,,, Jean,,., All eyes staring at us,, why? What is wrong with my appearance? I’m ashamed,,,” “Here I cover your face,,,, Jim,,, hahaha,, ,,, “they cheerfully walked on, and paused a moment, to see a man watches a very elegant next to the car Sorum ,,,,,,.

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